Oster Extra-Large Countertop Adjustable Oven : Poor Temperature Control

Love the fact that i don’t have to fire up the large oven for many items.

I had the smaller unit and decided to upgrade to the bigger model. I keep it on my back porch, it saves my from having to turn on the oven and heat up the house. The toaster oven heats up fast.

I have cooked lasagna and various pastries in this finely made oven. The turbo seems to help cook faster and evenly. Cleans up easy with the removable bottom tray that pulls out. Pizza really comes out the best with the turbo heat. The rack combo broiler pan is very handy as well. I have cooked chicken and vegetables and the drippings just collect in the pan then easy washing after. Great for a small apartment like i live in.

The timer, i love the timer. I can set it, and work elsewhere. It also can get very hot, as my last toaster oven did not, so that’s great.

  • Love my new oven!
  • This unit is excellent in every respect except one
  • Perfect Convection Oven

Oster Extra-Large Countertop Adjustable Oven

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Manual Controls
  • Extra-large capacity with 16″ Take and Bake Pizza Fit
  • Turbo Convection Heat technology for faster cooking and more even browning
  • Brushed stainless front and housing
  • 60-minute timer with auto shut off

I wish it had an interior light and a longer cord. But everything about it is exactly what i wanted.

The maximum temperature that this will reach is 360 degrees. The actual temperature runs 50 degrees below dial setting.

I have been using for a couple weeks now and i really love this oven.

Review this product a few years after purchase, but we love this oven. In fact, we never use the big oven appliance in the kitchen. It cooks great and is very efficient.

Simply the best countertop oven ever. Bake, broil, convection cook poultry, ribs, even extra large pizzas. Interior width and depth goes out to 17″ deep and 17″ across (max), large enough to put a 16″ round pizza directly on the upper rack and bake to perfection. My cast iron pans love the super high heat to sear beef and pork in no time. Cookies and biscuits done perfectly in a jiffy. Egg rolls come out crispy when i use the turbo (convection) feature on a wire rack baking tray. Forget separate toasters, toaster ovens, pizza ovens and air-fryers, this oven does it all. Takes a tiny foot print in my small kitchen, but produces huge results, cooked perfectly. I recommend the oster tssttvxxll oven to anyone who needs a large capacity “do all” oven. I love this oven so much, i bought another one (oster tssttvxxll) after the first one (used daily over five years) was destroyed in a cross country move.

Bought this year’s ago after being tired of hearing up my wall kitchen every time i baked but the tiny tiny toaster wasn’t cutting it. I needed something big enough to bake a pizza, an angle food cake or a 13x9bakng dish it does the job. Has held up well under daily use mynonly complaint-itnyas a digital display for time and temp but the settings are printed in black on the stove face and in low light it’s impossible to breastfeed the darn things. I solved this issue by keeping a little led flashlight by the oven. Other than that little flaw, it’s been perfect.

The cost is “up-there” but it is so worth it. In fact, i don’t even use my oven any longer. I’ve had one of these before and it hit the 4 year mark so it failed (of course/as programmed in), but had to have another one because it is durable, stainless steel, and so easy to clean. With a single oven it is helpful too when you’re trying to take care of a crowd with dishes that must be warmed while others are cooking.

It is very nice, works well, easy to use and quiet.

Perfect purchase and alternative to a microwave.

The convection fan is a bit noisy.

It gets very hot on the exterior.

Like size knobs get really hot.

It gets hot super fast, cooks half the time.

Seems to work great, and heats up quickly. Toaster feature is pretty general, hard to really fine tune, but other than that it works well and cleanup is quick & easy.

Oster extra-large countertop adjustable oven is a lot of oven for the money. The turbo convection heat function is great option to have for baking. The wire rack can be used for both broiling and grilling.

Sits in box in garage most of the time until big dinner parties. Bakes pies, while kitchen oven makes lasagne or broiled salmon. Much cheaper than redesigning entire kitchen.

Meaning cooks great and is big enough for most anything. This is a replacement to a nuwave pro (nwp). I will say the nwp did cook better but it was a flimsy pos. The oster seems very durable, cooks pretty quickly and very evenly. I’m pretty happy with it as an oven. Its definitely overkill if you want to use it for toasting bread though.

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Oster Extra-Large Countertop Adjustable Oven
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