Ninja Professional Blender : Great blender upgrade

I bought this blender with mixed feelings since i had read some great reviews, and on the flip-side, i also read a few reviews that were not so flattering. I use this blender several times every day to make smoothie/protein drinks made with frozen fruit and protein powder. Reading some reviews saying that it did not blend to a smooth consistency, i have to say that it does a perfect job of blending my drinks completely, even with the frozen fruit or ice added. No chunks of frozen stuff, or un-blended powder mix to contend with. There are a few slight drawbacks to deal with, one being that you cannot take the lid off to add extra ingredients while the blender is running. Also, blending knives assembly is sharp and pointed, so it takes some extra caution when washing the blades. But, i have to say that it is definitely worth the small inconveniences since it does such a great job.

Don’t let the negative reviews fool you. If you average joe consumer – like most of us here on amazon and looking for a superb blender look no further. Trust me i thought of buying another el-cheapo blender to get by. Heck you can buy 3 for the price of this ninja but i tell you what you will inevitably be replacing those cheapo’s within a year but not the ninja. What i love: the top fits snugly and with the locking / clamp top it will never fly over from blending / vibration. The canister actually clicks / locks onto the base providing a solid connection to the motor assembly (no more stripped out gears). The blades are extremely sharp and this thing destroys everything i’ve put in it. The unit doesn’t walk all over the countertop when its on. It’s also much quieter than my last blender. The corner of the top flips up making it easy to pour.

Great engine, bad blending. . Do not put this in the dishwasher, it will warp, mine did. Overall, this blender has a lot of engine power which is great for blending think things like hummus, smoothies and batters, but it does not grind things to a fine pulp. When i make green smoothies in it, no matter how long i blend, the spinach and kale are never fully ground and incorporated, which means green flecks in my teeth for the day. It’s a good blender, better than most, but if you are seeking quality, get a blendtec. I miss mine and wish i still had it over this one.

The three levels of cutting blades is a great innovation. The 1,000 watt motor and 2 litter capacity are by far the best at this price point. I use it to make fruit smoothies and it has done a great job, mixing to a creamy consistency. It pours well and is easy to clean. The controls are flush and can be easily wiped clean. You don’t have to remove or install a rubber gasket. It is clearly a better design than conventional blenders. I had some initial concern about the durability of the many moving plastic parts on the lid, but after 30 days of constant use, everything has held up well.

  • don’t let the negative reviews fool you
  • Huge upgrade from $30 Blenders-but watch out!
  • Good for most things, did not excel at seeds in smoothies
  • Far above all other blenders
  • It works more like a really good food processor
  • OK value. Not great, not terrible.

Ninja Professional Blender (BL660)

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  • 1100 Watts Professional Performance Power
  • Total Crushing Technology crushes ice, whole fruits and vegetables in seconds!
  • XL 72oz. capacity to create drinks for the whole family!
  • (2) Professional Nutri Ninja cups with To Go Lids for nutrient-rich juices on the go
  • BPA Free and Dishwasher Safe
  • 1100 Watts of Professional Performance Power
  • XL 72 oz. Capacity to Create Drinks for the Whole Family
  • 2 Professional Nutri Ninja Cups for Nutrient and Vitamin Extraction
  • Frozen Blending for Creamy, Fruit Smoothies
  • BPA Free and Dishwasher Safe

I love my old ninja which i still use for smaller jobs. I love this one for smoothies.Only thing i would recommend is to wash by hand. The heat from my dishwasher piut a crack in the handle. Other than that i love this blender.

So glad i didn’t spend the extra dough on a blendtec or vitamix. This thing kicks serious butt. When i got this, it had an assortment of random nonsense along with ice in it within 8 seconds of being out of the box. I had the motor turning before even thinking. Thank god for the suction cup feet because i was not ready for what was about to happen. In the time i could process a single thought such as (damn this thing rules) my drink was ready. Nothing fancy with this here. It just works and does it well.

I just got this yesterday and used it this morning to make my signature green smoothie: baby spinach, banana, pineapple and mango. I keep reading other reviews that say smoothies come out pulpy. I put everything in, pulsed a couple a times, then set it on 3 for a few minutes. I have never made a smoothie this. I only bought this because my cheap black & decker broke after 6 months. I don’t know why i waited so longthe blender is easy to operate and easy to clean.

The exact blender i ordered a few months ago isn’t appearing anywhere on the page, but hitting “write a product review” from my past orders took me here. I also got a bonus spatula with my order. My wife uses this blender almost every single day for our smoothies and overall we’re pretty happy, but there were some major drawbacks. + blender will not turn on unless everything is in the correct position and lid is securely closed+ makes excellent, perfectly blended sauces (my wife makes a delicious cilantro cream sauce)+ smoothies are also excellent, but with one major caveat: if you’re using frozen berries, microwave or defrost them first+ dishwasher safe (the blade is removable on our model, so we can stick everything in there)- blade can just fall out and cut you if you don’t remove before serving- doesn’t blend anything frozen well- not a very smooth consistency (unless it’s a creamy sauce).

Bought this as a gift for a friend who wanted to start a green smoothie program for health. They and i could not afford a preferred vit-mix blender and this was the best second choice. Working well so far-not as powerful as a vita-mix blender but does the job to get the friend started.

Wife really loves this blender. Got this for my wife for christmas. She’s had other lower end ones from the big box stores. They either all died or didn’t work right. She makes a lot of her own seasoning stuff and what not in the kitchen. So far she says its the best blender she’s ever had. She made smoothies for us the other night which were great.

This is just a quality blender that i love. I purchased it because consumer reports gave it a high rating so i went with what they had to say. What i like about it is that it is very sturdy and solid when blending. It is all dish washer friendly and i’ve been enjoying it very much. I like how it doesn’t give me 4,000 useless options and just has it simplified to what my needs are. My boyfriend and i like to make shakes and iced coffee, so our experience with the blender is largely from that.

I use it for everything from smoothies to batter to crumbs and crushing ice. Love the design and how easy it is to clean. Also the material seems to be odor proof. I’ve stuck so many smelly things in there including greasy soup to onions and nothing stains or absorbs smells.

I am very please with this blender. . I went through at least 5 blenders, each one with its on horror stories. Stay away from waring anything, terrible customer service. This blender is quiet, effective and has a rather smart look to it. Easy to use, understand and clean. I only crush ice with this blender and it does that big time. The blender does not strain to perform. The blender itself appeared to be new, it also smelled new. I did notice two very small marks here and there, nothing terrible, very minor, you have to look real hard to find the two marks. One on the bottom of the base and the other on the container itself.

Only two places it could improve:1-a more positive seal at the pour spout. It leaks when filled with water and a drop of soap for cleaning. 2-little seeds like what you get in blackberries aren’t chewed up at all, but that’s not a big deal.

Far above all other blenders. I got this item to replace my old blender that i purchased at wal-mart. My main purpose for blending is for smoothies in the morning (yogurt, greens and berries) and for making salad dressing or other cooking liquids. First off, you’ll notice that the blades in this blender run all the way up the middle of the unit. I scratched the side of the pitcher the very first time i took them out just trying to clean the unit. The blades also just “sit” into the unit, being secured by the lid before the blending can start (and it will tell you if the lid or the pitcher unit are not on correctly). This thing shreds through anything you’ll give it. Frozen berries, whole cups of greens at a time, or even lots of ice. Once things get to be cut up though, i’ve found that the blender has a hard time really “blending” though. For instance, it’s great at chopping up berries and greens for a smoothie, but sometimes the smoothies come out very thick, and still with big pieces of greens that haven’t been cut, even after leaving the blender on for 45 – 60 seconds. With a blender this powerful, i don’t think that should be necessary. Also, this blender will sometimes become much louder in the middle of the blending process, and the first few times i thought something was wrong, or that the blender was having issues and was going to break. I’m still not sure what the issue is, because it does not do it every time it’s blending, and the time period for when it starts to become so much louder varies every time it happens. Lastly, the two smaller travel-sized blender cups are very nice and convenient.

It works more like a really good food processor. It works more like a really good food processor. Instead of getting a smoothy you get a little chunky shake. I’ve been mixing kale, broccoli, bussle sprouts, berry’s, fruit and bannanas. I didn’t want to spend the money on the vitamixer. This does work just be prepared for little chunks in it. I’ve been using it everyday and it personally doesn’t bother me.

You could commit morebut why?. I don’t know why some of he testimonials say that it won’t mix to a smooth consistency. So significantly, anything operates just as i predicted. It will very easily blend delicate items, but i desired some thing that will manage frozen fruits and ice, and this does. It truly is wonderful for sorbets, ice product, smoothies, gazpacho, and just about just about anything else i will ever need a blender to do. Indeed, the blades are very hazardous that’s what can make them function so properly. The point that the six-blade unit pulls out simply so it can be set apart although pouring and cleaning is a in addition i you should not even try to thoroughly clean the blades exterior of the canister pitcher. Pulsing heat water with a drop or two of dishwasher liquid will do just great for the blades, then set them aside and cleanse the relaxation of the pitcher as standard. When dry, reassemble and you’re all set to use it once more.

This ninja assassinates the $#% out of my frozen fruit. . Picked this up to substitute a damaged-down, unhappy, magic bullet that has been pretending to be a actual blender in my kitchen area for a couple of decades now. With 3 children, our smoothie intake has quickly exceeded the recommended highest for the magic bullet, so we desired to up grade. Individuals frozen strawberries hardly ever stood a opportunity from this blender’s 3 whirling blades of doom. Precise ninjas can only carry two blades, so we are already profitable just before you even plug it in. The high-potential seventy two ounce xl pitcher with pour spout seemingly manages additional smoothie than my full relatives can guzzle during the working day. Reward, the blades can be removed to act as some form of brutal ninja cudgel, ought to property defense (or i guess effortless cleaning) at any time be a concern for you.

Not stealthy like a ninja — it is pretty loud — but it blends ice properly and results in good smoothies. A ninja, on a mission that necessitates he get in and out immediately and quietly from the imperial palace with its 10 thousand guards, enters softly into the darkened chambers of his sworn enemy. He gradually attracts his blade, strategies his focus on and. Starts screaming at the prime of his lungs. He receives the occupation carried out, but wakes every person else in the palace ahead of he’s as a result of. That is how i experience about the ninja blender. It is really rapid, productive, professional. Possibly that’s considerably inescapable, but i’ve made use of quieter blenders, and i envisioned distinctive from a blender named immediately after assassins recognized for their stealth. Apart from that, nevertheless, it operates great.

I had an previous blender that my mother gave me, and i assumed it would get the job done properly, provided that it was new in the box and experienced under no circumstances been applied just before. Evidently, she experienced been hoarding that detail for a long time and did, without a doubt, never open it, but it had gotten so previous that it was no for a longer period good for use. Since i started out to mix a little something and it started off smoking cigarettes from the bottom. I promptly shut it off and threw it absent. I experienced no blender, and no way to make our early morning fruit smoothies. I took to amazon to obtain a replacement blender, and i was drawn to the ninja blenders. I was subconsciously properly trained for years via random, passing infomercials to think that they ended up the most astounding, need to-have resources in the kitchen area. The price tag tag was certainly a little bit of a disadvantage for me, but i told myself, ‘spend a minor added now and use it for a extended time, as a substitute of purchasing a affordable, crappy a single and possessing to substitute it soon. ‘oh my goodness, i am so glad i did. When we obtained this detail, i was to start with taken back again by how slick and modern day it appears – undoubtedly a significant upgrade from the cigarette smoking dying entice of a blender i had prior to.

Very good for most items, did not excel at seeds in smoothies. I just bought rid of this and purchased a blendtec as a substitute right now. I am sick of chewing my kale and owning raspberry and chia seeds caught in my enamel. Earning nut butter in this does not seem probable. Its way much better than a low-priced blender, thats for guaranteed. I just choose to have a significant quality smoothie in 30 seconds, i’m so needy i know. If you never use challenging substances this will be wonderful. I personally have had to chew any smoothie with thicker substances.

Enormous upgrade from $thirty blenders-but check out out. Had some hesitancy in obtaining this merchandise soon after studying the blended amazon opinions. But following my oster $30 blender at last kicked the bucket and in need for my everyday smoothie, i made a decision to purchase the ninja. Even though some evaluations complained at how noisy it is, i was pleasantly amazed at how a great deal quieter it was in excess of the oster (possibly forty% reduction). In conditions of blending, wow, no comparison what so at any time to the oster. Whilst the oster definitely struggled to mix frozen fruit, floor flax seed, greek yogurt, and some v-eight juice, the ninja blended it without having any energy in only a few pulses (and i actually do not understand how some reviewers faulted the ninja for not blending smoothies completely). The ninja is an remarkable piece of engineering that is the epitome of considerate purchaser structure. The equipment is hefty, the pitcher produced of high-quality and resilient polycarbonate, and i expect this blender to very last way past the two to 3 several years i get out of a regular $thirty blender. I haven’t crushed ice yet for margaritas, but i be expecting it will tackle that task specified how potent the motor is and the sharpness (and range of blades). But, as some others have warned, the blades are unbelievably sharp.