Osaka 4 Cup, Two Stars

These are really cool to use. Ordered two and one arrived broken. They were packaged in their retail box only. Didn’t even open it, you could hear the broken glass rolling around.

Read the directions and just follow. I stirred a few more times but watched my time.

This product makes an excellent coffee, nice and strong without the bitter burn taste from other makers.

Key specs for Osaka 4 Cup (20oz/600ml) Siphon Coffee Maker, Borosicilate Glass and Stainless Steel Vacuum Coffeemaker “Skytree” with Gas Burner:

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  • Made With Borosilicate glass that will not break from thermal shock. It will also not absorb any residue or odors, giving you fresh tasting coffee every time.
  • Stainless steel and cotton filter, this excellent filter will only allow the coffee to pass through, leaving you with a delicious clear coffee.
  • FREE bonus kit includes a replacement filter set and a coffee spoon, for measuring and stirring. Comes with a traditional soot free denatured burner AND a Gas Burner
  • Create a delicious coffee like a pro, with our detailed instructions and tips. For any defects in the materials or craftsmanship of any Osaka product, please contact our customer service team and we will be glad to assist you.
  • Enjoy your coffee by making it in a traditional Siphon Coffeemaker, Beautiful design and an unforgettable coffee experience.

Comments from buyers

“Absolutely Amazing
, Best cups of coffee
, This makes the best coffee ever!!!

Love this mad scientist coffee maker. Makes a delicious cup of coffee, i yhink in part to the all glass design. The glass itself is of support quality and easy to keep clean. This is my weekend coffee maker, just due to setup. However, good for guests as its a great conversation piece.

If you like the process of a quality brewed cup of coffee, then get this. It is even entertaining for a friend to watch the brewing process. Just expect that the clean up takes a little bit more time and care. However this product is worth it.

The coffee that we make with this is so delicious. It is fun to make, easy to use, and worth waiting for the brew. My husband and i make this our weekend morning treat. I quickly learned that the spring and hook on the filter are there to hold the filter down. I missed that part on my first try. But once we had that down we have had the most amazing coffee ever since. I definitely recommend this to anyone who appreciates good coffee.

Reordered and arrived in good shape.

My wife loves her coffee form this coffee maker.

But the reusable filter for it. The osaka butane burner works great with it. It also arrived quickly in safe packaging. It definitely was worth the excellent price it had.

I am extremely happy with this coffee maker. It can be used anywhere, not tied to the stove or outlet and is reasonably priced. Most importantly, it makes great coffee.

Works great, good quality, bad filter system needed changed to a better and easier to clean filter from different company. For the price i would buy again and recommend to others interested in this style of brewing system. Works great for teas and coffee.

I would have rated this higher, but it takes forever to heat up the water with the supplied burner. However, it does make a great tasting cup of coffee. I ended up using a separate device to heat the water and a different burner for the subsequent heating operation.

I have used it a couple times and the filter tends to flip over when the liquid rushes to the bottom and it takes all the stuff from the top back to the bottom. I’ll give it three stars since, this could be user error but the filter shouldn’t be able to flip over so easily.

Very quality siphone coffee maker. People complain about the glass breaking. It’s glass and it breaks if you don’t pay attention. I poor boiling water in the bowl to save time and butane fuel and no cracks or anything. I’m amazed by the quality and clearness of the glass (top/bottom). The handle and all other accessories are well built. Fantastic price for a great coffee maker.

Best method to brew coffee that i have found. It takes a little longer but if you have the butane burner and use almost boiling water to begin with, it doesn’t take long at all.

I had been looking at this item for a while when that i saw i could receive this product for a discounted price in exchange for an honest review. I followed the instructions just as it said in the booklet. The part i was confused on was what would be best to use in the burn. It took awhile to boil but once it did the process was fast. However the second time i used it the water wouldn’t boil at all even with boiling water to start. After an hour and a half i just gave uo. The only con i saw of this item was it didn’t come with a butane burn on it own. That would have helped the boiling process and made it better.

I received this item at a discount in exchange for an honest review. I love the steam punk look and design that goes perfectly with my living room/kitchen décor. The package and item are smaller and lighter than i thought that they would be. I admit i was expecting a nice heavy item that would stand the test of time. Super easy to set up and begin brewing. It brews slower than a modern coffee maker but is beautiful to watch. I ran rubbing alcohol through this and it worked great and didn’t use up much of the fuel. Easy to clean and the coffee tastes great. I am a little worried about the thin glass that the fire heats up breaking but other than that i think that this is a good purchase.

New favorite way to brew coffee.

It’s a unique way to make coffee and it looks awesome.

This makes one of the best cups of coffee i have ever had. It does take some time to boil the water and get it at the right temp but it is well worth the wait. I have had a lot of coffee, made with all sorts of techniques (chemex, v60, aero press, french press, italian espresso) and this makes one of the best, if not the best, cups. Gotta have the temp right up top and the grind size pretty small (feels like sugar between your fingers) but with some trial and error you can have one great cup of coffee with this thing. I would also recommend spending the extra money on the butane burner because the alcohol burner is tough to control the flame level and that is crucial to coffee success.

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