Oster FPSTJE31570 400-watt Compact Juice Extractor – Great & Easy Juicer to operate for newbies

This juicer works just as well as the brevelle i had and cost 1/3 the price. You do have to cut larger food in smaller chunks, but i don’t mind. I’m happy with the covered pulp catch and over all pleased with the performance. I bought one for my sister and she is happy as well.

Motor starting burning out after a month.

For only having 400 watts of power, it does an amazing job. I have used the item with different fruits and vegetables, and it extracts their juices effortlessly and in seconds. My family loves the fresh juices that i make with it. It’s compact size is great for my small kitchen. All parts can easily be dismantled to be washed. Cleaning the stainless steel filter with a regular sponge resulted to be time consuming and with little results. I got the idea to use a soft baby bottle bristle brush on it, and it came of in seconds. I can wash and clean all parts in under two minutes, so it isn’t complicated. However, i do recommend to wash the item right away, i can imagine dry pulp on the filter to be hard to clean. Overall, i am very pleased and recommend this product to anyone, since it is so easy to use and clean.

The juicer is average, it feels very cheap and plasticy. It is fairly easy to clean but after juicing out couple of carrots the inside container turned orange and the color didn’t want to come out. Also, it was spiting out the juice everywhere, not very clean or easy to collect the juice once it is being processed.

You cans rip through fresh fruit and veggies all day long if you want. I’d give it a 5*, but removing the screen in the middle is a bit tight. Other than that i have had a great time juicing what ever i want, except wheat grass.

I’ve had two juicers before this that were a big job to clean and therefore discouraged me from juicing. This juicer is very easy to clean. The motor is surprisingly high quality and impressive, clearly made with excellent components. When you shut it off the basket keeps spinning for a while, which is a mark of a top-notch mechanism, very smooth operation and not overly noisy. It juices extremely quickly with little pushing effort when i feed in vegetables and fruit. I’ve juiced carrots, beets, apple, ginger, and fennel, including the hairy tops. I will be trying celery stalks next. The only criticism i could make is that when i was juicing a beet some drops of red juice sprayed out. I will have to figure out where that came from and see if i can readjust something.

  • Work horse used daily
  • Get what you pay for
  • Good price and efficient

Purchased this item on june 28, 2014, and reviewing it after a full year and a half of daily use and it is still going strong. It is very easy to clean as it all just snaps apart to be run under water and the metal spin thing is cleaned fast and easy with a toothbrush.

I bought it as a mother’s day present for my mom and i used it more than she does. It’s a bit of a hassle when you have to clean it bc you have to take it all apart but it’s worth it. We’ve tried making orange juice and it came out perfect, pulp free.Great how all the unwanted junk is separated. Deff recommend this product.

I agonized over this purchase a bit, and even left it sitting in the box in the garage a few weeks before i opened it. I am not the type to cheap out on appliances so i wasn’t sure if i should return it and spring for one of the higher end products. I had spent $200+ on one about 9 years ago and found the thing to big and awkward to lug around or leave sitting on the counter. It was also a mess to clean. I ended up selling it for $50 a few years later. I’ve been hearing so much about the benefits of juicing lately. I am a 30 something, working mom and always looking for ways to be healthier and increase energy. I also have a toddler who hardly eats but loves juice and i thought juicing might give me a chance to get some nutrients in her rather than empty clarifies and sugar. So i became really interested in juicing again. I just didn’t want to spend a small fortune not knowing if the habit would stick this time.

Features of Oster FPSTJE31570 400-watt Compact Juice Extractor, 20-Ounce

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  • Compact and powerful design for easy storage-space saving
  • Dual-safety lock system
  • Stainless Steel blade disc
  • Powerful 400 Watt motor
  • Large capacity jar conveniently holds up to 20oz of juice

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

Compact and powerful design for easy storage-space saving

Dual-safety lock system

Stainless Steel blade disc

Powerful 400 Watt motor