Nesco T1000-13 Two Slice Toaster Wide Slot : Like the retro look

My husband and i are very satisfied with the purchase of this lovely toaster. We have had it for over a year and use it frequently and it still performs great.

I went with other reviewers and bought the unheard of brand because it is 1000 watt. Toasts faster and more evenly than other toasters that i’ve had. Very lightweight so it gets put away after use, saves counterparts space. Easy to use, indexed toasting, wide openings and such. Just do not put too thick bread slices in, and best to stand by because it does get hot. I really like this toaster, it’s all we need, will probably last too.

NESCO T1000-13 Two Slice Toaster Wide Slot, 2, Grey/Stainless Steel

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  • Toast 1 or 2 slices at a time
  • Extra-wide 1.375 Inch bread slots with self-adjusting guides
  • User-friendly control panel / Shade control dial with (6) shade settings
  • Bagel, Defrost and Cancel functions with blue indicator lights
  • Lift & Look lever for checking the toasting progress

Works great and toast fits in slots well.

Wide openings and variable settings for toasting. Took a little getting used to but now get perfect toast and english muffins every time.

Pros: consistently perfect toast. Basket holds artisan breads in place. I freeze some breads and the defrost and toast feature provides a crisp outside and warm inside. Cons: outside of toaster can get hot. Wish the lift-up-to-see feature lifted the toast a little higher.

NESCO T1000-13 Two Slice Toaster Wide Slot, 2, Grey/Stainless Steel : It’s bigger than i expected, but it still fits in my cupboard for storage. I recommend you set it on 4 or 5, don’t put bread in, and let it run a cycle before using. Turn your stove fan on and/or open the doors and windows. But, after that, it is good to go. I used it to make rice bread toast and it did well. It’s 1000 watts and wow, does it get with the program. It doesn’t get hot underneath and not much on the sides, mainly on top, so be careful not to put it underneath cupboards when toasting. I love the checking feature, where you pull the handle up and look at it if you want without canceling the toasting. I wouldn’t say it’s the most handsome toaster, but it appears to be very functional. It says black, but mine is dark gray and highly polished chrome, much shinier than the pictures. I’m quite happy with it, so far. Update:i changed it to 4 stars, only because it does not brown evenly. I have been using flourless bread now, not just the rice bread, so thought i should update.

This is the first toaster i’ve had in 5 years that i haven’t wanted to throw out the window after 2 days. I can make several sets of toast and have them all come out pretty much the same color. It works great with my heavy homemade bread, haven’t tried bagels yet. I really, really like the ‘lift up and check’ feature.

Nice looking toaster and works well. Love the different heat levels and how easy it is to use. Looks great on my counter and the small footprint.

Fully meet our expectations. Great to get a toaster that works like one should. We have purchased several and returned them allover several months trying to replace our old one that stopped working. After researching and reading consumer reviews, decided onthe nesco and could not be happier. The wattage difference and quality of build makes this an outstanding choice. Would recommendto anyone looking for a new toaster.

When i was reading reviews about other toasters everyone was saying how the toasters they bought wouldn’t toast the bread equally on both sides. That is not a problem with this toaster. I’ve actually never seen a toaster toast bread equally on both sides ad this one does. All the ones i’ve had i would have to flip it half way through. It may cost a bit more, but the saying of ‘you get what you pay for’ is a great example here. Best toaster i’ve had by far and i’ve had many.

Absolutely wonderful toaster. I am real fussy, like most savvy buyers, did all my homework researching, and decided on this one. Finally a toaster that works like you want it to.It toasts well consistently to the darkness we like (medium) on slightly over the 2-setting (goes up to 5), and quickly (around two minutes). It is made wide enough to toast bagels, and looks great on the counter top. It also has a well constructed look and feel. We like the convenient toast crumbs clean-out tray.

Nice even color and works very fast.

I was not familiar with this brand but was pleased with the outstanding reviews so took the chance. The design is exactly what we wanted to replace our ‘vintage’ russell hobbs as we leave the toaster out on the counter. It toasts beautifully, has an icon by the slots so you know how to position bagels properly and includes a very useful defrost feature. We also appreciate that it has the ‘lift and look’ feature which does not override the actual toasting function. The only drawback, for us, is that it has a short cord. I love this as a safety feature but our outlets are under the cabinet and so the toaster has to be plugged, unplugged and repositioned for use and storage. But that is the ‘fault’ of our upper cabinet placement, and my own preferences, since i don’t want the appliance placed directly beneath the cabinets or to use an extension cord. Though not enough to deduct a star, our instruction book is incomplete in english.Particularly strange for an american made product.

The nesco t1000 i bought was made in usa. Powerful and pretty versatile. Heated it full blast first time empty to burn off the filaments.

Slots could be widder but toast comes out good.

Buy this one after purchasing and returning 4 different toasters over the last year — toasters that either didn’t toast evenly, stopped working, or fell apart, including two very expensive models — we are in love with this beauty of a toaster. It is solidly made out of metal. The bagel function actually works. The controls are simple and functional. The doneness dial produces consistent results even when doing multiple batches. Thank you nesco for making our mornings toasty and happy.

Best toast so far that we’ve ever had.

What can be said about a metal box with elements to brown bread other than it works as described and without fail. Hopefully it will hold up like the toasters of old.

It’s great to have toast again.

I love the retro vibe of this toaster. Toast is not quite as crispy as i would like, but better than other toasters i’ve had. Not crazy about the crumb tray as it is small and shallow, but it’s ok. Overall, a good purchase and i’m happy with it.

Very cool, retro looking toaster. It is supposed to be black but is actually a dark gunmetal gray, which looks even better than black.