Nestle Nespresso Nespresso D121-US4-BK-NE1 Citiz Espresso Maker, Love how simple it is to operate and the lattes

This is our forth nespresso machine and by far the best. The basic coffee/expresso functions all work perfectly as you would expect. What sets is apart is the milk frother. You simply pour a bit of milk into the frother and press the button. Spoon it in the cup and add 2 shots of expresso for a perfect cappuccino. The frothed is easy to rinse out, even if you forget to do it for 24 hours. Way easier than the steam wand design.

Coffe is really awesome, but as many people wrote here, there is a leak. Also my coffe machine does not have an on/off button, as showed on the advertisement.

Key specs for Nespresso D121-US4-BK-NE1 Citiz Espresso Maker with Aeroccino Milk Frother, Black:

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  • Easy insertion and ejection of capsules; Holds 10 used capsules; Removable 34-ounce water tank; For use with Nespresso coffee capsules only
  • Integrated aeroccino milk frother; Rapid one touch preparation of hot or cold milk froth for Cappuccino, Latte, Macchiato and Iced Cappuccino
  • Compact brewing unit technology, Fast preheating time: 25 seconds; 19 Bar high pressure pump; Automatic power off after 9 minutes of inactivity. Machine can be turned on by hitting either the Espresso or Lungo buttons located at top of machine
  • Automatic and programmable coffee volume quantity (Espresso and Lungo). Pivoting cup tray accommodates tall recipe glasses. To turn the machine on either press the Espresso or Lungo button.
  • Water Tank Capacity: 34 oz. Container capacity: 9-11 used capsules

Comments from buyers

“Great Machine for Quick Coffee Drinks and Little Clean up.
, Great little machine
, This is the best decision I ever made in terms of spending money

Nespresso is the real deal for those who really care about their java. The aeroccino frother perfects my lattes. My breville espresso maker is idled because i can’t come close to the quality and satisfaction i experience with my nespresso espresso beverages. I first used nespresso in hotel rooms in italy, have been hooked ever since. If you seek italian restaurant quality coffee on demand in your home, nespresso ends your search.

This is the best decision i ever made in terms of spending money on an appliance. I can’t drink regular coffee anymore after the nespresso. Coffee pods are a bit expensive but i am willing to spend the money on a good espresso that i don’t have to buy at starbucks or another coffee shop.

Couldn’t be happier with this espresso maker.

The best cup of coffee every time hands down. I am so gald i found out about this.

Returned item the first time because booklet indicated 1 frother and one stirrer. Second shipment had only the frother and no stirrer. Apparently not included in this model.

I have a friend that has this machine and after i tried it i was sold on it. My husband bought it for me and we love it a lot. It’s fast and easy and the coffee is amazing. I always wake up excited to have a cup of coffee. Probably one of the best investments. We had an espresso machine and it required a lot of work and time that i didn’t have in the morning.

I was in the market for a single brew machine. I opted for nespresso over other brands because i read all the other great reviews, besides i enjoy ‘americanos’. Must say though that my first machine did not work at all. Water spilled all over the counter. I called nespresso directly and they replaced my machine with another one. One another note, i purchased my nespresso with the aerocino, the milk frother. Our morning weekend treats are homemade cappuccinos, and personally i think they are better than the coffee shop ones.

We have the regular nespresso without the frother at one home in red – and just love the convenience of a good espresso to compliment our love of coffee. We decided to take it to the next level with the frother instead of buying a separate frother for $79-99 – and are very pleased. It makes a great frothy foam with skim milk, half & half, and even flavored coffee creams. The newer controls to automatically turn it off are a nice feature.

It is very noisy, and using the descaling cleaner was kind of a task but i use it maybe 4 times a week and i’ve had it for 2+ years now. I didn’t regret this purchase one bit.

I see that a lot of people are not happy about the machine or the coffee or the absence of on/off button. As far as the button goes, it’s so easy to use that after using it literally once or twice the fact that this specific machine doesn’t come with the button will not bother you a bit. You push any one of the buttons on top, once they stop blinking, the water is hot enough and you are ready for brewing. The cool part is that you can set the amount of coffee/espresso to be made to your own liking. Just hold the button until the desired level in the cup is achieved and next time the machine will make that same amount. Repeat the same procedure for the other button. I can’t believe some people are complaining about the quality of the actual coffee. It is the smoothest coffee i have tried so far in the usa. Unless you’re comparing it to turkish/arabic coffee (talking about the properly made kind) or the actual italian coffee at some little italian cafe.It is very smooth, has no aftertaste, flavors and intensity assortment is great.

Makes great espressos and cappuccinos. Good service from nespresso on new cartridges.

The best investment i have done. I don’t remember the last time i went to a starbucks. The customer support is great, the quality of the espresso is superior and the aeroccino makes froth cold or hot. I can use any milk ( coconut and almond creamer is preferred) this was the best purchase i did in 2015.

I do not like the taste of nespresso espresso (i have semi-auto + lavazza for this purpose). I generally use this machine to make quick latte and it has save me so much time.

Love the coffee and great machine.

Hot, great steamer, frothier.

My husband and i had the best coffee every morning while visiting a friend in switzerland. Our friend used a nespresso machine. It was the next model up from this actually. However, i decided to give this one a shot and purchased this machine for my husband’s birthday. It’s simple and fast and saves me money (by having less trips to the coffee shop for my espresso). I think this is worth every penny i spent.

Gf loves to come over and make herself coffees. Ill even waker her up with a cup. Definitely great coffee for entertain and everyday use.

Among the best product investments i’ve ever made. This is an outstanding product for its reliability, quality, and ease of use. Before finally making the sensible choice to spend a little more on a nespresso we tried a few different traditional espresso machines that required packing grounds, building up steam pressure, etc. All of those ended in frustration but nespresso has solved all our problems. I’ve since told a number of people looking for latte / espresso machines to look no further. It rarely needs cleaning, it never leaks, it makes a consistent espresso, and the milk frother is simple to use and very easy to clean. Only downsides are that the espresso is not as hot as some people might like; personally i’m fine with that. Second, the pods are difficult to find in stores so you really need to order online from nespresso. They are expensive but, in the end it is still remarkably cheaper than going to a coffee shop and getting a similar result.

Great machine and great coffee quality. Reminds me of european coffee.

We lived overseas for 15 years and have had some great coffee in the u. And australia, and believe me i never would have thought that a pod-based coffee machine could make anything i would want to drink. My in-laws have a keurig and the coffee coming out of that thing was rather unpleasant. We used to have a gaggia classic espresso machine and used it for a few years, but the problem with the manual machines is that one pull would be excellent and then another one would come out bitter. It was very difficult to be consistent which i found frustrating especially when trying to make coffee for guests, and it was time consuming to make more than one or two. Just got this citiz after days and days of research and we are blown away by the quality of the espresso and coffee this machine produces. There is very nice crema that even passes the sugar test, and it smells fabulous.

So glad we made this purchase. It’s quick and easy to use, easy to clean, and has mad our lives better and saved us so much money that we used to spend buying coffee out.

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