NewAir WAT20W water dispenser : Looks great in a home or an office setting, Super easy to set up too!!!

Ever since i was little i always wanted one of these. So when i got the chance to get this, i jumped on it. I was first surprised by how tall this one is, as i had only used smaller ones. It is pretty heavy too, but it is very durable. Worked straight out of the box. And it looked so nice and stylish. I was worried about using the bottled water, by spilling it everywhere, but it was easy, and i didn’t spill, and if i can do it, anyone can. I am really thankful for the childproof lock on the hot, because it is really hot. But i am enjoying it, particularly after living in a country for a few years, where have a hot cuppa is the norm. This also eliminated my hot water jug on the counter, so now i have more room in my kitchen.

Edited: we’ve been using this water dispenser for 2 years with no issues at all. The water does take slightly longer to come out, but it is still far more than a trickle. Have been using for a couple of months and haven’t had any issues.

We were about to chuck this thing in the trash. I had a couple of ideas that couldn’t hurt to try. I first drained all water then used vacuum to suck any debris in water inlet. After that failed, i grabbed the pliers and yanked the spout. That damn spout is the problem, just get rid of it. Very happy now with this water cooler.

I recently quit drinking diet cola and now drink a lot of water and am always running out to the store to buy it. So when new air asked if i wanted to review a water dispenser, of course i said yes. The newair wat20w pure spring water dispenser makes it easy to enjoy fresh, clean drinking water in your home or office. This hot and cold water dispenser uses a stainless steel reservoir, which prevents mold and eliminates the obnoxious plastic taste found in other water coolers.

  • Still going strong after 2 years. So far so good!
  • The stream is a trickle, and now it’s frozen up.
  • Perfect for Hot and Cold Water Dispensing

NewAir WAT20W water dispenser, White

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  • Features a bottle spike for easy, no spill 3 or 5 gallon bottle replacements
  • Choose between refreshing cold or piping hot water outputs for cool drinks or heated beverages
  • Don’t spend excess money on electricity with this Energy Star approved water cooler
  • BPA Free and NSF Certified water dispenser provides only pure, clean water
  • Reliable, child safety lock prevents children from using the hot water so you can use it worry free

“this product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for my honest review. “i received this from mail today, very much impressed & glad to have this. Been looking around for this, finally i got myself a brand new hot/cold water dispenser. When i got this i was shocked by the tall size, unlike the small ones this is tall, well built design. I saw a manufacturer’s manual that says “a name you can trust”. A brand i will be keeping an eye on, and trust. There in the manual written their contact number for support & vouch that “there are no robots but real people to help you,” a good customer service it is. I didn’t really called up customer service since i never had problem making this baby work. It’s straight forward simplicity out of the box.Unlike other dispenser i have seen with only 2 options of cold & hot water this has additional of normal room temperature water, good for people that prefers not hot nor cold.

I received this product at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest review but i have to say, i am very impressed. It really has a sleek design and looks great in either a home or a professional office setting. I had never actually owned one of these before so i don’t have much to compare it to but it was super easy to set up and it is also very easy to put the water container on it without any spills or messes. I love that it gives you the options for water temperature and when you want it cold it really is very cold and when you want it hot then it really gets hot.It really makes the water clean and taste really fresh. It has a child safety feature that will keep your kids from getting burned which is something i wouldn’t have even thought of but i am really glad is there because the button for hot water is right at eye level for kids and you wouldn’t want them to get burned. The machine is tall but it is very sturdy. I am really happy with the product and i am really happy with the follow up information and outreach from newair customer service. They make it very clear that if there is anything you need help with our that is not working properly that they want to help make it right, i however had no issues and my new water dispenser works great.

There was a little piece of styrofoam from shipping stuck deep inside the water outlet. Used an air compressor to blow it out and it pours normal now. Not sure if this contributes to it freezing, it hasn’t happened since clearing out the debris. Could be a little faster of a pour, but i feel like that’s most water coolers. Up’d the rating to 4 stars. Original review:the stream come out erratically and only at a trickle. It’s more annoying than you might think. The problem was getting worse till it totally stopped all together. All water temps had no flow.

We really liked this water dispenser. It’s an awesome money-saver because i don’t need to buy bottles of water anymore. We used to get those huge cases of water from costco, which were such a pain to carry into the house and store in the kitchen. Now i just fill up my reusable bottle and i’m good to go.We drink a lot of powdered drink mixes like crystal light, so this is perfect. My husband and son also drink a lot of water and they’ve been getting a lot of use out of it too. Another thing i really love about this dispenser is i can make hot water for my tea, instantly. I am finding this to be a time and money-saver. We also love those soup packets. This is much easier than filling up a tea kettle and waiting for it to boilit is also top-loading, which makes it so easy just to pour tap water right in.

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NewAir WAT20W water dispenser, White
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