Nostalgia SCM502 Vintage Collection Snow Cone Maker & Shaved Ice Storage : You could probably get softer ice with your BLENDER but it’s fun looking and the kids enjoyed it

I have 3 grandchildren who still believe every commercial that they see on tv. So, i get “snookered” into buying a lot of junk. Last week one of the twins decided that she wanted a snow cone machine that she had seen in a youtube video. Now that i’m wary, i told her that first we’d look on amazon, because i can see product reviews from real people. If there are lots of reviews and the greatest percentage are 5’s, i can usually trust the product. Well, this one deserved all the 5’s it got and then some. It was very easy to assemble, even for the assembly-challenged me. I can’t get over the quality for the price i paid. I tried it out this morning to make sure that it worked.

This snow cone machince is the best out there. I use it everyday- multiple times a day.It grinds large amount in mins. I highly recommend it for large familys and ice lovers.

We’ve had this for almost 4 years now and it has worked great every time without any problems. Shaves ice uniformly and quickly and it has never had any motor issues. Even when we have made snow cones for half the neighborhood. 😉 we have used it a lot- it is safe for the kiddos to help with, has never rusted or had any faulty parts.

I bought this and the red nostalgia electrics model at the same time from amazon about a week ago. Price-wise they are comparable. I have recently seen this model is stores for about 30 bucks, so the price on amazon is very good. I also spotted the red waring old fashioned-looking snow cone maker at a department store for about 70 bucks. It is the same size as this and looks extremely similar to this, except the color and the ice feed mechanism. Given the reviews on that model, which are very good, i’d still go with this for less than half the price. This pumps crushed ice out pretty quickly. I’d say enough for three snowcones in a minute or less. It is typical snow-cone consistency of very, very small ice chunks – not really shavings.

  • Best consumer snow cone maker out there
  • Wonderful Product!
  • The cutest snow cone maker!!
  • Amazing Little Machine!
  • Snow cones! Anytime I want!
  • Great for a Toddler’s Birthday

Nostalgia SCM502 Vintage Collection Snow Cone Maker & Shaved Ice Storage

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  • Stainless steel cutting blades
  • Approximate capacity: 20 8-ounce snow cones
  • Includes 2 8-ounce reusable plastic cones and ice scoop
  • Cone shelf holds 2 snow cones
  • Built-in safety switch
  • Convenient countertop model
  • BPA free

Excellent machine, easy to use, a+a+a+. I am truly shocked at how well this works. And by well i mean this thing makes shaved ice like a $250 machine. I read the reviews on several different models and did alot of research before buying since its such a pain to have to return things to any store. I am thrilled with the quality and ease. It uses a very small amount of ice to make alot of shaved and takes no effort or strength like some machines and is easy enough for my 8 yr old to use. Just fyi it did not come with any kind of syrup but i bought a multi flavor kit separately and still it is an excellent value.

 so good i actually rented it out once. Just don’t overload it with ice and don’t drop the top, mine cracked. Makes enough ice for 3 snow cones every batch, each batch takes about 30 seconds.

You could probably get softer ice with your blender but it’s fun looking and the kids enjoyed it. Cute machine but grainy chunky icethe styling is very cute but don’t expect “snowcone” type ice. It produces very chunky grainy ice. You could probably get softer ice with your blender but it’s fun looking and the kids enjoyed it.

Perfect for my 12 year old to do herself. My 12 year old saved up her own money and bought this snow cone maker. She read the instructions, left out a little bowl of icecubes to let them become transparent and a little watery, and got right to work. The snow cones were darling right off the bat. It was super easy for her to usei ordered hawaiian shaved ice 10 flavor pack of snow cone syrup, 10 pints for her to flavor them. And i ordered tablecraft h35bk free flow pourers, black, 12-pack to help her keep it all tidy. The only downside is that it’s loud. I haven’t found a snow cone maker where people say it’s quiet, though.

This snow cone maker is fantastic. I’ve had it for about 7 months now and it works perfectly. Neighborhood children love it and think of it as “magic maker”. I would recommend this to anybody who is a “snow” lover :).

A pretty good value for the money. . My 11 year old got this for her birthday, and it works surprisingly well. We’ve tried things like this in the past that never really worked too well (i remember the snoopy sno cone maker when i was a kid – it was a piece of junk) this one works well, is easy to use and it also looks really cute with he old fashioned design. For now, she is using it frequently but i’m sure the newness will wear off. But she is offering to make us snow cones every day, which is pretty nice in 80 degree weather.

Pros:makes great shaved icequicknot as flimsy as it appears, has held up to being moved around and even dropped oncelight weightdoesn’t take up a lot of counter space, no more than a four slice toaster anywayeasily operated by kidsway cute lookingcons:loud. That’s kind of to be expected i suppose, but its not something you can run without alerting the whole house. The little snow cone holding tray is as flimsy as it appears and we just finally removed it. The power cord is really short. Included scoop is too smalli’m only removing one star for the cons because the price is pretty great and it simply does what it is intended to do – makes great snow cones quickly. I’d recommend using a scoop with square edges so you can get at the ice in all the corners. Tip: we tried some of the snow cone flavors here on amazon and from costco and they’re pretty good but we liked best making our own. Two cups sugar, one cup water and one packet of any flavor kool-aid – bring the sugar and water to a boil in a saucepan and let boil 1-2 minutes, remove from heat and stir in the kool-aid.

This is a fantastic deal for such a great snow cone maker. . Just got this day before yesterday, got it mainly for fun with all the kids in the neighborhood and for birthday parties. We used it last night because we just couldn’t wait and we love it. Granted we have only used it once but it worked like a charm. Left the ice out for a few minutes to soften it up because if was pretty big chunks and it shaved 5-6 snow cones in less than 3 minutes. My 3 almost 4 year old has the first birthday, its next month, and she is very excited to use this for her frozen birthday. This is well worth the price we paid. Its so easy to use, makes great snow cone slush and makes enough for a bunch of kids without having to spend a lot of time and energy cranking them out. If you are considering this i would say just go for it, the price and the ease cant be beat for the amount of treats this makes.

I recieved this for my birthday and i love it. About 10 cubes makes two cones. Mine came with the little plastic cups. This is also good if you want to add ice to your drink. Sometimes if it stops shaving unplug it then take a paper towel and wipe where the ice shavings come out then plug back in and have at it. Sometimes the cold from the ice can make the blades freeze alittle thats why you sometimes have to wipe them off. You have to have the lid on and turned to the left for it to work so safe to use. Dosent seem like any rinky dink toy does real good job. Not supposed to use more then five minutes at a time though so you dont burn up the motor.

I bought this for my 10 year old daughter. She has already made our family numerous snow cones. We use regular ice from our freezer and it works perfectly in the machine. In just a couple of minutes there is enough ‘snow’ for at least five cones. Would recommend this product to anyone. Amazon sold this cheaper than anywhere else i looked online.

I bought this for one of my boys for christmas and it was quickly assumed by the whole family (of six) we use it almost every night for last four months and have had no problems. It quickly & continuously makes enough for 6 people within minutes.

Makes ice chips, not snowy ice. Grinding ice very quick which is great for a lot of kids in the party, but the ice is big (more like ice chips), not shaved ice like you have in hawaii. If you are looking for shaved iced kind ice, buy the electric shaved ice machine by hawaiian shaved ice #s900a by hawaiian shaved ice. That one will give you much soft and smooth snowy ice.

I am really impressed with this machine. I don’t forget making use of a hand crank product when i was a little one and it was terrible and never labored. This is actually pretty massive, throw in some bagged ice, plug it in, and in just a couple of minutes you have more than enough ice for 4-five cones. I just wish it arrived with the syrup and cups, terrific item. I made about 10 cones in less than 10 minutes for a team of thirsty boys. I want i experienced just one of these when i was a kid.

Even pondering about a cup of ice makes my mouth h2o. So i bought this hoping to give my tooth a little crack. It will not build shaved ice. So if you’re seeking for that tender, melt-in-your-mouth shavings of pure perfection, you will need to glance at a greater-priced equipment. But this is great for my wants. It produces snow-like ice which is fantastic for my tooth and ideal for the youngsters when adding taste.

Fantastic for a toddler’s birthday. As a specific treat for my son’s third birthday carnival, and mainly because it was reasonably priced, i bought this snow cone device as a different snack for friends, but not only that, it truly is bought the quaint nostalgic appear to it which is so appealing to vintage me. I experienced high hopes for this unit centered on other opinions each on amazon and other websites, and i am joyful to report it did not disappoint me. As you can see in my image, it truly is a great sized device. At the height of jogging it, i feel we managed six or more snow cones, and that did not even fill the chamber but was just for the reason that i failed to want the ice to melt just before all the attendees ended up prepared to get pleasure from it. You could surely fill it with way a lot more shaved ice if you’re entertaining masses of people at the minute. Do not let the shaved ice sit very long for the reason that it melts so a lot speedier than full cubes, and you may be left with a fish tank–that is not definitely a failure of the device, but it is far more tactic than everything else. You twist the lid off the major of the equipment to discover the grinder for the cubes of ice. As a security evaluate, the grinder can only be operated if the lid is on and locked. Filling the very little ‘fan blades’ with numerous cubes of ice maker ice or chips from a retail store acquired bag yields about two snow cones worth of ice (considerably less if you pack it limited with a wonderful ball scoop).

When my son initially explained he desired sno cones at fifth birthday social gathering, i imagined, ‘oh, great’. We have a very little hand crank toy/equipment that basically works rather effectively for what it is, but it requires so long to even make one particular cone. So, i appeared into leasing a machine. I could have rented an industrial-sized sno cone maker (the sort you see at fairs) domestically for $40, but i would have had to select it up and return it through enterprise hours and still get all my personal provides, together with syrups from them in gallon quantities. But, i was pondering, i would do it anyway simply because it was my son’s only birthday ask for aside from a environmentally friendly lantern cake. But, then i bought on amazon and uncovered that we could have this perfectly-reviewed machine for significantly less than the expense to lease it.We served at minimum twenty substantial sno cones in the similar variety of minutes.

I have had this device for two years, you can make enough ice to make about ten-12 snow cones in about 5 minutes. It draws each individual kid in the community to our property. Simple to use, uncomplicated to thoroughly clean up.

Truly excellent snow cone equipment. My 6 12 months outdated desired a snow cone machine for xmas and i was wary of obtaining her the traditional snoopy snow cone maker since of the inadequate high-quality and problems of that unit. I searched and noticed this one – it can be so lovable and i appreciate the nostalgia of it. The critiques stated that it labored quite well so i determined to give it a try out. My daughter cherished it when she saw it, and it is easy sufficient for her to do it herself (with supervision of study course). The blades operate perfectly and fast, and the quality and relieve of the ice it will make is wonderful. The ice storage is chilled so that the ice does not soften quick. It truly is small more than enough to maintain on your counter if you would like. The doorway is huge enough to conveniently get the ice, and it will come with two cone holders and a scoop. The only concern i have is the placement of the twine – it can be at the best just above the doorway so that it from time to time drops down and receives in the way of the door. It is not a major problem though, and for the selling price and the good quality of this equipment it really is almost nothing i am way too concerned about. This was a really fantastic acquire and i would propose it.