Mai Cook Stainless Steel 3500W Electric Induction Cooktop : I looks great, but I keep getting an error and it

I love this product very much, it heats up very quickly. Also very easy to clean and carry around. The best thing is it save lots energy.

Have only done 2 batches for far but so far so good. Doing 5 gallon batches in 10 gallon spike brewing kettle. Boils off about 1 gallon per hour. Doing this in my garage where i wouldn’t want to do propane. Nice to be able to shut on and off and not deal with gas. I happens to have a nema 14-50 outlet in my garage which helped. Need adapter but that’s easy.

So far so good , a little hard to maintain mash temp, but boils like a champ.

First time cooking 40 litre of beer in ss 60 litre pot on this cooker was excellent. Diameter of the pot is 36 cm.

  • Great for 5 gallon BIAB home brewing
  • Saves me a TON of propane!!
  • For the Induction Brewer

Mai Cook Stainless Steel 3500W Electric Induction Cooktop, Electric Countertop Burners

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  • 3500-watt commercial-quality induction cooktop with 13 power levels
  • Push-button controls and digital display; Timer, Temp, Watts
  • Overheat sensor; Auto shut-off; Max load bearing: 133lb (about 14 gallon)
  • Stainless steel body; Digital timer setting, max time 23:59
  • 3500W~208/240V,6-20P plug ; Measures:13.9” x 17.5” x 4.1”

I’m the chief engineer of tnduction. Com, a company that manufactures induction heaters. We modify this range and use it in our aluminum metal melting furnace for the simple reason that i can’t buy the parts for that price. It has proven very reliable, operating at full power for hours on end. A couple of things about this unit. First, except for large boils, this is far too powerful for home use. As another reviewer noted, even the lowest setting is hot enough for most regular cooking. The second thing is that the unit will not run for hours for simmering. The built-in microprocessor has an undocumented limit of 256 minutes. Then it turns off even if timed cooking isn’t being used.

More expensive than the avantco it replaced, but after using it for awhile i’m finding it to be a superior product, very happy.

Full disclosure i’ve done one batch with this. Took a little on the burner/off the burner during steeping to keep 150-degrees. Afterwards the first boil took about 15 mins to full rolling boil. I achieved that by maxing it to 240-degrees c (the controls on this are watts; temp/c and also in chinese). After i got up to a full boil. I dialed the temp back down to 140-c for the remainder of the hour. No boil over and from thermometer we were running about 212-215f the whole boil. I actually walked out of the room a few times instead of babysitting for the entire session.

20 minutes to get 3 gallons to seeping 155f. Easy to control with push of button. Should have bought years ago for brewing. Safe cool temperature of outside of burner while cooking. Would of gave it a 5 if temp control had setting between 800 and 1200 watts for more precise temp control.

Never had a chance to use it, but it appears to be a quality item.

I’ve been using this for home brewing for a few months now and i absolutely love it. I had to wire in my own 220v nema 6-20 outlet but it wasn’t hard at all. I was skeptical that it would be poor quality for the price and being made in china but this unit is very high quality and i have had zero issues with it. Remember, if a magnet wont stick to the bottom of your pot/pan, it wont work on this cook-top. Induction cooking will only work on ferrous materials. As far as all of the product functions, i can only comment on the wattage settings. I’ve only ever needed a nice rolling boil, so for a 5 gallon boil i start it out at 3600w and then turn it off close to 170f (measured by separate thermometer) for steeping grains for at least 30 mins (it will take 5 gals past 170f in under 30 mins). Then i’ll max it out again until i have my boil and then i turn it down to 1600w and then finally down to 1200w for the remainder of the hr+ boil. I also like that it is able to detect whether or not the pot/pan on the cook-top will work. Also, when you remove the pot it will shut off.

Bought this to use in home brewing beer. Have used 5 times and works great. Had to run a new circuit and outlet from my electrical panel but was not a big issue since i could do the work myself.

Literally the only flaw this burner has is the plug outlet requirement. I knew this in advance but was able to use it in a couple of outlets at home. It is light-weight but brought my 6 gallons of wort to a good rolling boil on the 2800 watt setting, i’m sure it can handle 10 gal if i tried on the highest setting. It heated up my mash and sparge water in about 20-25 minutes it seemed but i wasn’t keeping track. This is a great upgrade to brewing electric in order to brew in my apartment during the colder months.

Using them in our prep kitchen at our restaurant (we have two). Work very well could not be happier.

Done some test batches so far in preparation of the brewing day and have no complaints. Got some assistance from a home depot electrician and some engineers to convert from the dryer plug to the nema 6-20r, so then i didn’t have to install an additional outlet within my apartment. Essentially going from 30amp to 20amp, all the parts cost about $35 additionally. I have the northern brewer megapot 1. 2 10 gallon, it sits a bit over the sides however there is no loss with the heat transfer and will continue to get to a rolling boil within an hour or so of it at 3500w mark.

I bought this for brewing gallon biab homebrew batches. I have a 10 gallon stainless steel kettle and it heated 8 gallons of 64 degree tap water to 162 degrees in 42 minutes on the 3500w setting. It then heated the wort from 154 to to boiling in 25 minutes. It achieved a pretty good rolling boil with this volume. I was able to leave it on the 3500w setting for the duration of the boil. I ran a new 20 amp circuit and installed a 20 amp plug dedicated for this cooktop.

The cook-top looks better then the picture, it is beautiful, the quality is very good, even if i had some initial problems, witch are resolved by the seller. The seller service was excellent, even if there are thousands of miles between. I will recommend to anybody, it is a good quality product, even if it is made in china. I am waiting for a replacement and i will update my review in few weeks.

Is definitely powerful enough to use for canning and homebrew making. My only issue is controlling the temperature but i would recommend it for larger pots.

When i started to try and use the burner i received an e1 error. This was because i was using an aluminum pot. Now that i use a stainless steel pot it works great.

After wiring up a proper outlet, this is fantastic for boiling stuff. Now that boiling is so easy, i cook something that way almost every day. It’s super easy to keep clean and i find the controls easy as well. I normally turn it up to max and until the water is boiling (in seconds) then turn it down (using celsius) to either 80 100 or 120 depending on what i’m cooking. To maintain any of these temps, it comes on full blast for a short time then turns back off for a short time. That means it gets much hotter than 100 and that’s a problem for something like cream of wheat for example because it will boil out of the pot before it cools back down. In this way, it’s very similar to cooking in a microwave. So for something that boils over easily, i use 80. For most boiling, i use 100, but if it won’t boil over and i want to keep the bubbles going hard, i use 120. For frying, i find an ordinary electric coil to produce better results since it’s too easy to burn stuff when this one cycles on and there’s too dramatic a temperature difference between on and off as it cycles to kind of maintain the set temperature.

The description is incorrect, there are only 8 steps for power, not 13, i. 400,800,1200,1600, 2000, 2400, 2800 and 3500 watt. As for the temperature, the text talks about degrees celcius, where it should be fahrenheit and there are only 8 steps, not 13. 80, 100, 120, 140, 160, 180, 200, 240 degrees fahrenheit. So, if you are a home brewer and you think you can hold a mash temp of 60 f or so automatically, that ain’t gonna work. Other than that it seems to work just fine.