Ninja Mega Kitchen System : Good value so far

I generally like to think of my ninja blender as being two. I generally like to think of my ninja blender as being two things: loud and deadly. The ninja blender is hardly quiet, but as far as the other goes, if “deadly” means “ridiculously effective” in blender-lingo, the ninja definitely deserves that name. When i was in search of a blender, the ninja was a consistent top performer and competed well with other higher end blendersi own the ninja kitchen system, which retails for $159. The unit comes with so many accessories i was shocked. For example, it comes with the standard, 72-ounce pitcher as well as a 40-ounce “processing bowl,” which is identical to the main pitcher, only smaller. It also comes with a blade for each, as well as whisk, and a few other attachments. My ninja is a great blender and i’ve never had a problem. As i review this product, there are three bases that i will cover, design and features, usability, and performance. Design and featureswith 1,500 watts, 2.

Disappointing in that chunks of food are still visible when. Disappointing in that chunks of food are still visible when pouring after running on the highest settings. My husband has difficulty swallowing and i bought this so i would not have to strain his smoothies anymore, but that is not the case. Very loud when in use, and it does take up a lot of counter space, both horizontally and vertically. I have only place to keep so i can open my cupboard doors.

Great systemgreat smoothies. Awesome system, and about the same cost as the smaller package. We gave been using this for 2-3 smoothies (with ice) per day and some clean ice cream too. I am hoping to use this as a food processor soon.

Originally i was going to just by the ninja personal blender. But decided i could condense the number of kitchen appliances i own. The blender, personal blender and food processor are all awesome. It is a bit louder but i guess you’re just going to get that with a ore powerful motor.

  • Outstanding, powerful blender and food processor
  • Ninja Mega Kitched System – Excellent Offering
  • Great new kitchen addition
  • I think you could use this thing as a cement
  • Extraordinary multi-function kitchen tool
  • All Your Kitchen Wishes Come True

Ninja Mega Kitchen System (BL773CO)

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  • 1500 Watt/2 Horsepower professional kitchen system
  • XL Total Crushing Blender crushes ice and frozen fruit in seconds
  • 8-Cup Food Processor Bowl with Feed Chute Lid allows you to make 2 lbs. of dough in 30 seconds
  • Reversible Slicing/Shredding Disc & Grating Disc for perfect, even results
  • (3) 16boz. Nutri Ninja Cups for nutrient-rich drinks on the go

Shop prices before you buy. . Feeling a little bit ripped off when my friend bought the exact one at costco for 169. She unpacked the one from amazon so it is the exact same thing. It is a good machine i have and i have not used everything on it yet. Good smoothies had a little problem with frozen oranges not quite blending enough. Maybe i did not have enough liquid in the machine.

I am anew owner and couldn’t beore pleased i write because i have seen criticism of this unit unfairly complaining of sharp blades. You bet they are sharp, and strong too. If you are not bright enough to keep your skin away from sharps, then i would prefer not to see an evaluation from you. This is a strong unit, getting at the blades while moving would take some re-engineering. Meanwhile, those who can read, can chop, smooth, mix dough, make kale blends to your hearts content. I am skeptical that there is s better for the price.

I think you could use this thing as a cement. I think you could use this thing as a cement mixer. We have thrown everything at this mixer. Nothing seems to slow it down, not even mixing dough.

I am very pleased with the food processor with the shredding. I had a blender food processor combination and it finally quit. I search for a system that had the same combination. I am very pleased with the food processor with the shredding, slicing and grating blades. I love the single cups for making shakes instead of using the blender. It also has many safety features that my older one didn’t.

A great start to a healthier lifestyle. I have been using my ninja mega kitchen system for about a month or so. It definitely works much better that my prior magic bullet and older blender. I have made many smooties on it so far. My main reason for buying this was for the smootie making. I needed a machine that had enough power to liquify the fruits and break up the seeds. Although this machine does do a much better job than the magic bullet i still need to strain my drinks at times especially when i included blackberries in the mix. It helps to blend for a longer while when you have extra seedy fruits. I gave this product a 4 rating because it is extremely loud.

All your kitchen wishes come true. This kitchen blender set is super easy to use. The blades are super sharp and it’s very powerful. It’s not commercial of course, but it’s all you really need for home use. I have used it to make cauliflower fried rice. I used the smaller blender cup to mince, rough chop garlic. The prepping and cleaning took about 5 minutes. Extremely easy to clean too. Highly recommended if you are looking for a blender, with the bonus of a food processor, dough mixer and “nutribullet” all in one combo.

Outstanding, powerful blender and food processor. I have owned 4 other blenders in my life, and one other food processor. The ninja mega kitchen system is easily the best that i have used. Power – the base contains a very powerful motor, certainly the strongest motor of all the blenders i have used prior. Cleaning – instead of screwing everything together at the bottom of the jar, the ninja approach is to simply drop the blade down into the jar, where it engages the drive mechanism. Instead of complete dismantling to clean, just pull the blade out of the jar and clean separately. Watch those blades, though – they are very sharp, as i learned the hard way. Blending – all of my previous blenders had a small blade at the bottom of the jar. Not very efficient at blending. The ninja blade is a tube with several blades going up the length of the jar.

Mixes great, just like the blender. I just got my ninja mega kitchen system. My 25 year old cuisinart is still going strong but i was losing a lot of counter space to the food processor, the kitchenaid mixer (also 25 years), toaster oven, etc. I also had the ninja blender. Pros:mixes great, just like the blender. A very sturdy piece of equipment. Family loves the smoothie cups and they replace the bullet which was more junk falling out of cupboards and taking up space. Cons:this thing takes up just as much space as everything i’m trying to replace. The 25 year old cuisinart has a great feeder tube that lets me put in more than 1/4 head of lettuce at a time for shredding.

I’ve used it for smoothies almost daily and processing vegetables for relish and tomato sauce. The blade dices up potatoes in a second for perfect fried potatoes (in coconut oil). I am very happy with this product. Hopefully we’ll share many years together.

I don’t cook much but got this for my housemates who all love it. I’ve never seen people get so excited over a blender before. This thing is a beast and really makes you wonder if it has a limit. I bet there are probably videos on youtube somewhere of people putting absurd stuff in there like bones or tree branches/etc. I’m guessing that if you want to grind up a bunch of rocks to make yourself a shake fit for an action hero that you might be out of luck -but for most “normal” applications this thing is unstoppable.

My ninja mega kitchen system is probably the most exciting thing i’ve ever owned. The food processor has a soft blade for making dough, sharp blades for chopping and dicing food, attachable plates for different types of grating or slicing. The blender is perfect when i’m making large amounts of smoothies or drinks (and sometimes i use it for food processing as well). The nutri ninja is getting the most use so far. I make a smoothie every morning for breakfast, and it only take a few minutes. It even self-cleans if you put in a drop of dish soap, add water, and pulse for a few seconds on the base. I just wish the machine wasn’t so loud. I feel bad for my neighbors, so i try not to use it before 8am.

Works as expected for now, just a little smell to it. . It seems to do all the work you want it to when just simply blending. The only concern is sometimes i smell an odd odor when running the blender longer than a minute or two when using the crush and then the blend features. Not sure if that is normal, but so far it is doing what i need.

I’m incredibly picky with blenders and meals processors and did a large amount of analysis. I had a kitchenaid food items processor and blender that price me about $500 each. They lasted 10 many years and labored excellent. three moths ago, both equally the pitcher and the bowl cracked. Replacements were around $one hundred so i wished to try out something new, more compact and lighter. I tried out other ‘combos’ but i did not like them. I have been employing this ninja for over a month now every single one working day and i could not be happier. I make shakes for my son and me.

Good blender and components. Does almost everything it can be created to do. Was a bit skeptical since of comparison films and blogs compared to blend tec and nutrix blenders. Granted people blenders loop to be built a minor sturdier and could final a minor lengthier. But the added value and deficiency of more components the ninja gives is not really worth it in my ebook. It does the work, and it does it perfectly.

Replaced my nutribullet with the ninja. I was disappointed with my nutribullet because factors like ice and frozen fruit would jam it up constantly. Also, it would usually leak and there was no way to clean the gizmo it was leaking into. That had to have been a bacterial nightmare. I you should not believe in everything that i can’t clean up extensively. I discovered this ninja gem at cosco for much significantly less than marketed below. A vitamix demo was heading in at the time – it was $four hundred and you could not clean up almost everything, very similar to the nutribullet. I decided on the ninja system. I haven’t used the food stuff processor attachments but the blending attachments are outstanding – both of those the one particular on the massive blender and the tiny a person that you in shape on to the more compact smoothie cups. Magnificent electric power and blends the hell out any frozen product you treatment to introduce – berries, ice, and many others.

Very good system beneath $200 too loud for residences. I purchased this merchandise for $a hundred seventy five and at that price it is a excellent offer. It will come with a ton of attachments that are simple to use and cleanse. The blades are sharp and specific ample to sufficiently mix nuts or beans, even though most seeds are almost certainly far too tiny for it to manage. The only disadvantages are the lids on the single provide cups has a forever open up ‘mouth’ and are thus not spill evidence, when working with the single provide blending purpose you have to manually keep the button down so no established-it-and-forget-it below, and this matter is loud. The loudest blender i have at any time read outdoors of a overall health foodstuff keep. Not a large deal for a one-household dwelling, but certainly not ideal if you have roommates or are living in an connected condominium.

Amazing multi-operate kitchen tool. I bought this about a 7 days back, and i’ve utilized it continuously. I obtained this since my cuisinart foods processor eventually died. I have minimal counter space, so i was intrigued by a merchandise that could provide the two as a blender and as a foods processor and finally as a mini-prep. The advantage of getting this one particular motor operate all a few tools is considerable. I find myself using it a good deal a lot more now that i don’t have to haul an entire food items processor out for uncomplicated employment. The motor on this is incredibly powerful. I’ve built a lot of smoothies that pulverize even green leafy greens and celery entirely and smoothly. I have created peanut butter by merely emptying a pound of raw peanuts into the blender 3 minutes latter i had pure, organic and natural peanut butter without the need of any additives.

Time to drink your fruits and veggies. Immediately after the cancer scare then the dwelling with cancer, i decided it was time to drink far more fruits and veggies. This blender handles all mixing with out any trouble. Ice and frozen fruits are produced into beverages with no any challenge.