Melitta Zone – 365 Pour-Over Drip Brewer – My mom really gushed about how nice they were and how the coffee “tastes so much

This is a great way to brew amazing pour over coffee at home. I was wanting to get into brewing my own pour over coffee every morning after trying amazing craft coffee at my favorite coffee shops in town. After looking around i decided to go with a higher quality setup & chose legendary swan. The lifetime warranty is worth it alone but i can also tell the difference with the quality of the set & the money saved not having to use filters is definitely worth it. For anyone wanting to step up their coffee game i’d highly recommend this pour over kit.

One of those rare products that you don’t have to hide when you have guests over, it looks great right on the counter. I also love that you don’t have to kill trees to get more paper coffee filters over and over. Great for the environment, great for your wallet.

I received this coffee maker as a christmas gift and love it. It just makes the best drip coffee i ever tasted.

It doesn’t make a whole lot of coffee so be sure you get the right size for your needs. I use it every morning and so far, so good.

Bought as gift for son in law, he loves it.

The best coffee i have tasted comes out of this maker. Since i have a boiling water faucet, all i do is put 2 scoops in stainless funnel, put under faucet and in seconds i have great cup of coffee which for me is 16oz. It just as quick to clean because because the grounds have been completely screen and all i get is pure coffee and there is hardly any ground left in funnel. I put the funnel on top of sink drain and spray water on funnel that completely cleans it and then i put water in carafe and everything is completely clean. The total time was about 3 minutes. If you need to heat your water it will take a little longer. You can have enough coffee for 2 cups in same time for 2-16oz. And if you have other people take another 3-5 minutes to make their coffee.

  • High quality pour over set
  • A great solution for pour over coffee makers!
  • I love the flavor my coffee has from this slow brew

Great pour over and absolutely love the mesh as i find it a bit of a hassle to mess with paper filters – and when you run out. With this setup that’s never an issue – so i’m really happy with this product as it solves what was previously a major pain for me as it’s difficult to get paper filters where i live. If you love pour over coffee but like me find paper filters to be a bit of a hassle, highly recommend getting one of these units as it solves that problem completely.

High quality, beautiful and functional.

I love my coffee made with this slow drip maker.

It makes it so much easier to get my coffee ready in the morning and i love how conservative it is. The more green a product is, the more i like it and this is by far one of the best ways to save paper and reduce waste from coffee filters. It’s durable, easy to use, easy to clean, and easy to storewhat else could you want?i highly recommend this product.

Bought these for my parents who are stringent coffee drinkers. My mom really gushed about how nice they were and how the coffee ‘tastes so much better now’.

This is a different standard of coffee than even your branded coffee shops. You can taste the richness in every sip.

The number one thing i love more than my family is coffee. I don’t start off my day without a perfect cup and with this drip coffee maker i get a relaxing beautiful tasting cup of coffee before the chaos of my day. I had a hundred questions for seller before buying and it was some of the best customer service i have experienced.

No more buying and wasting tons of paper filters every year. Truly makes your coffee taste even better.

With the electric kettle this is a very quick and easy way to make just enough coffee for one or two people. Coffee tastes great and clean up is very easy. One week assessment – far better than a ‘mr.

High quality product and doesn’t leak grinds at all.

Good coffee made from glass and stainless steel only. Has a great clean taste about it.

I wish i had found this product long before now. The main things i love about this product is that it is light weight, easy to use and reusable. The number 1 best feature about this is the taste. I buy a mix of roasted coffee beans from south america, i have been using the beans for years, after using the 365 non-electric coffee maker it has enhanced the flavors, i use to use the paper filters so i am guessing it trapped the flavor some how. I will never go back to paper filters.

This took all the negatives out of coffee making. I always hated wasting all that money on k-cups and feeling beholden to that one company forever. Now, i make one investment at the beginning in a good brewer and i save money over the life of it.

What a wonderful idea, this product is so beautiful, classic product.

My girlfriend, a big coffee lover, loves it.

I love the flavor my coffee has from this slow brew coffee maker. It is so easy to use and my coffee just tastes so much better. I also like that the filter is reusable, very easy to clean and durable.

I got this, because i already have an 8 cup chemex coffee pot, but don’t use that on an everyday basis. This looks like a chemex (which i love), but makes about 4, 6-oz cups. Perfect for me in the morning. The wood apron is a little cheap feeling/looking and the cord that ties it closed is definitely thin – either a plastic or flimsy leather. I keep meaning to replace it with a piece of leather, like a leather shoe string – which is what my chemex has. The apron doesn’t really protect your hands from the hot pot, bc they are both so small. It makes a delicious cup of coffee. I prefer to use a paper cone (with my single cup drip cone), bc clean up is a lot easier. The metal mesh is messy when rinsing the grounds out.

It is such a beautifully made and functional product. I will never go back to paper filters again. It is durable construction and has this high quality feel that always gets compliments from our guests.

I really love the coffee using this two piece system. The stainless steel filter is very sturdy which was a concern of mine going into this purchase. If you really want true coffee flavor, use this system and you won’t be sorry. I have had to spend more time making my coffee, however, it is definitely worth the effort.

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