Oster Chocolate Fountain : Five Stars

If i can figure out how to upload my video clip of this fountain in action i will do it. After reading, not only on this site, but other negative reviews (of course after i purchased this item from target for the same amount) i was terrified to try it. Was my daughter’s sweet 16 and i thought this would be a nice addition. I really breezed through the instructions and didn’t notice any ‘brand’ chocolate but did notice it should be melted with oil. However, while walking through bed bath and beyone looking for additional fondue forks i found a chocolate there specifically for fountains and no need to add oil so i took a shot and bought it. The machine is easy to put together and pretty straight forward. After i had it together all i could envision was an exploding volcano and chocolate all over the walls, ceiling and of course, myself. It worked wonderfully and it was the hit of the party. The only con is the clean up and taking it apart.

I seriously hesitated after reading the other reviews. My fountain worked perfectly. I did a trial run, toll house chocolate chips and canola oil melted in a double boiler then poured into the fountain — just as directed in the manual. Second run i mixed semi-sweet with bittersweet chocolate with canola. The bowl must be ‘locked’ into the base in order for the fountain to work — line up the marks and turn left. Clean up was easy, just a bit messy with chocolate on your hands — nothing that a sink of warm soapy water can’t solve, plus the fountain parts go in the dishwasher. The kids loved it — participatory food is so much fun.

Oster Chocolate Fountain

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Includes 8 fondue forks
  • Holds up to 2 pounds of chocolate
  • Dishwasher safe parts
  • Drip tray catches excess chocolate and is removable for easy clean up
  • Quiet motor with 4 position switch creates the perfect chocolate experience

My daughter attended a grad party a few years back and loved the chocolate fountain. Being good friends with the grad she was present for the clean-up and the mother of the grad offered up the fountain to the first $10. My daughter snapped it up and it sat in my craft room for a year. Then a year ago in preparation for her party we dusted it off and took it to 3 backyard bbqs. It worked perfectly every time. We chose our favorite dippers and thought we were ready. The week before her party i panicked and ordered a wilton. We realized we were going to have close to 200 guests. The wilton held more chocolate and in the end it was the right choice for us. We went through 10 lbs of chocolate.

I like this chocolate fountain. I followed exactly the recipe in the instruction to make the chocolate — just simple plain semi-sweet chocolate chips melt in microwave. Then pour into a pot of warm vegetable oil. I have used the fountain two times. One at my 6 year old’s birthday party. Another one at an early christmas party for angel tree project, which was also a dessert context. I won the kids favorite award. How could i not love the chocolate fountain?. Their eyes bright up when they see the flowing chocolate. One of kids even asked me if he was allowed to drink the chocolate in his paper cup.

Excellent seller and product.

Oster Chocolate Fountain : Such a convenient chocolate fountain. I used it for the first time on my 18th birthday, and was afraid that it might not work and i’d be screwed because i promised everyone a chocolate fountain. Fortunately, it really does make the melted chocolate taste even better.