Oster COMINHKPR95607 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker BVST-JBXSS41-Stainless Steel – Good coffee, no filter needed

This same coffee maker (only sunbeam name on it ) was handed down to me by a family member. It was used profusely for about 5 yrs . It just gave out but i can’t complain . Went and bought another sunbeam product (oster) coffee maker in hopes of same long performance.

This is the perfect size coffee pot. Not to large and not to small. Love that the controls are at the top of the machine.

I have owned several coffee makers and i just couldn’t deal with them not staying hot. Well this time i am very satisfied, i usually brew the coffee and drink my cup right away but by the time my mother and husband wake, it has been sitting there for about 30min. To an hour and let me just say that the coffee is still very hot as if it was just brewed.

Makes a great pot of coffee.

I’m really impressed with this coffee maker, and for the price, almost 30. 00 for shipping, its still a great price. I have seen this for almost 100. 00the carafe does not drip when pouring coffee which many other coffee makers do for this price. My other cuisinart carafe drips etc. This comes with a brew basket, and with a removable filter basket. I do use the filter basket, but put a paper filter in it. unfiltered coffee without using a paper filter, raises your ldl (bad cholesterol), and total cholesterol by 6 to 8%. Because of a chemical called, ‘cafestol’ in coffee.

I bought this coffee maker two years ago, for the use we put into it i am quite impressed with the wa it brews, i abused it and finally broke, however i loved it so much i went on line and search for the same one. I read the past reviews the only comment i have is that maybe it was a defective one cause i sure love mine.

  • Handsome and blessedly small good coffeepot
  • Works great; an old favorite.
  • Solid coffee maker

Your service was exceptional and the product was exactly what i wanted. I will order again with great confidence. Your whole procedure was easy especially for me (a senior,somewhat electronically challenged)thank you.

Good coffee for coffee lovers. My only reservation is when one cup is brewed, it is not very hot. Best to leave on burner for 5 mins or so. Otherwise best machine so far.

Having outlived two cuisinart brew central machines, the last one having a rusting hot plate, i was once again shopping for a drip coffee maker. This oster model uses a cone shaped filter, the same as the cuisinart brew central and produces the same great cup of coffee. This machine has the added feature of a special setting for strong brew. So far i am very pleased with my purchase. This oster was priced much below the cuisinart, while having the same attractive stainless steel exterior. I hope it will be more durable than my two previous coffee makers. It appears to be well constructed. Unlike the molded plastic spout on the collar of the cuisinart, this oster has a carafe with a glass spout and it pours much better.

Can’t use it for black tea making as the water is barely hot when it starts to pour over the tea leaves. The tea tastes extremely bitter if the water’s not hot enough. Otherwise the filter is much better than others for getting out of the maker and during cleanup. And the programming is really simple. The lights from the display and buttons are a bit much if your kitchen’s next to your bedroom and you’re a light sleeper.

This small elegant coffee pot was what we’d been looking for. We used and gave away huge pots that hogged counters, and small cheap pots that made bad coffee. This oster makes the strong brew we like, takes triangular filters if you want to use them, and looks quite fine in the kitchen.

Features of Oster COMINHKPR95607 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker BVST-JBXSS41-Stainless Steel, 1 Black, Silver

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  • Modern design with stainless steel accents
  • Brewing pause ‘n serve
  • Removable filter basket
  • 2 hour auto shut-off
  • Adjustable aroma feature Water window , 1 year limited warranty

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

Reliable, reliable, reliable. Recently moved to area with harder water and scaling finally did it in. Make sure to descale, especially if you live in a hardwater area every 60 brews or so. Directions to descale with vinegar in owners manual.

It keeps the coffee very hot that is good.

Not 5 stars only because it’s hard to get excited over a coffee maker. I had the exact same model for 7 years and it finally died, so i wanted something familiar. Works well, easy to program.

I did a lot of research after my cuisinart grinder/brewer broke down. Coffee because all the reviews were positive. When i got to the store and saw this oster and read some nice reviews i bought it and couldn’t be happier. It looks classy and makes a nice cup of coffee. It is the best deal for the money. It shouldn’t be a major investment. The best feature is it will keep the coffee hot for an hour then turn off. This is great for us as i get up early. , make a pot and it is still hot when my husband gets up.

It has a silly little gold-toned reusable filter that allows fine coffee particles into the coffee, making it bitter. It can take number 4 filters. But the filter holder is not shaped correctly so the filter can collapse on itself, allowing the water to flow around it. It turns itself off after two hours without warning. No ding, no buzz, just cold coffee. The pot lid is hinged so when the pot is below 6 cups, you must hold it securely with your thumb (not easy) or it swings out and drips hot water on the hand holding the cup. It makes coffee and it stays hot for two hours. Turn it off and back on to restart the timer. If you get the hang of getting the filters in jussst right, no problem. The bright blue light on it lights up the kitchen, the dining room, and the hallway all night.

Excellent, best we’ve owned in years, very pleased.

Modern design with stainless steel accents

Handle on the decanter broke on the old one. Hot coffee in about 10 minutes.

Take a few minutes to read about how to use the buttons and program the machine and you’ll figure out how to make coffee how you want it. I like that the coffee remains hot for a few hours, and the level of heat is just right. The brew is smooth and tasty. My two-person household makes a full pot and we’ve both been more than happy with the results. For the price of this machine, the value is very good.

I bought this oster coffeemaker to use in a downstairs kitchenette, however, when my grind-n-brew stopped grinding and the maker would not entertain another machine or coupon, i brought this oster up and started using it. It makes a wonderful cup of coffee. I have had success with other oster products in my home for many years.

This coffee maker works just like i expected, great. We really enjoy this coffee maker and would purchase again.

I had to replace my coffee maker and did a lot of research. I found this one appealing due to the price. I wanted my coffee to brew hot (which it does) and i wanted the coffee to brew fast (the whole pot takes less than five minutes). With my last coffee pot i would start with 8 cups of water but the coffee pot would only brew 6 cups. The rest evaporated with condensation. This coffee pot does not do this. If i make 8 cups that is what i get.

I really love the oster coffeepot. I have one and i hav egiven 2 to my daughters. The last one delivered had the carafe broken, when delivered. You gave me a credit and said the item did not have to be returned. I hope oster doesn’t give up on making them. Not everybody likes the keurig.

Brewing pause ‘n serve

Good coffee, no filter needed. It doesn’t seem to have an off switch, however, so we have been unplugging it.

This arrived on time and as described. We have had our oster coffee maker for many years and purchased this one as a backup as my husband and i cannot find another coffee maker we can agree on. The price on this one is twice what i paid for the original. Sticker shock, but worth it.

This is the second oster coffee pot i have owned. The first one was wonderful. But, i broke the plastic filter and it is taking a long, long, time to replace. Sooo, when i do receive the replacement filter, i will have 2 oster coffee pots that i think are great.

What bothered me was that i ordered the same coffee maker weeks earlier at about $45. 00, but was told they could not honor that order. They had no trouble getting me one for $70.

I receive my new oster coffee machine it looks fabulous and it works very well and it looks amazing in my kitchen.

Has absolutely nothing bad to say. Would by another one at the drop of a hat.

Removable filter basket

Makes a great pot of coffee at a reasonable price.

My mom really loves this coffee maker.

2 hour auto shut-off

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