Magic Chef 1.6 cu. ft. Countertop Microwave in Stainless Steel – Slides and stains

Delivered timely, packaged very well and works like a charm.

A very sturdy, well built, and easy to use microwave. A good user’s manual also comes with it, which is helpful for us ‘non-engineering’ types, to properly use these high end modern appliances.

I just bought this oven to replace an lg that i had for a day. I liked that oven too but the control panel was very hard to read. You needed glasses or a flashlight as the numbers are small and not white. I replaced a 20 year old panasonic with this mc oven and like it. Nothing is perfect and i miss being able to say press 44 and start and it runs for 55 seconds. On this oven, i have to press time cook before entering the cook time. The advantage is the numbers 1-6 equal 1-6 cook minutes. Press 1, it turns on and cooks for 1 minute, 2 for 2 minutes up 6 for 6 minutes. That is convenient, as is pressing start and it cooks for 30 seconds. Press start again and it adds 30 secs while cooking. Here are the specifications for the Magic Chef 1.6 cu. ft. Countertop Microwave in Stainless Steel:

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    by entering your model number.
  • 1.6 cu. ft. capacity accommodates a wide variety of dishes
  • 1,100 watts of cooking power for effective cooking performance
  • 6 pre-programmed 1-touch cooking menus for cooked results at the touch of a button
  • 3 auto defrost menus make it easy to thaw fridge and freezer items
  • Auto start function for convenient operation 11 power levels give you a wide variety of cooking possibilities
  • Dimension: 21.8 x 20.2 x 12.8 inch (WXDXH)

This is replacing my four year old amana of the same size/watt, etc. Which was still working but sounded like a 747 taking off. I’ve been using it for a week now. It started off super quiet but it’s starting to make a bit of noise when it starts off. Time will tell how long this one will last. I’d give this one five stars but no one makes a microwave where the buttons light up or you can shut off the beeping when you are programming it or when it’s finished. I wish you could shut it off. (hello manufacturers) we have people sleeping in the house in the mornings. The price was right the quality seems to be the same as the amana which i paid $260, more than twice as this model. Quick start buttons for minute timed cook.

I was fortunate to get this for $99. I bought it for my parents a few months ago and they reported that its been working well and that it looks really nice.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Half the price of the Amana with the exact same features
  • Great, beautiful stainless steel microwave!
  • Great Microwave

Great microwave, love the ideal of having a handle instead of pushing a hard button to open it, very quiet, i ordered this for my office, but thinking of now getting one for a christmas gift.

I had to replace my panasonic model nn-sn797s. Everytime we used it, it knocked out the wi-fi connection. Some people think it’s just a matter of putting your router on a different channel but that was not the case. I tried using alternate channels and it continued to drop out whenever the microwave was being used. The problem of course is both microwaves and wireless routers use 2. 4ghz but if the panasonic was properly shielded, this shouldn’t be the problem. . And i’ve seen a lot of panasonic users complaining about this. So when i started shopping, i ruled out panasonic. I purchased the magic chef because i like that it doesn’t rely on a button to release the door(a common complaint), the controls are easy to use, and it’s attractive. It’s the same basic size and power output as the panasonic but priced very attractively.

Thank you for giving accurate dimensions. It fit perfectly for the small opening that i have.

Better than the one i replaced.

This microwave operates just fine, so far, but it has a couple of annoying drawbacks. The first is that the legs are made of cheap, hollow plastic, which causes it to move on the countertop when you go to open the door. To stop it from happening it became necessary to place small self-adhesive, anti-skid, dots under the legs, which was no easy chore since they did not adhere to the plastic well. So, you had to place the microwave where you want it the first time, or the dots would come off when you tried to move it. Secondly, the stainless steel surface shows every little stain (no pin intended). They wipe off easily enough, but it would have been nicer to have a color choice, like white, which hides the stains well because who wants to clean the outside of their microwave all the time.

Great product looks and works as it should without any issues.

It works good, just the start button is peeling off and we haven’t even used it for 6 months and it’s not used on a daily basis. So not happy that it’s coming apart.

Out of the box and put to work.

Long wanted a stainless steel clad microwave oven. When the old one failed, i went looking and found this magic chef model for a good price. It’s the real thing, not just painted to look like stainless. Arrived on time and it works.

Work very good , i likeit for the price.

Great product at a great price.

I love the express cook (just press 1 through 6 for that many minutes) and the +30 sec. Button, which i use almost exclusively. My only real nitpick is the weight defrost is a little confusing. Some honorable mentions also include: after many months of use, sometimes the turntable will make some noise, but it’s not major and it’s working. The popcorn button cuts it a bit short for the 3. 0 oz size, but it’s just being on the safe side i suppose. It’s funny, though, because we have 2. 9 oz bags, so one might think the 3. 0 oz setting would be sufficiently long. Sometimes, i just use the +30 sec.

Best microwave i have ever owned. Looks great and heats even better.

Bought two of these for the breakroom in the company where i work. Appear to be decent quality and both have been working fine for the last few months with daily use. No complaints from our employees thus far.

This is my second magic chef in 5 years. No the first one is still going strong like the rabbit you see on tv. I wanted the larger size to accommodate new additions to the extended family.