Margaritaville Mixed Drink Maker – So far it has been great

Bought this for our home parties – everyone loved it – highly recommend. Buy the travel bag and share the fun.

The mixer pours a really nice drink with lots of options. Carrying case is great because everyone asks us to bring it over. It’s the hit of all the parties. Drawbacks are cleaning the inside, & purging the left over mixers & liqueur. But over all it’s a nice addition for summer parties.

Great machine and great drinks. Here are the specifications for the Margaritaville Mixed Drink Maker:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Now your party guests can be their own bartender with the margaritaville mixed drink maker featuring 48 recipe options created by margaritaville bartenders.
  • At the press of a button, watch drink recipes come to life as this, first-of-its-kind innovation dispenses perfectly proportioned cocktails fast
  • Press the i feel lucky button and watch the digital display spin, it lands on a random drink for amusing interaction and entertaining fun anytime
  • And it’s no trouble to make a double, just press down once on the drink strength switch and out comes a strong pour
  • Set up is a breeze, just add your choice of liquor (rum, vodka or tequila) and select mixers into the four containers, the machine knows what to do from there to serve up delicious mixed drinks
  • 4 color-coded, 54 oz. liquid tanks with matching caps, drip tray & cover included
  • Dispenses 8-ounce drinks

It is a hit anywhere we take it. . Easy to use easy to clean. Add the 2 extra alcohol bottles with it, i wish we would have.

This mixed drink maker is always a hit @ parties and social events. The virtual bartender is always a source of interesting conversation.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Meet Me At The Drink Mixer (my version of the T-pain song)
  • It is a great adult toy
  • So far it has been great

We actually had two of them going with a different alcohol in each. The clean up was pretty easy. The amount of alcohol is perfect. You can choose to add more with the ‘make it stronger’ button.

The only complaint i have is that it does not chill the liquid before pouring it. But all you really have to do is put the containers in the refridgerator before you guests or before you are ready to drink.

Ok parrot heads, this is a must. When your out by the pool, sitting under your grass roof tiki bar trying to decide what to sip on,look no further. All the concoctions of tropical wonders are at your finger tips. You will be the talk of the island.Better yet,you will be the king of your island. Just dial in your selection and the drink maker does the rest. So dont be a ‘snub queen’, be a ‘drink king’.

Like everybody else who saw this you were captivated by it’s look and what it does. Well when you purchase it you will still feel the same. It’s so simple that a 9 year old can operate it. It makes 48 different drinks; 16 distinguished drinks each per spirit. It’s cool to look at and you don’t have to worry about making the drinks. The drinks are made well and strong to even strongeri keeps it real not only do i like it but i also purchased it to show off as well. The only draw back that i wish they had done differently would be creating two additional ports for the other spirits so you wouldn’t have to change the individual spirits one at a time i. If someone wants a rum drink and you have vodka in the port you would have to take out the bottle with vodka bottle and insert a bottle with rum. Comes with only one spirit bottle additional bottles are sold separately.

We already had the tahiti frozen concoction maker and this was the perfect complement. It works great and everyone loves it. It is a great for partys, like having a bartender on staff. If you have thirsty friends, you do refill the containers quite often.

It was the hit of the party with folks of all ages. Just select which alcohol to use, pour in the mixes & let the machine figure out the drinks that can be made.

It’s a great gift, but it’s embarrassing – it only really uses one liquor bottle the rest our mixers, it’s a nice toy, but like everything margaritaville branded a little pricier than it should be.

I bought this for a friend in another country, he couldn’t get one where they were.

Nicknamed ‘the bad decision maker’. I purchased this for myself, for those lazy poolside days of summer. Sadly, it arrived on a day when my son was visiting, and that is the last i saw of it. However, he and his friends have been having a great time with it, and it is now called ‘the bad decision maker’ by all of them.

It is a great adult toy, but we have found that it is leaking horribly after every other use. It is challenging to properly clean the entire thing. Our friends think its great but they arent the ones doing the clean up.

This was the hit of our mardi gras party. We put it at one end of the bar and no one even bothered with the bartender. It was fun and entertaining for our guests and the drinks were awesome. I wish it came with extra places to hold 2 more canisters for extra alcohol choices.

This item was a big hit at this years family christmas party. We no longer have to worry about getting the blend just right or wasting too much alcohol.

It was a little pricey but well worth the money. People cant wait to get the next drink.

This is fun and really enjoy it at parties. We did get an extra liquor tank (that did take a long time to get in the mail). Only bummer was that this drink maker dropped in price a lot soon after we purchased it.

This machine is nothing less than awesome. Just make sure you purchase some two extra liquor tanks so you can have the rum vodka and tequila at the ready. Be advised there is a reservoir that holds some mixer and liquor when the tanks appear empty. They can be easily drained just by making and drink. My drink selector knob is a little flimsy but other than that this machine is definitely worth the purchase. This will be a hit at all my summer cookouts. By the way, you can also purchase a carry bag that the machine and tanks fit into nicely so you can take it almost anywhere you go.

This device works like a dream, honestly i am surprised that this is the first one on the market that i was able to find. I don’t hold many parties but when i do it is a pain to be the bartender and host. With this device it takes the load off as i set it up and forget about it. (that is until i need to add more to it. ) it takes only minutes to set up and i recommend cooling all the liquids within the containers before your party or event. Cleaning the device is a breeze as well. Very easy to take apart and wipe down. There is one little annoyance and that is the tray that the liquids go into hold a few ounces. So if you are trying to save liquor when your cleaning you have to manually hold the trigger down to get it back into the bottle. Other than that one little annoyance this is a killer product.