Oster BLSTMG-B 8 Speed Glass Jar Blender : Perfect Blender for Us!

So far this item has worked great and looked great. I use it to make smoothies and i haven’t had it for more than a few weeks so i don’t know how it is longevity wise but it seems fantastic for the price so far. Low price and great quality.

My wife and i got the cusinart blender ($100 version) for a wedding gift. We didn’t really use it for a few years and then she started making smoothies. After about a year of making smoothies (one a day) the mechanism that makes the blade turned was stripped. Needless to say that i was irritated that a 100 dollar blender was shot after a year. I tried to fix it but couldn’t. It was a stainless steel peice of junk. Point of the story is that after i did some research i decided to give this cheap blender a try (bought at walmart). It’s sad but this blender works better than the fancy cusinart. I have only owned mine for about 6 months now, but even if it goes out after a year, i could buy 3 more for the price of my last blender.

This machine is well worth the money -it is not too noisy -chops ice very easily -glad i purchased it.

I purchased this blender in green (with a plastic jar) from the big “w” for super inexpensive. This model replaces a 25 year old osterizer which was getting a bit weak. The old jar fits perfectly on the new blender. This model is rated at 450 watts and it is fairly powerful within its limits, it is not a vitamix.For what it is it is fabulous, i make 2-3 smoothies /day and this oster is perfect for the task. It crates a great vortex, it is no wonder why oster has stuck with the same blade design through the decades. It just works and you, as a consumer, know that it won’t be obsolete six months from now. Want an inexpensive blender that works?. Buy one of these with either the glass or plastic jar and be done with it.

  • It blends, but it’s not fantastic.
  • Loud, vibrates, but gets the job done
  • WOW! What a Great Blender!!

Oster BLSTMG-B 8 Speed Glass Jar Blender, 6-Cup, Black

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 8 Different Speed Settings
  • 6-Cup dishwasher safe Boroclass glass jar
  • 450-Watt of Ice Crushing Power
  • Stainless Steel “ice crusher” blade for perfectly crushed ice every time
  • All metal drive system for lasting durability

I use this product every day for a protein drink. Easy to clean and car for, also.

Crushes okay – speeds are good – easy to operate and clean – oster is known for good products – should last.

What do we really need a blender to do?. Crush ice, mix drinks, blend smoothies. With that in mind i bought this very reasonably-priced blender. It does everything a blender is supposed to do and does it well. It is sturdy and dependable. The jar is glass – no weird plastic chemicals to worry about. Don’t throw good money away on bells and whistles.

This blender is fairly good, but it is not the most consistent blender i’ve used. Sometimes it blends stuff quickly and other times i have to use a knife to move stuff around in it. For the most part, it’s good for the price.

Bought it to replace an older one i didn’t really like. I make fruit smoothies in the morning for breakfast, usually with frozen berries and bananas and it does a great job. It’s a little loud, and sometimes does dance around the counter a bit, but nothing too crazy. I just put a dishtowel under it and that takes care of it. My mom recently came to visit and tried it and loved it so much, she took it back with her and i am waiting on the replacement now.

I bought this blender in particular because i use the same one at work for processing quality samples. The little bugger gets used almost constantly, and has never overheated, burned out, or broken down. Most blenders at this price point rely on plastic gears to turn the blade, but this is all metal. As long as you make sure the jar is properly seated in the base, you really shouldn’t have a problem. And if, after making your third batch of daiquiris, you should happen to put it on a little crooked and round out the base, oster makes replacement parts. They also make a variety of blades to customize by usage. I use my home blender almost every day for veggie smoothies, and it has never failed me. It even grinds up raw carrots without a problem.

So glad i didn’t get an expensive blender. I make at least one smoothie a day with this baby and it works just as good as the expensive ones. Love this product and the price. If i need a new blade or ring i can order that off amazon for super cheap too.

I use it to blend cooked soups and to chop bread into crumbs. This blender replaces a 25 year old osterizer. I was disappointed that i cound not get as good a product as i had privious. Under $200, all were made in china and plastic.

I bought it not expecting much for the price but this blender works great. I çan’t complain of how it works crushing ice, it has enough power. Is a little light at the base for the heavy glass cup but is not a big problem for me. It looks modern and stylish but if you are someone looking for one to use frequently, you should look to expand your budget. This blender is made for light use, as it is common in my home, for sure not for commercial use or similar frequent use expectations.

This is a decent blender for the price. Jar is substantial glass, blade assembly is all metal. I use it mainly for protein smoothies. Tasked with something heavier, such as pureeing a soup seems to be difficult for it. It is extremely lightweight, so i find i have to keep substantial pressure on the top of the beast with my hand while it’s running or else it will hop off the counter. It does start to emit a burning smell after being run for a few minutes.

Our old blender was pretty worn out and couldn’t chop ice very well or mix up the drinks my wife wanted to make. This blender is fantastic and we got it for a good price. I like the heavy glass jar better than the plastic one on the old blender. It’s quite a bit heavier, but easy to clean.

Great blender, i use it for a personal blender when couples with a small mason jar. Much more powerful and sturdy than the little blenders you see sold for personal use, that “crush” ice until the blades quickly dull, or the motor burns out because you didn’t pulse the little blender motor just right. This is a real blender that will last, and is much cheaper.

Ill keep this short and sweet, i was looking at those $400 blenders wanting to finally get a blender that would crush ice for smoothies. After some research and not really having the money for a $400 blender i bought this oster on amazon. Ive made about 6 smoothies and 3 ice blended mochas, and it blends perfect.As good as the $400 blenders ive taste tested at the warehouse clubs. Im so glad i didnt waste the extra money, this is perfect. It comes with a large heavy duty glass jar, no leaking, sharp ice crushing blade, metal connector from the base to the jar, and a nice tight lid. If i have to say anything negative about this blender it would be the base control part. It has all the speeds you would ever need but it is made of plastic. When you push the buttons for different speeds it feels like its price.

If you want a product to crush ice this is it. Bought it for my roommate for christmas and it mixes drinks like no other. Great little machine for what we needed it for and it’s not expensive.

Probably not an every day, major use blender but it does the trick for making frozen drinks, etc.

Let me admit i am a little frightened of this blender. Some others have written of the noise it makes. While it is loud, it isn’t so much that as the sense that it’s getting ready for blast-off. I keep a hand on the lid because the blender vibrates and wants to travel, and i just get a bad mental visual of the whole thing blowing clean off the counter. This means two things: (1) evidently the blenders i’ve owned in the past were weak weanie-blenders and (2) this sucker blends – you can see it hurling the bottom ingredients upward immediately. Beyond that, i like the large glass jar, especially the wide mouth which makes it easier to pour out whatever you’ve just mixed and to get your hand in there to clean it if you wash by hand. Cons: the buttons are a little weird, very close together and kinda cheap-looking. They don’t satisfyingly ‘click’ into place, they sort of ‘mush’ down. Also, it’s hard to get the blade clean because of its design. I use a clean toothbrush to really get into the tight spaces on the blades, but even that’s not totally effective.

Does what i need it to do and like that it is glass. There does need to be a certain amount of liquid for it to blend right so i normally have to add a couple tablespoons water. You are not paying for a ninja when you buy this so don’t expect one.

Adequate for nutritious food preparation of pureed or blended fruits and vegetables.