Omega VRT400HDSx Low Speed Juicer w/Tap – Five Stars

We got it on time and i’ve have the model before this one and really love the updates on this model.

I am very glad that i bought a refurbished juicer rather than paying a premium for a new one. I was surprised by the amount of pulp that is left in the juice. Also, clean up is not as simple as i understood it to be from reading other reviews. I did my homework before purchasing this item, and maybe my expectations were too high. I suppose it works well enough. Vegetables go in and juice comes out. You just need to be ready to deal with the fact that there will be sludge at the bottom of the glass that resembles a well-chewed salad.

Super easy to use and clean.

I absolutely love this juicer. It was given to me as a birthday gift to start my juicing business which i did a few months ago. I was extremely suprised by the ease of use. Once you get down packed how to put it together you will be able to navigate it much easier. After several months of use the only bad thing i have to say about it is that it starts to look worn from use. I’m looking for a cleaning product to remove the grit it has built up. Pulp: you will have to strain you juice because it will produce a bit of pulp. It is one extra step but it’s the best juicer for it’s price point.

I’m making delicious juices every day.

  • Great juicer! But didn’t work well with green, leafy veggies.
  • Great Juicer
  • Very good while it lasted

Awesome juicer – tiny countertop footprint – what more could you want?.

It juices and works fairly well, but does get jammed up quite a bit with fibrous veggies and the plastic components that rub together are wearing away a bit.

Pros: bigger mouth allows for less prep time when cutting fruit/veggies(can do a whole watermelon in minutes), vertical feed allows for faster juicing and i love the cap for the spout. Cons: has difficulty with high fiber veggies(kale stems) this causes discharge narrowing(i just use the reverse end of the brush to clear as i go. . Kinda a pain), cleaning is a bit more difficult(fiber as mentioned before), the refuse is a bit wet so sometimes i put them through twice. Final con: it broke after 3 months of use. I am going to write omega for a refund and i will be getting another. If this didn’t break down the pro’s far exceed the cons. If it had not broke i would have given it 4 1/2 stars.

The only thing is the output of the pulp is very narrow and sometimes gets stuck. This should be improved on future models.

Everything works as advertised.

Features of Omega VRT400HDSx Low Speed Juicer w/Tap (Certified Refurbished)

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  • Low speed juicing prevents oxidation on degradation of juice, no foaming or clogging
  • Ships within 24 hours (1 business day)
  • High juice yield, auto cleaning, compact base
  • Includes a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Omega reconditions & certifies every unit, ships in the same box as a new unit w/the same accessories

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

I’ve used this juicer regularly and can truly say i love it. If you’re a fan of juicing, this baby delivers the most bang for your buck, and i know because i’ve owned centrifugal juicers with less of a warranty that did not fully extract juice from fruits and veggies. I bought this refurbished, thereby saving money, but the unit functions incredibly well.

This juicer was a gift for my sister.

For years i used the jack lallaine juicer and loved making fresh juice. Before purchasing this juicer i watched just about every youtube video out there on all the different models that i could find. I came to the conclusion that this would be the best juicer for me. It is relatively quiet and very fast. I juice a weeks worth of juice at a time. This usually takes a couple hours and makes me a few gallons of juice. Half of that time is in preparation of the fruits and veggies. I have to say it works excellent on everything i juiced so far with the exception of tomatoes and pears. These were too muchy for the juicer and my lalaine juicer did a better job at this type. I use this juicer about 3hrs a week and consider it my most used kitchen appliance.

Worth the cost and super nice.

I purchased this juicer after hours of research. I was very excited about using a masticating juicer. I had only used a centrifugal one in the past, and i wasn’t impressed. I heard great things about this particular one. After receiving it, i actually didn’t get around to unpacking it for a few weeks, due to going on vacation. When i did finally get back, i was excited to get started. I actually purchased a refurbished one. It came packaged very nicely, and looked brand-new. I was very, very impressed on how it juiced all of the fruit, and most of the vegetables. But for some reason, it didn’t seem to want to juice the green, leafy veggies.

No scratches or any look of wear and tear. I was hesitant to make the purchase but i’m so glad i did.

Low speed juicing prevents oxidation on degradation of juice, no foaming or clogging

My wife uses it all the time.

These are factory refurbished machines and come with all the parts a non new refurbished machine would come with, saves you around 100 dollars and this one also comes with a warranty as well. It juices very well compared to centrifugal juicers. Sure this juicer may take a bit more time to juice than them but the quality of the juice is better. It is also very easy to take apart and clean, the longest part that takes to clean is the stainless steel screen since it will require brushing and you want to always make sure it is clean after you’re done juicing. Takes around 1-3 minutes while being meticulous. A good quality juicer on the cheap (still expensive but refurbished so a bit cheaper). Factory refurbished with a 10+year warranty. Also easier to clean than the 350 since they changed the design a bit and i think they only added a stopper to keep the juice in, so might be able to get 350 slightly cheaper. I really enjoy this product and it is very well made. If anyone has any other questions i will try to answer :).

I received the juicer in less than three days. It was ready to go out of the box. The instruction manual was missing, but that was taken care of by customer service at amazon within 8 minutes and a replacement strainer shipped within 30 minutes after contacting juiceblenddry. That’s what i call customer service. I would have no problem ordering from them again. The price was right and the delivery was right on time.

Made a quick glass of juice after arrival and cleaning. Carrot, kale, lettuce, and pear. Clean-up was quick and easy. The juicer arrived with a broken pulp container. I contacted amazon and they are taking care of the problem. The main box was shipped inside a larger box with almost no packing material to keep the item from bouncing around. This was the first product bought through amazon with a shipping problem. I look forward to many glasses of fresh juice.

I love this juicer – we are using it every day with vegetable juices and seeing the benefits of it. The cleanup is relatively simple, and this is a great price for the reconditioned version.

Ships within 24 hours (1 business day)

High juice yield, auto cleaning, compact base

Includes a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty

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Omega VRT400HDSx Low Speed Juicer w/Tap (Certified Refurbished)
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