Nesco GWK-03D – Beautiful electric glass kettle poor quality and design

I chose this kettle because it is glass and the least toxic one i could find. My only complaints are that it slides all over my counter top and doesn’t stay put, maybe i can put some rubber underneath it to keep it in place. When you choose a temperature, it does not beep when it reaches the temp, only the light flashes, so i have to keep my eye on it. If i don’t catch the kettle right when the light flashes for a temp under boiling, it continues to heat and brings it to a boil.

Bought after searching several months for a plastic-free kettle. Has zero ‘new-appliance’ smell. The last one i had ( a different brand, cannot remember which) was stainless steel and even after months of use continued to have a faint chemical smell. The only smell i detect is coming from the heating element on the base and i hope it is temporary. There’s a wonderful feature that was a pleasant surprise and a completely unexpected bonus: the ability to heat water to different temperatures – great for making different types of tea which require water to be some temperature other than ‘boil’. There are three or four different temp settings. But my favorite feature by far is an absolutely beautiful blue light illuminatomg the perimeter of the heating element – very aesthetically pleasingupdate january 2017:downgrading the review due to the following:’c-‘/cheap quality – after less than a month, the kettle developed a strong burnt plastic smell. The plastic underside of the kettle housing (not the base) showed melted plastic – i think the heating element was coming in contact with the inside of the plastic housing and was causing the plastic to burn and smell. I didn’t want to pay for returning it so ended up patching the bottom w electricians tape and continued to use. Another small annoyance (not a deal breaker though) – it also stopped shutting off automatically as soon as it reaches boiling point. It does shut off after about 10 seconds of boiling. Poor design – as other reviews mention, why the annoyingly beeps and useless ‘keep warm’ feature at lower-than-boiling temp settings??.

This is exactly the kettle i’ve been wanting. I wanted something made of glass (so that i’m no longer drinking boiled metal and plastic), and something with temperature settings (so i can properly brew different types of tea), and a nice sleek kettle shape (rather than a really bulbous shape, which is always a bit harder for me to handle). It is very quiet, and it boils water just about as quickly as other electric kettles i’ve used. The handle is ergonomic and comfortable (for my weak little hands), and the glass pitcher is much lighter than i thought it would be (weighs about the same as my old electric kettle, which is metal + plastic). It is also gorgeous and sleek– shiny all over, with a pretty blue led that lights up when its heating the water. To prevent calcium/mineral deposits from staining the glass, i put a big of vinegar into half a kettle of water and boil it, then gently swash it around as i pour it out. Here are the specifications for the Nesco GWK-03D:

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  • 1.8 Quart Glass Pitcher with Level Marks; BPA free
  • 360 degree swivel power base with cord storage
  • Stainless steel concealed heating element and trim
  • Kettle turns off when reaches chosen temperature
  • Removable, washable filter

This was a good replacement for another kettle that died after many years of service. It’s beautiful, the glass allow to see the quantity of water. I would like to have the same model in a half size or approximate one liter.

This is one of a long line of m electric kettles for me. Some stopped working in a month and the only reliable ones could only boil water. As a tea drinker i use various temperatures. Well this product delivers the goods in a beautiful package. I had a small issue with the pot and the customer service was gracious and speedy.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Perfect enough kettle at last!
  • Beautiful electric glass kettle poor quality and design
  • Annoying features mar nice kettle design

Before buying this kettle i read most reviews of most kettles that came close to filling (ha-ha) my criteria: stainless or glass, minimal or no plastic, nice looking, cordless, variable temperature settings. The most common fault with most kettles is water that’s heated which contacts plastic, silicone, etc. Of the top kettles i considered – around 12, ranging from $40-$150.I chose it even though it had one review, before this one. Here’s why it’s good:heating/heated water contacts only glass. Yes, there is plastic on the underneath part of the lid and the screen on inside area of spout (meant to keep out tea leaves, i guess), but the screen is removable, and the release-button on the top of the kettle flips open the lid so that after water is heated, there is minimal contact of steam with plastic, which might condense back in to kettle. This is why i chose the kettle. So many reviewers liked kettles for many features but complained about plastic taste, odor, or both, and fears that continual contact of plastic with hot water in water-gage windows could cause health problems. At the bottom of the carafe, there is a stainless button that connects with heating element, but i can see no plastic at all.

Several features of this water kettle deserve a thumbs up: the glass kettle, the sleek/compact design, and the removable filter. However, there are a couple of annoying features that may irritate you every time it’s used. The first is that when pressing the on button, the lightweight base tips slightly. After checking to see if it was the cord or some other reason why it tipped, i determined it was the lack of a third small ‘leg’ that makes the base sit unevenly on the counter. The second annoying feature is the beep sound that emits when the hot kettle is lifted off the base. Why was this was incorporated into the design of this kettle?. To alert parents that a child is lifting a hot kettle full of boiling water?. And there is no way to turn this alert off. This is an expensive kitchen appliance that simply heats water – if you’re willing to put up with the irritation until another quality glass kettle is available, then it’s worth it.

Within a week of purchase developed a leak at the bottom of the pot. Took off the bottom plate and tightened a nut to fix. Worked great for 13 months then the lid hinge broke. Continued to use it and then heating mechanism failed.

Best quality product, easy to clean, and much larger and faster to boil than cheaper versions. The plate is electric, and there are no open heating elements, much safer for fdmily use, and easy to clean.

I concur with all the positives. The only thing missing is a ‘beep’ when the time is up. Otherwise, it’s a fabulous kettle.

I love this kettle because of the blue light and being able to choose the temp of the water. I have ordered 2 now because the lid broke on the first one, and now the lid has broken on the second one. They need to work on the lid mechanism but the pot itself works great and has no odd odor.

This is my second electric kettle, as the previous one lasted about 10 years. This kettle is quite a nice upgrade over my previous one that pretty much heated the water to boiling, didn’t notify you that it had reached that point and probably was plastic even though it looked like stainless. This kettle is all glass except for a small filter at the top which is mostly unnecessary and quite removable. The settings for different types of teas is a very nice feature as i never remember, anyway, that it is an issue. There are other kettles that have different temperature settings, but they were quite a bit more expensive. The handle is a nice material that makes it steady to hold without slipping especially if the kettle is rather full. I like its compact size and design as i do not really like small appliances hogging up lots of kitchen real estate. Overall, i am very pleased with this kettle for its design, usability and price.

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