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My favorite and only thing i keep out. Love it so much this was my second one.

I was skeptical about trying a non-glass product as a slow cooker but to my surprise, the ninja works great. My latest creation was a lasagna. The unlike a crock pot, the ninja allowed me to brown the meat and saute the vegetables on ‘stove top’ mode before adding the pasta and sauce in ‘slow cooker’ mode. The dish turned out to be great and there was no dried or burned residue. I can’t wait experiment with more dishes. The product was easy to use and easy to clean.

A lot less clean up and the recipes are great. This is now my favorite kitchen appliance.

I’ve used the slow cook and stove top features already, but not the bake feature. I love it so far, but the item i wish it had is a locking lid. I bought this for my motorhome and i like the fact that it can take the place of a stove top skillet for bacon and sausage. Because it’s deep, there is less splatter. When i need to brown something (like meat) for the slow cook feature, i can do it right in the ninja then turn the dial to slow cook without an extra pan. The other thing that i would change is the length of the cord. Overall, i don’t think i’ll regret investing in it. I got a really good price on amazon.

I purchased it for my daughter and she is over-the-top delighted with this crockpot. She does a lot of volunteer work and has lots of family celebrations so this has already made her life simpler. Her biggest thrill is the ability to entirely cook spaghetti without any additional pots.

Perfect crock-pot for whatever you want to cook. I use it for chili and pot-roast. Cooks every meal to perfection.

  • 41/2 STARS
  • Amazing Product
  • luv our Ninja 3 in 1 buy 🙂

Very versatile, easy to clean.

I love the product, but i wished there had been more recipes included with the purchase. I have used my product three times and the meals have been great.

Pros: i bought this 3 months ago and use it constantly. Spaghetti sauce, chili, soup, as well as crockpot recipes. The baking feature hasn’t been as successful it bakes too quickly. It will take me some time to figure out how to adjust recipes to the ninja. Cons: in stovetop mode on high it will shut its self off for no apparent reason. I wish the arrow indicator on the knob was more clear. I have trouble figure out where it is pointing.

Great item have already used it works great set the timer and forget it will eked food items warm until you are ready to eat.

Best money ive spent my daughter loves it.

Features of Ninja 3-in-1 Cooking System

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  • Triple Fusion Heat for faster, juicier and more flavorful cooking
  • Oven Function: 250°-425° with steam infused Roasting & Baking
  • Built-in Stovetop: Low, Med, High
  • Slow Cooker: Low, High, Buffet w/auto keep warm
  • Professional non-stick pot – holds up to 6lb chicken / 4lb roast

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

First off, let me start by stating that i am not a cook. I am trying to teach myself. The device is a good slow cooker. When i look at the recipe book, the chicken and meats look so great and mine kinda come out looking like blah. It taste great, but visually it looks like steamed food. And let’s face it, steamed meat is not that attractive. So, i will say i like the device and it is sexy looking. If i had more skills and more experience, it might say it was great.

It is the best cooking appliance ever. I have one and so do my daughters and granddaughters bought one for a friend who had no kitchen. She used it everyday to stir fry roast or bake. The cookbook recipes excellent also.

Does far more than a crock pot.

At first i thought this is too good to be true until i got to use it. I don’t like to spend much time in the kichen cooking or cleaning and this makes my life so much easier. I can still eat healthy and not waste a whole day i the kitchen. I think every kitchen should have a ninja 3 in 1. It washer was easily because of the nice material it’s made of.

I bought this for my daughter for her birthday and she loves it.

These are really nice crockpots with so many nice features, well worth the money. This is the second one i have given them as gifts and both times they were very pleased and use them all the time.

Triple Fusion Heat for faster, juicier and more flavorful cooking

It is easy to use and the food tastes wonderful. When you use the steam cooking for your meats you get the moistest meats and so tender, especially if you infuse broth, wine etc. I have baked cheese cakes as well as regular cakes in it that come out so moist. Made the 25minute meals where you just layer everything at once and cook. I rarely use my oven anymore. It is durable,and easy to clean. Wonderful for one person, two or a small family.

This is the best item i have bought in a long time. I enjoy it so much, & i use it to make all my dishes. The cooking time is less, theflavor is tasty, & i never overcook any meals including my vegetables. This purchase have gotten me a lot of complements, i sayto you thanks.

I purchased one for each of my daughters at christmas, and both called me to tell me that they were using nothing else to cook but it. That made me buy one for myself and indeed i am also thrilled with it. From roasting to steaming to slow cooking the recipes are limitless. I would recommend it an absolute need for all homes.

This is the 2nd ninja i have had the first one was ‘cooked to death’. I have an electric stove when i received my fist ninja as a present i wasn’t very happy with my gift but once i used it i fell in love. Using the ninja daily dropped my electric bill by over $70. It paid for itself the first month of using it. Amazon was amazing the ninja came 2 days early and exactly as advertised.

Wife loves it ,i think she’s going to wear it out .

The ‘ninja 3 in 1 cooking system’ is awesome. It makes cooking so much more enjoyable and easy not have to use multiple pots/pans to get a meal going.

Oven Function: 250°-425° with steam infused Roasting & Baking

I bought this for my wife and just loves all the things she can do with this cooker. Ninja is a high quality cooker.

I really love how the ninja does all the different features, liked how the babyback ribs came out fell off the bone.

It’s greathave cooked 4 meals in it every meal turned out greati used some of my own recipes with some modifications. The cooker worked out fantastic.

The product lives up to everything it says. The look of it is awesome too. It was a christmas present and when it was delivered it was just in its box not packaged at all—-so lets say it wasn’t a surprise.

What makes it different from other slow cookers is that it has a cooktop feature. You turn it on stovetop (high or low) and you can sear meats, sauté onions and garlic of whatever you need right in the same pot. Then place your other ingredients in the pot and turn it to slow cooker. The built in timer is fabulous and when the time is up it shifts to warm keeping your meal ever ready. The lid is hot as are the handles on the pot so you do need a hot pad to handle it once its heated. But the best feature for me is one that they don’t even claim as a feature, but its great and here is how it works. Do you ever have to take the lid off the crockpot and end up increasing the cook time?. If fact, even ninja directions tells you so. When i have to take the lid off, i then put the lid back on and turn it to stovetop high. As soon as i hear it boil, i go back to crockpot and reset the timer. I have not had to add cooking time for adding ingredients or stirring since i got this thing.

Really think everyone would use it.

I bought 2 as gifts and they love it. Ribs, chilli, corned beef and pot roast have been successful so far. Can’t wait to visit either brother and enjoy their next feasts.

Built-in Stovetop: Low, Med, High

Got this for the wife for christmas and she likes it and uses it alot since the holidays uses it for everything.

Awesome my hubby son n i luv to cook with it, made soo many meals with it at home and on the road at truck stops, we’ve made pizza, bread, cakes,soups stews, soup, brisket, pot roasts awesome.

I’ve even given as wedding presents.

I love having the ability to brown in the same container that i will be slow cooking in. It does not get hot enough to do brown quickly, but it has worked out for me because i prep the rest of the veggies while the meats get color. Make sure to pre-heat well before trying to brown a roast. I have used it 5 times and no complaints. I have enjoyed toe multi-levels of heat adjustment. I bought my mom one i loved mine so much.

I have only used the crockpot but temperature is even and nothing sticks.

Slow Cooker: Low, High, Buffet w/auto keep warm

I bought this for my daughter-in-law for her birthday. I have the same one myself and i love it.

Disappointed that there wasn’t a small cook book like you usually get.

I have made lots of different meals using all the features and i am extremely pleased. Some people have complained about searing. I have an electric stove and the ninja is slightly slower. If you want it to operate like gas it won’t but that’s just how electric is. I would definitely recommend this to a friend.

The best slow cooker i have ever used.

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