Oster 3126 Tall Can Opener : The best for small kitchens and all can goods!

It works knife sharpener is manual pull thru. Problem opening cans unless you peel label from top 1 inch it pulls it into gear and binds up. Leaves little chewed up chunks of paper all over.

I truly appreciate the fact that the cutter blade can be easily removed and cleaned. Excellent operating power and design.

It makes sense to have a tall one because you have bigger cans like large fruit cocktail cans for making ambrosia. If it was white, it has each and every splatter mark right away. Though clean it and its gone. I’ve always had good thing with oster. I’ve had other things and they’ve rusted which i’ve always gotten frustrated with.

It was hard to choose a can opener given all the mixed reviews they all have. I have to say that i’m thrilled with my choice. I have been using this can opener for a month or so now and so far there are no problems.

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  • Oster Can Opener – the Best on the market
  • Not Too Impressed

Oster 3126 Tall Can Opener, Black

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  • Tall can opener opens cans safely and easily
  • Patented Power Pierce cutting mechanism
  • Removable cutting blade for easy clean up
  • Built-in knife sharpener
  • Cord storage

Oster is a pretty good product, i would say. Although it took me about 3 minutes to place my large can of spaghetti sauce under it. The magnet kept catching the top, but the cutter was in the middle of the can. Finally, the magnet slid out to accommodate the height of the can and it all started to cut. Oster 3152 tall can opener redall in all, it works and i am happy to not use my non-electric can openers (relics) again.

I bought for my wife who can’t use manual can openers. I love that you don’t have to spend 10 minutes trying to line the can up just right. As long as you put the top of the can where it belongs, the can opener will do the rest of the work. I’m confident that this oster can opener will last a very long time. No cheap metal and no cheap plastics. Definitely got my money’s worth.

Great can opener, not too noisy, opens every can i attempt to. Had it for a few years now and still love it.

After reading other reviews for this product, i decided to purchase the can opener. This can opener is the smoothest, easiest to clean can opener i’ve ever owned. Well worth the price, and better than many of the higher priced can openers i’ve seen. I would purchase another one of these without a moment’s hesitation.

It’s a countertop can opener but it’s tall to fit large cans easily. Also holds them well and doesn’t drop them after they’re open.

It looks good with the other black appliances in the kitchen. Better than that, it works well and the price was certainly right. The good amazon reviews i read on this oster can opener were correct and that had a lot to do with why i ordered this particular product. Thanks amazon and your reviewers.

It’s sluggish and seems to take forever to open the cans. This unit is also very loud. I feel as though the whole neighborhood can hear each time i open a can.

This can opener does a fine job opening small cans (tuna etc. ) but with larger cans (15 oz. Beans, soups) it chugs a little slower. The magnet cannot support a medium sized 15 oz. Can, therefore you must hold the can in place while the opener turns. Update: i’ve had this for three years now and it still keeps working (knock on wood. ) i’m upgrading my review from three stars to four stars.

I really like this can opener. I was looking for something that would be easy to use, and my manuel can opener was getting to be too difficult to use(i have carpel tunnel problems with my wrist). One of the things i like best about this product is that it’s tall enough to open a large can. None of the others that i looked at were tall enough for this. Oster is also a good name, and i have found thir products very reliable in the past. This one did not disappoint me. I’d recommend it to anyone who is looking for a solid, reliable can opener.

I bought this over two years ago, and this gem is still going strong. That says a lot for a low cost can opener. I’ll buy it again when this one eventually gives up the ghost.

Looks nice but contrary to some of the reviews i read, it’s very noisy. First time i used it, the cat ran for cover. It does the job of opening a can but spits out a lot of label paper, which my old one never did, and between that and the really unpleasant noise, i would not recommend this product.

After 4 years still working like new.

Since i had started opening cans daily for my aging dog i needed something like this. The reviews were right on; this works well, although sometimes it can be a trick to get the can started. Once it digs in it just opens it relentlessly. I’m pleased with it and would buy another.

I have had a red electric can opener for about 3 years. Every time i use it, or any of my family we end up getting so frustrated because you have to be so meticulous in using it. My family said ‘throw it away’. I went to amazon and chose this one. It has made me and my family happy again when opening a can.

Have arthritis and use this daily. We had a different one that burnt out and got this one. Have had no problems with it. The cutter detaches for cleaning, i put it in the dishwasher.

My grandma’s 1970’s can opener gave up the ghost so i bought another one, same brand and it struggled with small cans and forget tall cans. Got another for christmas; same problem. This oster opens small and tall cans as advertised.

I was using hand can openers in the past and was tired of using them and longed for the convenience and speed of an electric can opener. I bought a really really cheap one at shop rite for $4. 99 on sale and it worked for a year or so, but then just wouldn’t open tuna fish cans, i don’t know why, i tried different brands of tuna – are the tuna cans made heavier than other canned goods?. Anyway, it finally stopped opening any can, so i had to recycle it. By the way best buy will recycle it for $10. 00 gift card – so it is ultimately free. While using my old reliable manual hand can opener, i researched the electric ones online, mainly at amazon and finally settled on this oster white can opener. Oster is a solid brand name (we’ve owned their blender for 50 years) and i wanted a white can opener, hate the silver and black ones. Anyway, i ordered it, got it quickly, tried it and loved it. As the other reviews indicated it is very quiet, i could talk on the phone and run it at the same time, without my caller asking, what’s that?. The only drawback i found is again, with those darned tuna fish cans. It will open it a bit, then think it is done and stop. Luckily, all i need to do is push the start button top again and it continues on it’s merry way.