Metrokane 9200 Rechargeable Electric Rabbit Corkscrew, I love this BUTTTTTTTTTTTT THIS PRICE IS RIDICULOUS

This was a birthday gift, and replacement, she loved it.

The opener appears to work fine mechanically. The main difficulty we have with this opener is positioning the corkscrew tip on the cork top before starting to open the bottle. Since the bottom of the corkscrew housing is of opaque plastic, the tip cannot be positioned in the center before pushing the switch. We have had several bottles for which the screw has gone down the side, shredding the cork. Then we had to remove the cork with a hand cork puller, which is a nuisance. We’ve had better luck with electric corkscrews with a transparent plastic bottom.

Love the item but the item was used and had to get a refund.

Key specs for Metrokane 9200 Rechargeable Electric Rabbit Corkscrew:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Opens wine with the touch of a button
  • Works with all types of corks.
  • Illuminated LCD screen
  • Includes foil cutter and AC charger

Comments from buyers

“easy peasy . . .
, Love my Rabbit
, Great functionality

Love this product, makes it so easy to open my wine bottles.

Works as stated, just feels really cheap.

Very happy with my purchase. No more strain on these getting-older hands, arms and shoulders. Be sure to follow the directions in the other reviews on how to use. Included is a foil-cutter, which conveniently stores in the back of the unit.

This is a great wine opener. I had one before and it died after about a year and a half of use so i bought another. I will say that it sometimes sounds like it is not going to be strong enough to open bottle, but, it’s pretty consistent. I love that it is rechargeable and it is very attractive for an ‘on counter’ appliance. Pros:does the jobrechargeableattractivecons:feels a little ‘plasticky’had one die after 1. 5 years of use – not sure this is a con. 5 years is a long time if you drink as much wine as we do ;).

Got this item as a gift and loved it and went ahead and bought also for a friend and he loved it.

I love my e rabbit electric corkscrew. Looks just like the picture and works perfectly every time. The prior review makes no sense to me as mine is great.

Purchased this as a christmas gift for a family member and it works quite well. Makes for super easy bottle opening and the charge stand is very convenient. I would recommend this product to anyone.

Have used it on three bottles so far and with all three i’ve only been able to get the cork part way up and have had to resort to a traditional manual corkscrew to finish the job. Think i will order the oster electric corkscrew instead. It’s cheaper and has great reviews. . So, after i wrote this review i was demonstrating the corkscrew to a friend and lo and behold, it worked perfectly. I just wasn’t doing it right. You need to put the bottle on the counter and hold it with one hand so it doesn’t spin around.

Simple to use, works well, even on plastic corks. Sometimes you have to hold the bottle a bit tighter but it has worked every time. You need to remember when pulling cork out – push bottom button until it stops [some people stop pushing button when the cork is out, to eject cork from corkscrew push the top button. ]

I love this butttttttttttt this price is ridiculous. I got same item form macy’s for 29. Shop around folks its awesome but wayyyyyyy over priced on here.

Great electronic corkscrew remover. After my wife accidently broke the one we had, i decided to upgrade to a sturdier model that i thought could handle the most difficult of wine bottle corks and this one has proven to be able to handle the job. My wife still won’t touch it because she thinks she’ll break it but i think she will eventually use it because she has seen me open the one bottle that always gave her trouble (it has a hard plastic cork) with relative ease. The metrokane 9200 also satisfied her asthetic requirements for anything that goes into our remodeled kitchen.It’s black and chrome finish and lighted base go well with our other appliances. All in all, we have been very happy with our purchase and would highly recommend it to those looking for a asthetically pleasing but powerful and tough electronic corksrew remover.

Let’s just say this is used a lot and it works wonderfully.

This unit is extreamly easy to use and slips the removed cork back into your hand once removed from the bottle. We enjoy our wine every evening and the rechargable unit makes uncorking a bottle fast and simple. I would recommend it to anyone.

I was looking to buy an electric corkscrew for my son, and in reading the reviews realized that most reviews are written by people who recently purchased the item. I have had the erabbit corkscrew for 4 years. It still looks and works perfectly.

It’s so great that i bought another for my summer home. Owned the first one for 4 years and never a problem. The blue light gives off great ambience.

Best opener i have had operationally. Unfortunately, the base stopped lighting up and charging after less than a year. But i will buy another rabbit and hope that it lasts longer.

Buy this – it will change your life.

Electric cork screw opener works great. Has power to remove real and artificial corks.

Simple to use, nothing to take out of a box and performs as advertised. I already had one and purchased this one as a gift.