Oster 6803 Core 14-Speed Blender – Love this my grandmother wanted

Recently gotten into green smoothies. I very much enjoy them and people kept trying to recommend the vita mix and other 300+ dollar blenders. Well this one makes my green smoothies just fine. However i’m so into the blending smoothie game, i’m not against buying those blenders one day. Anyways this one blends fine, it’s plenty powerful enough, with a high and low speed setting, combined with the 7 blending options. I tend not to run at the super highest speed, cause it makes my drinks have a metal taste to them. If you want to make your blender last and run it high speeds, then pulse blend with the highest speed. Don’t run for a long with that speed.

Thankful for that so that i can make smoothies. This can do the frozen fruit which is easier to make the smoothies.

Bargain buy for the price i paid ($21)had the same one for 12 years.

I do not use this often and when i do it is for simple things. I have used this twice since purchasing it and have been satisfied with it function and ability. The product arrived on time and in good condition.

We got this blender because we needed to be able to blend small amount of liquid. Nothing we owned seemed to be able to do this. The oster totally does what we need. The only thing i do not love is that the blender is a little scary off the blender body. It seems very tippy, and i except one day we’ll have a big spill.

The blender i was using, a cheap hamilton beach that still worked fine, if slowly, but leaked around the blade bushing in the bottom. I tried this blender at my sister’s, and loved it. It’s quieter and blends my morning smoothies much more quickly than the old one. Very efficient, and i like the compromise of higher number of speeds and lower price.

  • Really Really Good Value
  • Very Rugged
  • Awesome . . .

I wanted a better blender after my last one (with a plastic jar) broke. I had it for two years, but never really used it, because it couldn’t chop ice at all. I’ve had my new oster for two months now, i used it all the time. Strawberry/banana smoothies for my daughter (one banana, one cup of cut strawberries, one cup milk, and 2tbs malt ovaltine) and homemade frappucinos (1 cup chopped ice, one cup milk, 2tbs rich chocolate ovaltine, and foldgers instant coffee to taste). Way cheaper and lower in calories anything i’m buying at starbucks or mcdonalds. I’m sure there are more uses, but it has already payed for itself with cheap healthy drinks. Ice is chopped, smoothies are smooth, my 7yr old loves this. (she chops the banana and pushes the button to turn it on)just wanted to update. I’ve had it for almost two years. I use it twice a day, and i’ve had no problems.

Works perfectly for making healthy drinks out of fruits, baby spinach, carrots, etc. I think it is not necessary to spend anymore on those ultra-expensive machines to do the same thing. Depending on what you put in it, your healthy drink might be very thick, or even a bit chewy. You just need to experiment with it. I found that putting in baby spinach, big purple grapes, fresh cranberries, some cranberry or orange juice, makes a wonderful drink. If you don’t mind the chewiness, put in some carrots (use the small ones, it is easier). You could also add peanut butter, banana, cuties, or yogurt.

I like the fact that the jar is glass. The blender does what it is supposed to.

My first blender when i got married was an oster. It lasted for over 10 years and was replaced by a kitchen aide blender that costed 5 times the price. I’ve disliked the kitchen aide since i took it out of the box. I can’t wait to make a smooth margaritas or smoothie without chunks of ice or frozen fruit left after blending with the oster. It’s a beautiful blender and exactly as described.

This blender is multi purpose and works very well. I would recommend this product to others.

Features of Oster 6803 Core 14-Speed Blender with Glass Jar, White

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  • Strong ABS houseing
  • High-performance blender with 450-watt motor
  • Pulse feature for precise blending
  • 14 blending speeds and metal blades
  • 5-cup dishwasher-safe glass jar

From the manufacturer

Making It Fresh

For over 70 years and counting we’ve made over 200 million Oster blenders. Because our products are durable and versatile, you can rely on them to help you make it fresh time and time again.

Oster Precise Blend 300 Blender

Perfect for smoothie making and prep work, the Precise Blend 300 is powerful and versatile to help create deliciously appetizing and flavorful meals. Its 700-watt motor starts with a boost of extra power, moving ingredients down into the blade to ensure smooth blending and multiple speeds provide plenty of options for just the right consistency.

It Blends…and So Much More

High Settings – Ice Crush, Grate, Blend, Shred, Grind, Mash, Liquefy and Frappe.

Low Settings – Stir, Blend, Puree, Chop, Whip, Mix.

Plus, Easy Clean setting and Pulse.

Versatility and Precision

Crush Pro 4 Blade

Durable blending blade effortlessly crushes ice and works through ingredients with ease.

Multiple Speeds

Versatility from Pulse to Puree for precise control at the touch of a button.

Duralast All Metal Drive

Oster Blenders are uniquely designed with Legendary Duralast All-Metal Drive which assures lasting quality and performance, outlasting competitor plastic drive systems by far. The Oster All-Metal drive system is Life tested to blend up to 10,000 smoothies and is backed by a 10-year warranty.

Delicious Recipe Ideas from Sweet to Savory

Sometimes the best desserts are the most simple to prepare. Everyone loves cheesecake and who doesn’t pass up a cookie? Make two dessert temptations come together effortlessly with a fresh-made cookie crust and indulgent cream cheese filling, made possible with the Oster Precise Blend 300 Blender.

Delicious Recipe Ideas from Sweet to Savory

The flavors from fresh leeks, peppers and cheese enhance the taste of these delicious mini quiches along with the rich texture from eggs, butter and cream. The Precise Blend 300 Blender can be used to prep the delicious, cheesy crust and create the tasty filling.

Delicious Recipe Ideas from Sweet to Savory

Why not serve pie for dinner? A savory chicken pie to be exact. You can process the ingredients to shred cooked chicken to just the consistency you need and blend the filling easily in the blender jar. By using the Precise Blend 300 Blender, you’ll work faster and have less clean up!

Delicious Recipe Ideas from Sweet to Savory

You can forego hand chopping ingredients when you have the Precise Blend 300 Blender by your side. It can make prep go much faster when you process and chop automatically. The blades cut with accuracy and precision to ensure the best taste and perfect results, even for your favor Arroz con Pollo recipe.

Choc. Chip Cheesecake

Leek/Pepper Quiche

Chicken Pie

Rice with Chicken

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

This blender is too good and we are using it since 2 months. We are using it for making indian food.

We had an older oster blender. I bought as a gift for my husband. He likes it a lot and of course better than the old one we had.

Product: glass jar, 4 blade, rubber top, plastic access lid to stir or mix up with dual speed i call high or low. Workmanship: i have one at my house (2 years) 1 at my work (fire station) 1 month. I never seen any issues, all parts (except motor) easy disassemble for washing in sink by hand or dishwasher. Price: is right to insure oster will sell many of these. Shipping: was 100% top notch, it was protected with the original box boxed with a larger box protected and for some reason i got free shpping but it was fed ex’ed to me. I’m 100% recommending this oster and the seller also.

I’ve owned this blender for about 2 years with ‘rare use. In total, i think i used it less than 30 times honestly. The motor gave out and started smoking. I don’t recommend this product at all.

Have had this blender for 4 years now and it is still going strong. I use it almost every day for protein shakes and sometimes cocktails. This blends huge chunks of ice like nothing. I had a big party and it made frozen margaritas all night with no problem. If their were a downfall to it i would say its that there is no pulse option. Sometimes to mix all the protein you have to switch it off and on a couple times to get all the protein blended. Not a big deal to me at all because it adds maybe 5 seconds to my blend time.

Strong ABS houseing

I’ve owned this for several years and it still works great.

I bought this for my son and he loves it. He uses it for everything that can be blended; which is more than i ever imagined.

Excellent blender , works really well and extremely cheap price. It crushed ice like there is no tomorrow.

Im using it daily and it works great.

I use this for my morning berry and sspinach smoothies and it works great, it’s a good blender especially for the price.

The blender was amasing very voog electronic i am happy to buy this item.

High-performance blender with 450-watt motor

 if you’re wondering about this blender, check out my video oster 6803 core 14-speed blender with glass jar, white.

I use it to make smoothies and it blend everything.

The glass jar leaks some times. I’ve checked the assembly and made sure parts were in the right order and place and screwed back correctly, but it still some times leaks.

I borrowed my mom’s vitamix for over a year, until she decided to go raw and took it back. As a consolation prize she gave me her 20 year old oster, which was adequate until i needed a part. After some research, i found it was cheaper to just get a new blender than to replace the part i needed. I was a little worried that i had been spoiled by the vitamix, but as a poor grad student – i wanted to find a more cost effective alternative if at all possible. This definitely fit the bill. If you just want to make a strawberry banana smoothie once every couple of weeks, then i wouldn’t hesitate at all. The good: oster has a solid reputation and this blender (and the 2 decade old one i inherited from my mom) makes me certain that it’s with good reason. For a reasonable price you get a glass jar (which makes all the difference trust me) and a blender that will more than meet the average persons needs. I use this blender almost everyday and my concoctions usually include any combination of frozen fruit, fresh fruit, some light veggies like spinach, ice and protein powder. This blender handles all of those like a champ.

We use it to make my wife’s smoothies. Powerful, not too noisy and handles ice with ease.

Every once in awhile i enjoy a protein shake; so every once in awhile i need a dependable blender. That’s where the oster 14 speed blender comes in. Just put in your ingredients, replace the lid, hold on and mix. ’tis best to use the intermediate speeds; if you go up on the high end speeds the blender tends to get a little. This oster oozes convenience. Easy touch push button controls. A scratch-resistant ‘glass’ jar that you can toss in the dishwasher. The 450 watt motor is more than sufficient (who in the world will be trying to blend their ratchet set, for example?). And although i’ve never attempted to crush ice, this product does have the stainless steel ‘ice crusher’ blade. Maybe it would crush a rib eye, but i’m not going to find out (although i’ve been known to do wackier things). So osterize your shakes, your snacks, your fruit blends, your veggie smoothies, your milk of magnesia constitutionals, with the oster 14 speed blender. Being mixed up can taste good.

Bought this as a replacement for an oster i had for over twenty years. I have kept the old one as it still runs beautifully and has a food prossesimg bowl so i can use them at the same time if two different functions are necessary.

Pulse feature for precise blending

Excellent for making food with curry. You can choose the thickness of the gravy because of the 12 different option you can choose (6 options, each can be slow and fast). It bears hot food too, not too hot but a little hot works just fine. Very easy to clean and very convenient to use.

Ok, but not powerful enough.

Love this my grandmother wanted it.

Works well as blender but don’t be fooled by the grate and shred buttons. It does not replace a food processor. As a blender it works well, well made. I trust oster products over the years. Have always been durable and long lasting. Only gave three stars as it is misleading to think it can grate or chop. Everything gets stuck at bottom and no uniformity unless you do it 2 tb at a time.

Merchandise was just what i expected,arrived quickly and safely. Will do business with this merchant again.

We originally purchased this blender 4. My husband uses it daily for smoothies w/ frozen fruit. It does a fine job of blending those. I use it for the occasional margarita; it crushes ice fine when liquid is also in the jar. I can’t comment on just ice alone because i’ve never used it for that purpose. 5 years the gasket and blade needed to be replaced. Since the blender is so cheap, we purchased an entire new blender rather than replacement parts (we figured the blender motor has to go sometime, but at time of replacement it was still going strong). We are 6 months into using this one and no issues to report.

14 blending speeds and metal blades