Panasonic NN-SE982S Stainless 1250W 2 : EXCELLENT OVEN

Overall this is a good microwave. The sensor reheat option is awesome and cooks things through properly and the 1. 6ft³ size is plenty big enough. However, the electrostatic dial seemed to give the microwave a cool-factor when we purchased it but quickly grew tiresome and is now my biggest peeve. It is basically a metal surface that you rub your finger-pad around in circles on to increase or decrease the time. Your finger-pad can seem to stick to the metal and setting 20 mins just takes too long and feels a little uncomfortable/unnatural. To set 20 minutes i now skip using the dial and just hit the ‘quick min’ button 20 times; a normal number-pad would be so much easier to use. If you’re in the middle of cooking and have greasy or dirty hands a normal number-pad would allow an elbow to be employed. With this, you’ll just have to accept that the microwave will need a clean afterwards and do the spinny thingy with a smudgy finger.

I don’t know why people are complaining about the electrostatic dial. Instead of an actual dial, but i don’t see an issue. It’s solid, pretty precise and no biggie deal. If you want to just do a quick 1 or 3 min run, just press the ‘quick minute’ button and press it to the # of minutes you want. Stainless steel surroundings, but i did notice the top of the microwave bowed. Perhaps the stainless steel is too thin?.

Panasonic NN-SE982S Stainless 1250W 2.2 Cu. Ft. Countertop Microwave Oven with Inverter Technology

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    by entering your model number.
  • Enjoy faster cooking times with 1250 watts high power
  • Microwave Inverter technology delivers a seamless stream of cooking power
  • Advanced Inverter Turbo Defrost speeds up defrosting time
  • Elegant electrostatic touch dial control and 6-digit display
  • Automatic sensor adjusts power and times for different foods
  • Choose countertop or built-in installation, trim kit sold separately
  • Outside HxWxD ( ” ) 14″ x 23 7/8″ x 19 7/16″; Interior HxWxD ( ” ) 10 15/16″ x 18 7/16″ x 18 1/2″

The unit is beautiful, and easy to use. 5 years after i purchased it. You might want to consider the 4-year warranty offered by amazon, which would give you a refund if they cannot fix the unit.

How much do i love this microwave?. Enough to write a review on it. Very classy and sleek design and has a touchscreen scroller for time entries. This microwave heats up food quicker than you can take it out of the fridge. Not only that, my apartment is notorious for having appliances blow the circuit breakers — but this microwave never blew it oncei’m very impressed at the speed of this appliance and effectiveness of it options: sensor reheat, defrost is easy, and predefined cooking options are pretty spot-on. Great microwave – get it for sure.

We replaced a similar model that had buttons for the settings. This model has a dial and it’s a little more difficult and time-consuming to set the exact cooking time.

Panasonic NN-SE982S Stainless 1250W 2.2 Cu. Ft. Countertop Microwave Oven with Inverter Technology : I’ve had this microwave for a few months now, and i like it quite a bit. It has a fairly large capacity, which is great for heating up leftover casseroles and such. The electrostatic dial takes some getting used to (at first i could barely get it to move up to 30 seconds or more), but it’s really cool looking, and is really easy to use once you get the hang of it. I’m not really impressed with the inverter technology or sensor cook function, but as i never intended to use those in the first place, i’m not too bothered. I really love that you can program it to cook at different power levels all at once without having to go back to the microwave and put the time and power level in again (say you wanted to thaw something at low power for a few minutes, then blast it at full power for a minute or two). The main thing i have a problem with on this microwave is that it gets really warm on top. We typically keep our bread on top of the microwave, but since we’ve had this one, we have to store it somewhere else because the heat of the microwave creates condensation in the bread, or makes the bottom of the bread harden. Like many people have said, it’s also pretty noisy. If you’re trying to sneak something at night, and you live with a light sleeper, forget about it. Overall, i’m happy with the microwave, it has it’s cons, but it does what i need it to do.

My opinion only and only mine:- the finger dial thing in the middle that some people complain about hard to control: no merit – get use to it like anything new, period: it took me a whopping 40 seconds to play with it and ‘master’ it. – pro: super techo-sexy look which is the primary reason i usually buy stuff. Not very wise but it suits me; does have lots of bells of whistles and you are into that sort of stuff. See the con- con: with all the gadgets, i find it i can do almost everything by treating like a microwave: punch the number and hit start – done. Which begs the question why all the gadgets. My conclusion is so they can charge you more. – also, some folks talked about the door issue (see their comments, not repeating here). I find it questionable: one needs to use common sense in using electronic appliances – take it easy. Of course i only had it for a week. You might see my update bring it to 0 start 12 months from now for a broken door like others complained about. But that’s future and i dont have a crystal ball and wont worry about things i have no control and might or might not happen. – conclusion: for $300 is a nice looking, full function microwave. But if you want a basic basic basic configuration.

A lot bigger then i expected which is a plus.

After a month of use i’m pleased with this microwave. My wife is a little annoyed by the circular touchpad but i’ve grown to like it. She uses the quick minute button and is happy. We both like the sensor reheat feature, it works most of the time quite well. We are careful closing and opening the door after reading other reviews that it can’t take abuse. We use a gentile touch and i think it’s going to be fine. I’m not saying this was the case for all door issues but some people no doubt slammed the door too hard causing their own problems.

Very easy to use and is the most powerful microwave oven i have ever owned or cooked with. The stainless steel exterior is also easy to keep clean. I have had very good luck with other electronic panasonic device as well.

The microwave replaced a 20+ year old top-of-the-line litton that was built-in. With the same space i gained about 30% more inside space to cook. It cooks fresh and frozen vegetables perfectly with the sensor settings. I have thawed all kinds of meats with the sensor; just remember to take it out of the packaging; warmed up leftovers and even softened butter without getting the center to become liquified because of the way this oven works on low settings. It does not pulse on high as all the other models but actually sends a lower microwave to the food. The only problem i had was that the touchpad would not respond after a power blink. But unplugging and replugging solved that. So far very happy and works as promised.

The best feature is how the inverter works,when one dials in , say 80% , the inverter lowers the magnetron to 80% output. (older microwaves simply ran the magnetron at 100%, 80% of the time )this is an important difference . Delicate foods cook much, much better. Beside, my local bowling alley café uses one like this one, what more needi say .

This microwave works as described. It heats food quickly and evenly and is very large inside. We use the minute button all the time and it is handy. Using the circle knob to program time is not the greatest idea for you often have damp fingers when cooking and preparing food and it doesn’t work unless your fingers are dry – they must slide ‘around’ it to program time. Other than this feature we love this unit and it is as expected.

Our son went to college and took our old panasonic microwave so we bought this one. As long as they maintain quality we will buy panasonic microwaves. Love it for defrosting frozen meats. This is one cool looking techno geek microwave. The bad:not really bad but we are not sure if we like the touch dial programming. The program cooks are a pain. But there is a cheater guide inside the door panel. Overall yes i would recommend this microwave.

4 starspros: microwave is awesome. Cooks quickly and evenly, and the special features are great. Cons: terrible user interface. It has this touch dial thing instead of a keypad to enter the time. Also most microwaves have a quick ‘add 30 seconds’ button that starts the microwave and adds 30 seconds. This microwave has ‘quick minute’ which adds in 1 minute increments but doesnt even start the microwave. 🙁 overall, this is a great product. But panasonic needs to hire a new a ui team.

Large enough to cook casserole dishes, but doesn’t take up too much room on the counter. I personally love the styling and design of the microwave, but more importantly the features that it has. It does heat food more evenly and the sensor reheat works really well. I’ve read some reviews about the dial not working great and when i figured out how to use it i’m not sure if others were using it correctly or not because i don’t have any problems with it. The thing is to place your finger or thumb on the metal sensor inside of the dial, not the actual dial itself. Then you keep your finger or thumb ( thumb works better for me ) on the metal sensor while rotating. It will quickly add seconds and then increase to minutes automatically. Only time will tell if this microwave holds up, but in the meantime i will enjoy it’s many benefits.

This microwave oven is faster than the 1250-watt i replaced. It cooks much faster than a 1100 watt microwave, so if you are used to an 1100-watt unit be sure to use less time. And the genius part is the way it selects the heat range. It isn’t turning oven (50% power – it stops the heat for 50% of the time) it actually reduces the power as per setting and cooks it faster and more evenly. Anyone who is not happy with their unit had better check the manual to see what you’re doing wrong,.

Edit on 9/12/2013 i have now had the micro for almost 3 months and it’s still performing excellently. I see a lot of people complaining about the interior light not being on when you open the door or when you’re cooking. My light comes on both times. I have only had the oven for three weeks and it may be a bit premature to rate it now. It replaced a panasonic microwave which i had for 21 years. So far this oven is excellent except for one thing, and that’s the reason i gave it only 4 stars. I really don’t like the eloctrostatic dial. I would much prefer a knob or keypad instead. You have to make sure your finger is completely dry and you still can’t be that exact. I was also wondering why the price changes on amazon so much. I paid $214 for it and as i check now they want $270.

The microwave works great, but it overcooks or over defrosts food when i use the automatic settings. So i have to use it by seconds or minutes. Also, this microwave is very flimsy. You barely touch the top and it dents in and out. It will not sit straight on my counter. I have to have a piece of wood under one of the legs. I called panasonic and they said i had to take it clear to a service center that is hundreds of miles away. Otherwise i would have to pay to ship it. Then i would be without a microwave for weeks. So much for good customer service.

The only dislike is the dial time selection interface. It is modeled after an ipod dial but it is cumbersome to select a specific time. If you need 40-50 seconds, it is fine. If you need 45 seconds exactly, it is much more difficult.

So far, it works well, but i’m not so in love with the circular motion finger sliding required to set the cooking time. The knob unit was more, so i went with this one. I do like that the power settings are the real deal ex: ‘medium’ setting means full-time half power instead of 100% on half the time.

So far (6 weeks) we love it. The dial is easy to get used to, just takes a few tries. It matters how you place your finger on the dial. Just lay it across flat and it works very smootyly. Not super noisy which i like when the food is done. Love the ‘enjoy your meal’ at the end. Wish it had a 30 second add button, that’s about it for what i’d do to improve it. The 1:00 is usually a little too long. Just have to add the 1 minute and stop it after 30.