NuWave Twister 22091 7 Piece Multi-Purpose Blender : Overall, very satisfied customer.

The only thing it doesn’t do well is nuts.

Doesn’t chop as well as i expected. I needed something that would chop ice well.

I really can’t complain about this mixer. First off, we got it for free off of our friends. We’ve been using it now 2x per day for a few months now for mostly protein shakes only. We’ve used it to mix misc frozen berries, psyllium fiber, misc proteins powders, no problems. I used to shake my protein drinks but cannot stand the foam it would produce or the consistency. I literally fill the cup with my almond milk and brown rice protein, turn it on for 3-4 seconds and have a perfect consistency protein drink. I can’t think of any complaints, it works and does the job. **update**i’ve owned this bullet for about a 1. 5+ years and still kicking w/ 1-2 uses per day. If your’re looking for a low maintenance protein blender, we really enjoy it.

  • then went to stores to compare to find which was better. There is one problem with this one
  • Does not work as well as expected.
  • Perfect for singles Works good

NuWave Twister 22091 7 Piece Multi-Purpose Blender

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  • Make smoothies, soups, dips, baby food, and deserts, all without making a mess of your kitchen and dirtying bowls and utensils
  • Easy to use and versatile, you’ll want to use the NuWave Blender everyday
  • Simply twist on the flat or cross blade, place the canister on the high torque power base and press down that’s it
  • Stylishly designed and compact for easy storage

I have been using the nuwave twister on and off for 2 years. I have used it mostly for protein shakes but can also count on it to make smoothies with kale and spinach and apples. If i had any complaint its that i wish the biggest blender cup would be a little bit bigger so i could make enough in one use to last me for a day or two. The blender has been extremely durable, so i feel bad for those who have had it break on their first couple uses. I would give the ‘chopping ability’ a 4 out of 5. To me it has everything i need in a blender and it leaves me wanting very little extra. I will probably look to buy something else now that has a little bit bigger capacity, but only because i fear that my blades for this blender are starting to get a little bit dull.

Easy to use, easy to clean up.

Simple, few twists and i’m drinking my shake in no time. So easy to clean and fast delivery too.

This is the third nuwave twister i have used. The first i thought was torn up and i returned it for a replacement — after using the second for a while, i learned how to clean the connections when it started having the same problem as the first and this solved the problem. After many, many daily uses of making smoothies the gasket around the blade was leaking so bad i decided to purchase a new one. Over all i love it because it is so easy to use and clean and is very portable — so small it can be easily taken on trips.

I ordered this by mistake and returned it.

It is my most used kitchen appliance.

I didn’t purchase this for myself, but instead received it as a gift from a friend. I actually had it sitting on a shelf for a long time before i ever got it out to use it. I drink homemade breakfast smoothies every morning when i get off work. This is perfect for whipping up a quick smoothie. Start to finish, including cleaning product is approximately five minutes. I use the biggest loser protein powder one scoop, with some type of fruit – frozen blueberries, frozen strawberries, frozen raspberries, or fresh bananas, sometimes a scoop of peanut butter, and once in a while some ice, along with some 1% milk. Total blending time is less than one minute, sometimes one and a half minutes depending on how much fruit i put in the mixer. It’s not an expensive piece of equipment, therefore the blades are not high quality or sharp.

I did not like this unit much cause it won’t blend solid food very well.

The blade is large and high to cut through ice. The others in this price range can’t. I bought this one, then went to stores to compare to find which was better. There is one problem with this one. I use it every day and find that the plastic section that connects the blade to the machine wears out after a while. You put the blade and cup in the mixer. It says to do this no more than 30 seconds at a time. The heat from the action may cause this to melt a little. Or maybe i haven’t always let it stop before lifting out.

Great product and great price.

I use mine daily to make my morning protein shake. The seal has started to leak so have to keep an eye on it but otherwise i love it.

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NuWave Twister 22091 7 Piece Multi-Purpose Blender
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