NewAir WAT40W water dispenser : It is easy to use and cuts down on the bottled water

This is an amazing water cooler and heater. I received this product at a discount in exchange for an honest and unbiased review and that’s what you’re going to get. I originally ordered this water cooler because my had just kicked the bucket. It took approximately 4-5 to arrive and when it did arrive the product was damaged in multiple spots. I called the company and they were very polite and understanding. That night they sent out a new unit free shipping and emailed a return label for the damaged unit. When the new unit arrived it was in perfect condition and as per the instructions i only had to let the unit rest for about 2 hours before plugging it in. The unit has a door on the bottom half of the cooler with a small handle to open it. When open, it has a large spot for any shape 5 gallon water jug to fit as well as the water pump/lid to fit onto the jug. The tube attached to the lid for pulling water was flexible and it fit in two different shaped jugs of mine.

Works great and easy to use.

I just moved into my new apartment and really wanted a water dispenser. This product is not only very convenient, but it saves a lot of money. I am no longer buying gallons and gallons of water for a buck each and no longer have to heat up my water in a kettle. The water dispenser came basically fully assembled and in perfect condition. All i had to do was attach my five gallon water jug and plug it in, and in no time i had cold or hot water at the press of a lever. I love the fact that the water jug is hidden underneath and behind a door, rather than sitting on top of it – it looks so much nicer and classier than the other ones i’ve seen. I love the black color – it looks very sleek and modern. The lever makes it so much more convenient than the other water dispensers i’ve owned that have buttons that you need to press in order to access the water, especially with the kid proof hot water button. If you are looking for a water dispenser to add to your home, office, etc, i highly recommend this one by newair. I was given the opportunity to try newair’s water dispenser at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

It is all i hoped it would be and more.

  • Great Unit!
  • It is summer so we haven’t used the hot water yet but we have tried it and it seems to work great. I love the bottom mount becau
  • Great Water Cooler!

NewAir WAT40W water dispenser, White

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  • Don’t worry about having to lift a heavy water bottle with this bottom loading design
  • Choose between refreshing cold or piping hot water outputs for cool drinks or heated beverages
  • Don’t spend excess money on electricity with this Energy Star approved water cooler
  • BPA Free and NSF Certified water dispenser provides only pure, clean water
  • Reliable, child safety lock prevents children from using the hot water so you can use it worry free

Since we have already owned this for several months now, i’ve actually come up with a couple of suggestions that i believe would make this already great water dispenser better. First: the water catcher should be at least twice as deep that is currently is. It would also help if the water catcher was 3″ – 5″ farther down thereby allowing larger containers to be easily filled ,etc. Second: while the bottom load dispenser is great, it’s still a little bit of a struggle for some elderly folks to push the full water bottles into the dispenser. This issue could be easily resolved by installing a small floating ball-bearing transfer floor. The type used in warehouses (especially the united states postal service) where they are required to manually separate types and sizes packages. By installing such a simple and effective transfe system, it would make it relatively easy for anyone to simply roll in a full bottle of water any time necessary. Otherwise, and despite my suggestions, this is still the best water dispenser we’ve ever purchased. With that being said, it still could be a little bit better.

Called the new air manufacturer and he was sooo helpful and courteous. Told me how to handle it and its been great ever since. I love companies that stand by their product like amazon does too.

Would have been five stars but arrived with the top door hinge broken. However, this is a very good dispenser, easy to understand directions, quiet, and no leaks as is common in reviews of many other dispensers. Very glad i purchased this model. One hint o buyers, do yourself a favor and buy two water bottles with handles, you will thank yourself in the future.

Have had this for a couple months now. Makes a little noise at dispensing but overall happy with purchase so far.

I just bought it but so far it’s excellent. Water temperature is just right for me. But the best feature is the easy installment and accessibility of water bottle at the bottom. No more lifting for me when changing the bottle.I’m only 5’2 so just imagine the ease of not over reaching just to change the bottle when i use to have the top loading kind. Alsox the machine on this one is quite enough. I’m still on the testing stage that’s why i gave it a four star. Might change my mind after 6 months.

I can’t believe how much this thing rocks. It comes in both black and white so you can choose the color that matches your kitchen. Before my kitchen remodel white would have been best, but since we have redone our cabinets and counter tops and are now replacing all of our appliances to black that’s what i went with. At first i was worried about how this little baby would look in my kitchen. But it couldn’t look any better. The water jug does not go on top like typical water dispensers. Instead, it is loaded underneath so you no one ever even realizes it’s therethe hot water is perfect for making hot chocolate, it definitely gets as hot as it says it does, which is 185 f. There is also a safety lock so you don’t have to worry about your children getting burned by the hot water side. This was a big concern for me since i have littles at home so i’m extremely happy about this feature. Plus, the cold water is super cold.

Easy to load, fast cooling, and sleek design. I’ve not had any leaking or issues until cold water just stopped dispensing after about 14 months. Likely needs a good cleaning. Haven’t stuck to the every 3 month schedule on that. We prefer this dispenser over any other option.

We used this for a couple months and it worked flawlessly. I love that it has a hot water safety so young kids don’t accidentally hurt themselves. We only have three people that live in our household. After a couple of months, we decided to give the water dispenser to my parents. My dad went through chemo and everything felt like a big effort, but he really wanted to do things himself. This was one more convenience for him. At my parent’s house, this has been used daily by at least five people a day plus visitors, including small children that like to use the dispenser themselves. They specifically like that you can turn off the hot water for energy saving, and the cold water too. Sometimes, you just don’t want cold water, like winter. The unit is easy to clean and easy to use.

After looking at several models i, decided on model wat40 in black. This model is also available in white. I picked the black to match my other appliances. What else drew me to this unit was that the size was perfect and it would fit at the end of my cabinets and blend in well. But what really got me excited was the fact that the water bottle was hidden in the base of the unit. The newair wat40 is a great convenient way to get all the fresh clean water you want. As i said the biggest selling point for me was that the large water bottle is hidden away in the base of the unit. All you do in open the cabinet in the front, remove the cap from the bottle and put in the pump nozzle, push it down to the bottom of the bottle, slide the bottle into the unit and close the door. No spills or lifting heavy bottles.

I ordered this sept 2, 2016. It was delivered in the expected time frame and there was no damage. I have had no problems with this unit in all the time that i have had it. Sometimes, i notice the sound more than other times but, i don’t mind. The ease of changing out the water is great. I enjoy not having to see the bottle. I love the convenience of being able to get hot water without having to wait for it to heat up. I wish there was a tabletop version of this for my office.

I looked at several water dispensers and read several reviews before buying this one. It is very quiet and the hot water is nice and hot and the cold is nice and cold. The water tastes the best i have ever had. There is no off flavor like some of the other water dispenser brands that i looked at. I did follow the directions and ran water from both hot and cold before first use and before switching on the hot and cold switches. The only bad thing i have room say is that the water jugs we bought don’t fit the attachment. Ours are from walmart and have the straight neck. You would have to have the jigs that have the bump/lip at the top of the bottle.

This cooler is exactly what i thought i would get when i purchased this unit. Hot water comes out hot and cold comes out cold. The best part is that the unit is whisper quiet.

Here is what i like about the newair pure spring wat40b- the water is easy to load. Open the bottom part, take the old bottle out, open the new, cleaning off the mouth, put the pump in and slide it back in. Less than one minute and even my kids can do it- more water consumption. Because it is convenient and the perfect height for kids, they automatically go to it when they are thirsty. Plus i drink a lot more now too. I have no more excuses- the hot water is kid proof. It even took me a minute to figure out how to get the hot water out. The kids have not even tried- it holds 3 or 5 gallon bottlesthe dispenser is high quality, stylish, and functional. An appliance all homes need.

I had been browsing for a water dispenser for a while and i had no clue what i was looking for. I just knew i wanted and needed something because the chemicals our water gets treated with stink and the water doesn’t taste good at all. I received the newair wat40b at no cost to review and i was over the moon. Newair has several different models, including top loading units, but i chose the wat40b because it is a bottom loading unit. I am short and wasn’t sure i could load the water bottles by myself if i got a top load unit. This one is the black unit, but they also have a white one so you can choose the one that matches your other appliances. I have been using this for about a month and i am still over the moon. The dispenser is nearly ready to use right out of the box. You only have to remove packing and move it where you want it to be. It is much easier than i would have thought.

I received this in exchange for a review. We had been wanting a water cooler and really impressed with the quick shipping (i am in california so that helped with the delivery). Pros: easy to change water, my 20oz water bottle fits well for fill up, is overall pretty quiet (sounds like a normal fridge motor) and love that i can turn on and off the hot water with a switch (we primarily have it off due to 2 small kids in the house). The one thing i wish it had was a light when you dispense it. But overall, really enjoy this.

It’s a great water dispenser. I like that the bottle is hidden inside: it makes it look so much nicer. It does take time to bring water to the desired temperature. I get couple cups and the heater kicks in and stays on for about 15 min to heat up the reservoir which is kinda slow. If it didn’t make any noise i probably wouldn’t even notice it but the compressor is actually louder than my fridge and that;s how i know when it’s on. Overall i’m happy with this product which i received free in exchange for my review. If anyone cares- it’s a lot better deal to get bottles from your local grocery store than get them delivered. 99 and i think it’s not bad.

It’s so small, it barely takes up any room in my kitchen unlike the older top loading models with the big ugly bottle on top. Installation was a breeze and i had cold water within 20 minutes of hooking up. I’ve been trying to get my kids to drink more water and this is working perfectly. I received this product at a discounted rate for my honest review. I would have paid full price for this item because the small size and bottom loading features are awesome.

I use this product every day. It is easy to use and cuts down on the bottled water significantly.

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