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 i love to cook, but i don’t always want to heat up the entire stove to do it. Other times i want to entertain and i need a warmer at the table to keep what i’m serving at the right temperature. This electric counter top induction burner was the perfect answer to both of those issues for me. First of all i loved the size. The burner is big enough to accommodate even your largest pans with no problem. It also has a fairly small footprint, so when you do use this, you won’t need a lot of counter top or table space. The cord is plenty long to reach to where you need it to go too. The black ceramic tempered glass only gets hot by the burner, so the surrounding area and control panel always stay cool to the touch while you’re cooking. It is super easy to use as well. The control panel on the front of the unit has an on/of button, up and down arrows, a function button and a timer button.

Love it looking to buy the size.

It works first but the third use doesn’t work.

Works well although you have to adjust yourself to the slightly different temperature settings. The direction manual is a bit lacking so it took me a few minutes to figure out how you make it work, but once you do it’s quite easy. I am pleased with the product and would recommend it for anyone looking for a cooktop, especially for this price range.

  • Nice cooktop but
  • A winner!
  • Mislabeled box

NutriChef Countertop Burner, Infrared Cooktop, Ceramic Cookware, Electric Stovetop, Black Tempered Glass, LCD Display, Keep Warm, 1200W, 120V (PKST16)

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  • COMPACT SIZE FOR PORTABILITY: The countertop stove burner sports an ultra thin and sleek space saving design, perfect for storage and portability.
  • INSTANT FOOD PREP: Treat yourself to anxiety-free cooking with the NutriChef countertop burner stove. The plug-in cooker creates flameless safety, while 1200 watts rapidly heats up for quick meal prep.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: The countertop infrared burner is durable, non-stick, scratch resistant, with an easy to clean ceramic glass cooktop.
  • TEMPERATURE CONTROL: The portable countertop burner features infrared technology that heats quickly and maintains that heat up to 240 minutes with its unique Ready-to-Serve ‘Keep Warm’ function. The temperature range between 176 – 1200°F.
  • DIGITAL CONTROLS: The electric countertop burner allows you to change setting with front panel touch button controls, countdown timer setting, and an easy to read LCD digital display.

Simple design, no unnecessary buttons. Turns on quick and does not require the magnetic cookware, like the induction technology. Last thing i need is all new pots and pans.

The front top was not screwed to the bottom section, and after looking at it there was no where for the screws to even attach to. We used it a couple of times before i noticed the defect, it worked well. If it had been assembled properly i would have kept it.

I rent a basement and had a 800w stovetop that took forever to heat up and it seemed like only half the burner worked. This one heats up quick and gets the jobdone.

 i first got interested in an induction cooktop a year or two ago after seeing a demonstration on one of the cooking channels. I quickly realized that they were not in my price range. They have come down in price and nutrichef has some of the best pricing around. Not having used induction cooking before, i had to learn a bit to use this. I think that most good cooks would prefer gas over electric to have more precise control over the level of heat. If you turn down the gas, the heating level instantly drops but electric takes a while to drop. Induction cooking is like using gas in that you can tell the change in heat level immediately. It is important to know that you have to use appropriate cookware with induction. That cookware must be magnetic, such as stainless steel or cast iron. This means that cookware made of aluminum, glass or copper will not work.

Arrived in perfect condition. Bought to have an extra burner in our rv. Worked great, just what i was looking for.

So far, i really like the cooktop.

Very easy to use, a nice back up. We used it occasionally when we need an extra cooker. You can use it to cook rice, noodle, and it takes similar amount of time as you use gas range.

I got this as part of my downsizing my kitchen -from a full sized stove that i rarely use, to a prep table with just a multi cooker, table top oven, microwave, and this countertop burner. I’m totally pleased with it. It has settings that let you pick the wattage, up 1200, and preset heat settings, and a timer. I’ve cooked pasta, fried sausage, and most importantly of all -popped popcorn.It does a superb job and i’m really happy with it. I don’t know longevity yet, but as for cooking it does what it’s supposed to to.

This ceramic cooker is simple to use as a hot pot on your table or outside in the garden. What i like is the even ceramic surface so that i can easily clean it very fast. I highly recommend this product.

Temp settings are a little unusual. Box says 140-464 but lowest setting i can get is 176. Would like to have more settings available.

The box was mislabeled as an induction appliance, but it is actually an infrared burner (which is what i ordered). Instructions are a bit confusing and it takes some getting used to since the power settings are by watts. Have used the “keep warm” setting a lot and it works fine.

I don’t like controls are display in watts instead of a typical power setting.

For the price, it’s a very solidly made product. Doesn’t feel flimsy or poorly made in anyway. I would surely recommend this to anyone without hesitation.

This burner heats up very fast and is capable of getting very hot. Much better than any other hot plate i’ve used.

I don’t have the space in my kitchen for additional specialized pots/pans, and i really like how i can use any of my current pots with this burner. My family enjoyed a hot pot meal with it and we are looking forward to using it again. The instruction manual could be a little better, but it’s not too hard to figure it out. Overall, we are pleased with it.

Functions well, as advertised. Worst i can say is the cooling fan is a bit loud, but not any big deal.

The biggest thing i don’t like is that one can’t control/choose a specific temperature for certain recipes. Who cooks at 896°?overall, it heats fast and evenly across burner. The cooktop is easy to clean. It takes 5 to 15 minutes to cool down completely. So when lowering the heat remove or slide cooking vessel away from burner for 30 to 90 seconds to avoid overcooking. Also, when food is done, immediately remove to a trivet, or safe countertop.

I mainly bought it to boil a big pot of water and it takes over an 45 minutes to bring it to a boil which totally defeats my purpose. It is good to use other than boiling water such as frying bacon.

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NutriChef Countertop Burner, Infrared Cooktop, Ceramic Cookware, Electric Stovetop, Black Tempered Glass, LCD Display, Keep Warm, 1200W, 120V (PKST16)
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