McGowan FS1902 Fixed Blade – buy this one

Appears to be a good sharpener for the price.

Gave this one to a friend, because we love ours.

Easy to use and seems to do the job. Here are the specifications for the McGowan FS1902 Fixed Blade:

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This sharpener puts a great quick edge on knives. Some things to remember 1) try just one pass first and see if that is good enough. This sharpener really sharpens quickly and one could oversharpen and remove too much metal very easily. 2) it leaves a slightly ‘toothy’ edge, which is better for a lot of actual cutting (tomatoes, bread, etc. ), but this might be a turn off for some. 3) on point 2, one can turn off the machine and lightly use the stones for somewhat better edge or use a steel for a final edge. I like this better than the chef’schoice models because they leave marks on the sides of the blades (yes, this doesn’t hurt the function, but i’m just fussy). Better than the worksharp sharpener because the flexibility of the belts allow too much variation. The mcgowan gives the closest to a factory edge i’ve found from an electric sharpener.

My knives have never been sharper, even when brand new. This sharpener is so easy to work but if you are not careful, you will shave off too much of the blade. It is important to read and understand the instructions.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Mcgowan Firestone Electric Sharpener, White/Black
  • Tried and True
  • Second one

Works great and a few passes and the knives are sharp.

Once you get a good edge on the knife (which is easy) then it only takes a draw or two to restore a razor sharp edge.

Good machine and i use my household knives daily. The first machine i received had a strange motor sound and smell when it started. Easy fix no hassle return and reordered the same one a++ keeps a good edge on my knifes. Don’t use on pen knifes if you value the blade they are to small, but for kitchen & butchering knifes with wider blades this thing works as described well worth the money in my opinion. Keep in mind this not a 700 dollars commercial grinder type butcher knife sharpener with 1/2 horse motor. Its a house hold sharpener, but works great on butcher knifes providing you don’t put to much pressure on it and work it nice and easy, after the new edge has taken place every month touch ups keep my 11 blades super sharp with a few runs on a steel.

I got so tired of putting up with my dull knifes and finally made the decision to buy a good knife sharpener. Did some research and decided to buy this one because of the good ratings it received from other users. Received and started to sharpen. My knifes were so dull that each one took about 10 pulls through the machine to get a good edge. Received about a month ago and knifes still have their edge. What a difference a sharp knife makes.

Great item and super easy to use. I can’t believe we spent all those years sharpening knives by hand.

I sharpened all of my knives in not time. The quality of the appliance leads me to believe that i’ll have it forever.

Does a great job on sharpening a variety of knives. It’s quick and easy and my knives are as sharp as new.

This is a great knife sharpener,easy to use and does a great job.

This is the one i was looking for long time ago. The machine works precisely for sharpening knives.

I own a deli and they would keep buying new knives and fight over the one or two newest ones that were sharp. I sharpened all of them, and make a clean easy swipe or two on the blades every couple of weeks. The employees love their knives now.

My folks gave us first one years ago that has had no issues and happy to find it is still available so bought second unit for our bed and barn now i do not have share ours.

Used it the first day i received it. I had 10 knives razor sharp in less than 10 minutes. Warning, do not run cerrated knives over the sharpener more than one or to times max.

I think this is where consumer reviews help. I have been using sharpening stones to keep my knives in good working order. Subsequently, i also used those ceramic sharpeners. None of them is satisfactory until i try this electric knife sharpener. It is easy to use and works extremely well. All my knives are very sharp now with two to three passes. Some reviewers said it took off too much metal from the knife. I got around this by pressing very lightly at first. If not i will increase the pressing while making the passes until it sharpens so n o escessive metal loss.

Very easy to use, sharpens quickly.

I wish i hadn’t waited until now to order this sharpener. I wish i had ordered it 20 years ago. All of these years of dull knives and fumbling with whetstones and knife steels in vain. Also, i like that this is made in usa.

I agree with the other positive reviews. The mcgowan firestone sharpener does a very good job at putting a quality edge on my knives. I own quality german knives, and i was able to give each a sharp edge. This sharpener for the money is hard to beat.

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