Oster Ice Cream – It’s great for a cheap ice cream maker

I bought this product somewhere else, and i use it constantly. I get six servings of ice cream from each batch. I’ve not used the vodka trick (see other reviews), so it gets very hard after a time. I sometimes give it a quick zap with the microwave to make it easier to serve. The three stars are because of how hard i find it to scrape the inside of the bowl. The paddle doesn’t reach quite to the bowl, no surprise, and a fair amount of goodie gets frozen hard against the side. I have no idea why no one else has commented on this problem.

I had a slightly used ice creamer maker that i lost parts to when i moved. I am very happy with the new one. Oster makes some well made products. Delivery was much quicker than i expected. It’s was an easy purchase and the price was right.

Easy to use makes decent ice cream, my opinions of the down sides are that you have to freeze the bowl for 24 hours and it is extremely loud. Here are the specifications for the Oster Ice Cream:

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  • Oster Ice Cream, Frozen Yogurt, & Sorbet Maker
  • Sorbet maker, ice cream maker, Frozen yogurt maker
  • Fast and convenient ( no rock salt or ice needed.)
  • Designed for easy preparation (Wide ingredient feeder)
  • 1.5 Quart capacity freezer bowel ( Prepares up to 6 cups.)

As i was making my first batch of ice cream, i too was worried that it was not setting up as quickly as with my cuisinart ice cream maker but after running for about thirty minutes, it got thick enough for me to place in containers for the freezer. After about four hours i checked my ice cream and it was firm and hard like any other ice cream i’d made in my cuisinart. I purchased my oster at a fraction of the cost here, though. Had i purchased it for the $100 listed here, i may have been a bit disappointed :(. As for the ice cream maker, first batch tasty and free of all the unnecessary ingredients you get from store bought ice cream.

Gave this as a gift for my daughter’s 50th birthday and she was very pleased. Most of all, she wanted the color to be black, thanks to you and oster, her wish was fulfilled, thanks.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • U scream I scream WE all scream for ice cream
  • Good ice cream
  • Loving it!

Got this for a christmas gift and have been wanting one for a while. Used it for its inaugural run today and it performed perfectly. It reversed its paddle after only 20 minutes which is the indicator that it’s done, just as it’s supposed to do. Com/recipe/easy-mint-chocolate-chip-ice-cream/detail. Aspx?evt19=1 i adjusted the recipe for 6 servings so it would work in this 1. Only other changes to this recipe were i used 2 cups heavy whipping cream and 1 cup of half and half, plus after 10 minutes i added a tablespoon of vodka. Saw this tip while searching for recipes. It’s odorless and tasteless and since alcohol doesn’t freeze, it prevents the ice cream from turning hard as a brick in the freezer 🙂 i will update this review if need be. Hoping for many many batches of creamy goodness from it.

Like advertised, the ice cream was simply delicious. I’ll recomend this product highly.

My oster ice cream maker works great. I didn’t buy it from amazon but picked one up elsewhere on a whim. To get great ice cream there are some steps that must be taken. I freeze my tub in a chest freezer. After mixing my recipe, it cools in the fridge before i freeze it. If you want creamy ice cream, you must use cream, otherwise, you are making ice milk. My recipe will total 4 cups of liquid and 2 cups of that will be cream. This means you will eat a small bowl and be quite satisfied. Also, a trick i picked up on the internet is to add 1 tablespoon of vodka to your recipe. The vodka is tasteless and won’t freeze, keeping your ice cream from becoming a brick once it’s stored in the freezer.

I did not get my ice cream maker from amazon, but i’d like to give my (hopefully helpful) opinion of it. Honestly, i’m not sure about others, but i followed the directions on freezing the container for 24 hours. I poured my chocolate custard into the frozen container and turned on the machine. In about 20 minutes, i had ice cream with the consistency of self-serve ice cream from a dispenser. My kids prefer it this way and most of the ice cream was gone within minutes. A little was left over and is now in the freezer. One thing to know is the motor will reverse directions when the ice cream gets too hard to continue to stir in the same direction. This is to help prevent motor burnout. I’ve seen it do this and was relieved, because i’m afraid of leaving any ice cream maker for this reason. Cleaning the ice cream container is easy. Scooping out ice cream is easy. No messy salt/crushed ice mixture to deal with before, during or after. I have two ice cream makers: one big one and this one. This one is for new recipes i’d like to try.

Just make sure the mixture has chilled before you add it in.

It’s great for a cheap ice cream maker. I have made multiple batches of ice cream and they have come out great.

Researched so many ice cream makers and there seemed to be a pattern, they either worked or didn’t, no middle ground. So i chose an inexpensive one. One key requirement for all of them ($25 to $250) is that your freezer be zero degrees. Also all my recipes require the ice cream to set in your zero degree freezer after churning for a minimum of 4 hours. This one has produced some wonderful ice creams. Yes they are soft milk shake after churning but set up wonderful. Don’t know if folks don’t read recipes all the way through, or freezer temperature is not checked for accuracy or both. This is a nice unit and works well.

Made ice cream with the grands.