Magic Chef MCD1311ST 1 – so so product

I replaced a similar magic chef microwave that i’d used for many years with this just-slightly-larger new version. Just like my old one, the controls are easy to understand and use, and the inside is big enough for a large dinner plate or a casserole dish. The beautiful stainless steel finish with black trim fits perfectly in my kitchen. I don’t hesitate to recommend this great appliance.

Have had mine for over 10 years, still works great, no issues so far. Older technology for the power level drops it to 4 stars.

This is the best microwave i have ever owned. My son liked it so well, i ended up buying him one for himself. Here are the specifications for the Magic Chef MCD1311ST 1:

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  • Manufacturer: Magic Chef

It cooks really quick and evenly. It looks and feels expensive with a nice handle to open the door and a light that comes on when you open it. I hate the push button models and they always break. It’s average loud and gives 3 short beeps when it’s done. I hope it lasts because it’s a keeper.

I absolutely love how safe i am knowing the govt can see everything in my kitchen.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Great microwave for the price!
  • Reliable and simple and nice looking
  • Heating

Worked perfect easy to use and to clean.

My first one lasted for years.

Had the previous model and this surpasses it. Stainless inside easy to clean.

I am not sure that they make things as good as they used to. We replaced our antique 1980 working microwave, for this one in 2005 because my hubby didn’t want to give our kids brain cancer. It lasted exactly 7 years, but worked well till it suddenly gave up the ghost.

This is the second microwave of this brand for us. In fact, it is exactly like one that was 10+ years old when it died. This one has some updated features or could it be that we didn’t read all the owners’ manual on the first one. We would advise anyone interested to buy it.

Although i bought this from home depot, i would give this 10 stars. I bought this very same model 10 to 15 years ago and it worked flawlessly until a couple of years ago. I kept replacing the magnatron cover but eventually it sparked all the time – so it was time for a new one. Remarkably, the new one is identical – all stainless interior and exterior except for the controls and door parts in black. The controls are easy to use, one can chose any combo of seconds or minutes or use the presets. The interior is large enough for all our uses: 14. All the other microwaves i looked at had plastic interiors or preset cooking times only.

I am very satisfied with the microwave. It offers me the functions i was seeking in a microwave. It is a classy looking addition to our kitchen and works very well.

This is a great little microwave oven. It is all stainless steel inside and out. It looks good and performs flawlessly. This is the second one of this model that i have purchased and i highly recommend this model mcd1311st.

This is a long lasting, high preforming piece of equipment. I keep 2 backups on had all the time.

This is a great microwave for the money. Completely stainless inside and out. Control panel is nicely laid out with most of the controls you’ll find on even some of the more expensive ones. The buttons are easily pushed, unlike my old panasonic. Light comes on when you open the door, also unlike my old panasonic that only came on when it was cooking. You can defrost by time or weight. Add time or take time off by a push of a button. It has small feet that help hold the microvave to your counter top so it won’t slide when opening and closing the door. There really isn’t anything i don’t like about this microwave. It’s easy to clean and has an outside handle instead of a push button to open the door.

The first one lasted at least 8 years, maybe 10, i can’t remember. Glad they still make this microwave 🙂 yay.

We bought three of these microwave for the employee break room at a distribution center. The first two died after a few months of usage. Not sure if it was a manufacture defect, power surge or an employee sticking a metal container that blew them out. We returned them for new ones and they have since been working non stop for over four years. These microwave take a beating every day and they are still going strong. The handle and the stainless steal design is ideal for cleanliness. A few months back the light blew out and our maintenance crew was able to replace it right away. The replacement bulb were about $5 at manufacturer’s website.

I must have gotten a good unit, as my magic chef has lasted 14 years . The serial number plate says dec 2002 . It finally started sparking so it is time to replace it. I think i will order another one like it. So much for planned obsolesce.

This was a repurchase as my previous mc microwave lasted several years. Was glad to see i could buy the same microwave years later. The only change is a chrome handle.

I purchased this about ten years ago and sadly it just died. The magnetron finally went out, 2 years past the very ample 8 year warranty. This was one easy to use, simple machine that did everything well. I purchased it for $80 on sale (so it cost me about $8 a year for its life), but even at today’s price on amz it’s worth it because not only is the outside stainless but the inside is stainless and that is what keeps it clean and odor free. Plus it has an easy to use handle to open the door, both of which features are almost impossible to find in any consumer model today under $8-900.