NutriGrill Electric Grill With Accessories: Healthy Smokeless Cooking BBQ Grill, Five Stars

You use it as if you were eating at a korean bbq or shabu shabu place. I only wish the well that holds the liquid around the grill was bigger. It holds 1 l, that includes food and liquid so you better make sure your veggies cook down. My husband and i noticed that because there were so many veggies cooked in the broth, we ate less meat than we normally do. I prepared 1 lb but we only had to cook 1/4 of that because the veggies filled us up. Will definitely be using it often.

Bought this as a christmas gift for my wife. As anybody who is thai or related to any (or any southeast asian country for that matter), you will know these things are great for that style of cooking. Gets very hot, pretty easy to use, good product for home cooking. Price did go up since we purchased, however.

We like the product but the only thing we didn’t like was the meat didn’t stick on the grill. It takesquite some time to cook.

Key specs for NutriGrill Electric Grill With Accessories: Healthy Smokeless Cooking BBQ Grill, Portable Mini Grill with Nonstick Ceramic Surface and Moat:

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  • UNIQUE TWO TIER COOKING SYSTEM: A 13 inch cooking grill pairs with a surrounding moat. Cook your favorite meats on the smokeless grill while using the moat to create mouth-watering sides. With a max grill top temperature of 400 degrees fahrenheit, you’ll get the results you want every time.
  • NON-STICK COOKING: The ceramic non-stick cooking surface is made with the latest eco-friendly and health conscious materials. Cook healthy, delicious meals with confidence knowing that your tools are PFOA and PTFE free.
  • OUTDOOR TASTE INSIDE: Capture the taste of outdoor grilled foods without the mess of a standard barbeque grill. Our indoor griddle grill set creates juicy, flavorful main dishes and sides indoors. Never get rained out again!
  • FAST AND HEALTHY: Cook healthy food that is unexpectedly delicious, all in a snap. This professional grade smokeless indoor grill cooks food to perfection in minutes. It’s versatile, easy to use, and large enough to cook for a family of 6.
  • OUR GUARANTEE: The Nutrigrill is backed by a no hassle one-year manufacturer warranty.

Comments from buyers

“Make a Thai expat happy
, Convenient, fast and fun meal
, Great grill but poor Broth pot

It’s just so perfect gill to me👍🏼, easy to clean love it.

I normally use the butane portable grill when i want to have an asian style barbecue dinner. It’s not so fun when i ran out of butane. That’s why i looked for the electric grill which nutrigrill is a good choice. The grill turns hot very fast. I just want to mention that the outer area is not very warm comparing the the center. Also, the grill is very slippery (which made it easy to clean) so if you don’t use a thin-sliced meat, it will keep sliding down to the side.

The cooker is lightweight and works well with an extension cord. It’s attractive and cooked food perfectly. The middle has grooves for the oil and liquid to drain. The surface was very slippery and we had issues when trying to cook vegetables. The actual cooking surface was on the smaller side, so i would say that this product cooks plenty for two people. I suppose you can always cook in batches. The accessories came in random numbers. We received 4 stainless steel bowls and sauce cups, and 6 tongs, 8 stainless steel chinese-style soup spoons, and 4 stainless steel mini plates. The grill works well, it came with many accessories, and we enjoyed using this product.

Nice set for hot pot menu for everyone to enjoy. The grill works really well but can be slippery sometime. The heat is lower than the grill part which take forever to cook vegetables or whatever you try to boil. This part is totally disappointing. Otherwise i will give 5 stars.

This would be a great gift idea for a thai person living in the us who likes to cook. Korean bbq is a big thing in thailand. Read other reviews for a much more detailed explanation of the process. Basically it turns a meal into an interactive experience for the family. Usually korean bbq would happen over a charcoal or gas grill. This unit allows it to be done with electricity inside. Just as with any grilling, it will get a little smoky in the house. Two main caveats for this unit. First, as others have mentioned, the non-stick surface is so slippery that at first it is hard to get the meat to stay on without sliding down into the soup. This is not too big of a deal, as once you’ve done a few pieces of meat there will be enough residue so the meat will stick on without sliding off.

A necessity for this thai family.

Perfect for thai barbecue, get hot so quick, love it.

Bought this as a present for someone and it seems fairly sturdy.

The nutrigrill organic healthy food barbecue cooker is a fun way for everyone to participate in making their own food while at the table. The concept reminds me of a lot of a japanese teppanyaki-style restaurant i went to once in los angeles where they had a selection of sauces, meats, and vegetables on the table with an iron grill in the center, and we all cooked what we wanted on the grill as we visited. It definitely makes dinner more entertaining. The grill itself is lightweight, has two handles which make it easy to carry, and it has a diameter of about 14′ which includes the sauce moat and a 9′ non-stick grooved cooktop. It came with an instruction booklet that contained a few good recipes, 4 stainless bowls, 4 smaller sauce bowls, 1 chef’s tongs, 4 individual cooking tongs, 4 sauce spoons, and 4 small stainless plates. I tested it out by thinly slicing one chicken breast, 1 8oz sirloin steak, slicing some button mushrooms, onions, and fresh pineapple chunks, then i made home made teriyaki sauce, some calrose rice, and put some chicken broth in the ‘moat’ around the grill. There were three adults and one child for lunch, and we ate at my small kitchen table. The grill fit well on the table and left enough room for everyone to have bowls, plate, and elbow room to cook. The only compliant i have is that the power cord that comes with the grill was too short to reach the outlet, so as you’ll see in the photo i’m including, we had to use an extension cord to make this work. As for the grilling at the table experience, we used a power setting of 4, (the highest is 5), and found that it reached temperature quickly, and cooked the meats and vegetables we pulled from the broth to add to the grill very quickly as well.

I like the grill that it comes with all of the bowls and utensils. However it is funny that a couple of months ago the price was around $80 but now the price jumps up to $496.

First off the nutrigrill is packed very well. I took a couple of pictures so you can see the unboxing of it. It is well protected and the box makes for a nice carrying case and storage. I’ve read a review that said the nutrigrill was too small. I think it’s a great size for cooking for my family of 4 with room to spare.

Looks high quality and can’t wait to use it.

It is pretty good but when we put the meat on the grill, it slides down easily.

It becomes my favorite grill recently. I used it many times for house bbq with friends and everyone gave compliment on it.

This food cooker is the fastest way for you to prepare fresh, healthy natural foods. No gimmicks, just a great way to prepare healthy whole food. Nutrigrill is all about supporting your health by making it easy to make smart food decisions that are easily adopted as a permanent fixture. Works great for our busy lifestyle. , the cord is only 4 foot long but works just fine.

Been waiting for this a long time .

The grill works really nice. Most people do not realize that this is a korean style bbq grill. The grill is used by sitting it on the dinner table and you and family or guest take meat as it cooks. You cook small strips of meat (pork, chicken, beef) on it. The meat should be cut thin and small so it cooks fast. You then add more meat as you eat so it will be ready when you finished the first serving. This is the asian style of eating. The only problem with the grill is that the meat would sometime slide of the center grilling area. The angle of the center grill area is too steep causing the food to slide down.

Great but only for a very small group and hard to clean.

Work good but just the soup place is really small.

Just buy this product me and my family very happy with it both grill hot very quick i’m from thailand been looking for bbq grill long time now i got one every thing working good.

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