Oster 6608-14-Speed Glass Jar Blender – Good price & good value

0 out of 5 stars osterizers rule, may 14, 2009i’ve owned blenders for decades. I started with waring but tired of their motors burning out and bought an osterizer 10 speed with glass container some 25 years ago. That blender finally died this week, the motor burning out (what a smell). Now, it was only 120 watts, so i suppose i was fortunate it lasted for around 25 years considering the punishment it got — i often made peanut butter in it from oven roasted peanuts, and it died making peanut buttersoon after buying my 10 speed osterizer, i bought an oster food processor attachment for it for $10 at a local store, and i’ve used that exclusively for grinding meat. So, in replacing my burned out 10 speed i figured i’d get another osterizer so i can continue to use this food processor as well as the two glass containers i have (i picked up an extra somewhere). I was pleased to discover that the present osterizer line accommodates the old containers, etc. Yesterday i made the rounds at the local big box stores and picked up the 6694 14 speed. The glass container is wider than the ones i had already, and i figure that’s a very good thing.

Perfect product, perfect delivery.

After about 20 uses, the plastic bottom cap broke. Unfortunately, it broke off when the blender was full of hot onion cream that it took me an hour to make. So i almost killed myself and had to clean the kitchen for half hour. It’s a pity because everything else seems high quality, engine, blades, glass cup etc. Update (6/14/2017): the company has started shipping blenders with thicker bottom caps. I bought one as a spare part for maybe $5 or $10. I’m talking about like, already 5 years ago. So i’m raising my review to 5 stars. Meanwhile i forgot i had written this review and i was astonished to see that not only it’s still around after seven years, but that people have actually replied to it to tell me that i should not use the blender for hot things. I am going to use the blender for hot things. Otherwise how am i supposed to blend hot things?.Here are the specifications for the Oster 6608-14-Speed Glass Jar Blender:

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    by entering your model number.
  • 5-Cup Thermal Shock Dishwasher Safe Glass Jar
  • Stainless Steel Ice Crusher Blade
  • All Metal Drive System Reversible Disc Blade
  • 450 Watt Motor
  • Durable ABS Housing Makes Anything From Soup to Smoothie

My osterizer lasted about 7 years. I’ve used it almost daily for most of this time. I started out with frozen fruit smoothies, but the last several years have been making smoothies sans icy ingredients. It has been an ear-splitting machine. If i’m hard of hearing prematurely, this machine is probably the cause. After a couple of years, the screw-on base cracked. I bought a new no-brand one which is sturdier looking and has lasted longer. After about 5 years, the gear(s) for my most used speed wore out and the motor would just stop. I’ve limped along on the other speed settings for about six months now, with the motor suddenly stopping occassionally. Last week i finally chunked it and bought a new oster blender, the cheaper and quieter.

It has a strong odor coming from the motor which can be offensive upon using it. My old one (oster) which i had for 10 years never dispersed any kind of odor.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Great Blender!
  • It has a strong odor coming from the motor which
  • Bottom cap breaks easily

. I’ve used this bender several times now and maybe it’s a bit early to review it but for $24. 00 at walmart you can’t go wrong. I think it’d be better if they used a low gear ratio for the low speeds but manufactures want to make money on the ‘bottom line’ so you don’t get everything. Anyway it works good with some help from the higher speed range to get things started, it’s easy to clean and it has a heavy glass jar. If i run into any problems i’ll update this review.

I have pretty much every modern appliance & gadget a kitchen princess could ever ask for. My only problem with my purchases is that colors change so i may not want to display them on the counter. Such was the problem with my original 10 speed osterizer circa 1969, a bridal shower gift from my mom, it is avocado green. I wanted to share the counter with my white cuisinart food processor, green kitchenaid mini processor, green kitcheaid stand mixer, & white mr. The scarry part is, that original is still working to this day, 36 yrs. Later, & still crushes ice to boot. It stopped on me last year & after i checked it out, it was just a little built up stickyness in the base. Cleaned it out —– good to go.Well, i bought this one in white & it’s just as wonderful as the original. I knew i could count on oster. There’s very few changes, & the one i love is the new shape—–wider glass jar—-no doubt they listened to the consumer—-that was the only thing i might have changed. This baby is a great machine—–but then ‘mom’ is still a good old gal too. Buy ‘the name’ in blenders, & i hope yours lasts 3 1/2 decades also.

Grinds up ice and everything.

I purchased this ‘used’ blender as an extra for our camper. It arrived on time and well packeged. It was in almost new condition, the original packaging just a little dented. I was amazed at how well it worked, it was clean and everything included. I liked it so much i kept it in my kitchen and put my original blender in the camperit makes great margaritas.