Magic Chef MCIM22TS 27lb Ice Maker Stainless : Nice compact size and makes ice quickly!

I have had a few different ice makers before and this one is the best i have ever had. Recommend filtered water to make it lat longer.

This is the 3rd ice maker for my mother. It is the first that has easily found replacement parts. If it lasts more than a year i will upgrade it to a 5.

Magic Chef MCIM22TS 27lb Ice Maker Stainless

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  • Portable Mini Ice Maker in a Stainless Steel look.
  • Makes up to 27 lbs. of ice 24 hours. Makes ice in as little as 7 minutes.
  • Choice of 3 ice cube sizes
  • Makes 9 ice cubes per 1 cycle
  • Exterior drain and See-thru window

The icemaker in our crappy kenmore fridge crapped out right after warranty expired and would cost $500+ to repair. This machine works great as a replacement although requiring quite a bit of monitoring. Only have had it for a day so we’ll see how long it lasts.

I live in an apartment that is very old & doesn’t have a line for water to make ice in freezers. I have used this machine for almost a year and it has made my life better. I make one big batch once a week to fill bucket in fridge freezer. It is time consuming because it only makes a little at a time but better than filling ice trays all the time. I just set an afternoon or evening when i’m staying put watching t. And make enough until my freezer bucket is full then good for a week. I’m extremely happy with the output for the cost of this item.

Absolutely love the magic chef icemaker. I purchased it in august of 2015. It has worked without problems, with the exception of one brief issue, since then. It is now april of 2016, so that is nearly 8 months of good service. The only issue i’ve had, which has occurred only a few times, is that the red light on the front panel indicating that the water reservoir is low/empty will sometimes illuminate and thus shut off the ice making cycle. This is quickly and easily remedied by disconnecting the power cord from the receptacle (or just cycling off and then on the switch on a power strip). This resets whatever causes the issue and it goes immediately back to making ice. I initially bought one of the other manufacturer’s models, a refurbished one, and it did not work right out of the box. Pros/other things i like about the magic chef ice maker:-the ice cubes are made in 3 different sizes (although the difference in the sizes is not very great)-the hollow design of the ice cube effectively increases the surface area of the cube in contact with the liquid within which it is immersed, thereby providing additional cooling effect superior to that of a traditional block cube-the ice cycle is surprisingly quick, although it may not keep up with the demands of an outdoor dinner party, barbecue, etc. If you need that much ice with that rapidity, do the common sense thing and buy some bags to supplement the mc.

Magic Chef MCIM22TS 27lb Ice Maker Stainless : This is a really great ice maker. It makes great ice in 3 different sizes. Ice is always hard and it makes ice continually. It’s pretty quiet except when the ice drops on the empty basket. If you’re looking for a great ice maker this is the one to get.

The only issue is the need to drain the water when finished for if you don’t it sits and gets stale.

Made two gallons of cubes for my freezer within 24 hours or less. I can make filtered water and not the acidic ind from the tap.

I had a ge monogram ice maker for about 5 yrs that just stop making ice consistently. A repairman visit would cost at least $150 and more to fix. A new one would cost over $1000. While i loved the ice that it makes, clean, clear, cube ice, (if you ever poured soda over frozen ice you know why this is important), these thing just do not last and are way too expensive. So i basically decide to go portable. I do not have the counter space, so it needs fit into the space left by my undercounted ice maker. After reading all the reviews this was the one to get. I followed the instructions of another post to leave it upright for a day (actually a couple of days).

We use it everyday and it’s awesome. Makes plenty of ice for a household and does t take that much counter space. Great value even if you just want extra ice for parties.

I keep it running all the time. The ice melts and then in will make some more. If your getting small ice cubes you need to add more water it works best if you always keep it half full.

My only complaint would be the tiny plug on drain. We haven’t lost it yet but guessing it gets lost at some point so wish it came with more or knew of where i could buy more in case the tiny thing did get lost.

I’ve only used it three times but was very impressed with how quickly it made ice. I got it to use when i camp with my living quarters horse trailer. It was exactly what i wanted.

This product has performed flawlessly so far and has made my camping experience much more convenient. I use it in an rv in place of dealing with filling ice trays in the small freezer. Not only has it opened up space in my freezer for other things than ice trays but it has provided more ice than i’ll ever need. It seems to be a well built unit, very quiet, and a very convenient and useful appliance.

This machine works very well. I bought it to replace the emerson model that quit after producing at least 1000 pounds of ice in over 1000 days. Magic chef took the emerson machine and tweaked it slightly in a few places. One of the tweaks was putting the ice sensor probe at a lower position resulting in a smaller batch size. I don’t agree with this one tweak as an improvement which is why i knocked off one star. For the money, this machine will probably pay for itself in short order.

So far it has performed exceptionally well. We love having ice at the ready. It starts making ice immediately so if we turn it off for a long weekend and start then start it back up when back in the office, we have ice right away. No more ice trays to fool with.

First, i will say that i believe this product operated the way it was supposed to. However, it took 8 hours to make about 6 lbs. And because the ice maker is not a freezer, if i did not stay on top of removing the ice from the ice maker and putting it in the freezer, it would melt. I bought this to supply our regular ice usage in the house, since our freezer does not have an ice maker and i often forgot to buy ice and bring it home. However, even making a return trip to the store to buy ice is much more convenient than waiting/watching the ice maker for 8 hours. This just is not the right way for me to have access to ice, so i will be returning it.

Note: in the start up instructions they have you open the drain (screw off cap with little plastic plug) and clean the unit with a damp cloth. . Make damn sure you don’t place the plastic plug near the sink. Not the manufacturer’s fault but just something to keep in mind. It works great so far, the ice is abundant but it isn’t rock hard. S if you like sonic ice, you are going to love this.

The icemaker performs exactly as advertised. My only annoyance with it is that the manufacturer does not recommend leaving it to run continuously. The recommendation is to empty and clean it frequently. Hence i leave it empty until i have need for it. One concern is that the water drain has a plug insert that can be easily lost. The cap to the drain does not have a gasket, so re-inserting the plug before putting back on the cap is necessary to keep the drain from leaking.

I live with an ice bag on my knee and the blue gel ice packs don’t do the job – and can cause freezeburn if you aren’t careful. I now fill up the bin in my freezer and fill several freezer bags with ice. I only have to make ice one day a week and i have plenty for use in iced drinks, fruit shakes and icing my knee.

Works exactly as it says it will. I wish the ice wouldn’t freeze together when i put it in my main freezer, but it does not advertise that it is a freezer so if i empty it before it runs out of water or fills the bin it is better.

This is our third ice maker. The first one was a magic chef that finally gave up the ghost. We thought we would save money and get a cheaper one the second time. This time we went back to the magic chef and have been glad we did. So far, it’s doing everything the way it’s supposed to with no problems.

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