M.V. Trading Shabu Shabu Hot Pot – Great for a big party!

This hot pot was delivered nicely. Ive been trying to find something like this for a while that didn’t cost so much, i called around to stores and found out that there hot pots were very expensive. When i looked at this, i was worried that it might not be as good as the restaurants that i love. I tried it when my sister came over. She and i both had our own sides that we could put anything in. It was perfect because she is a picky eater. The only thing that isnt the best is the time it takes to cook things. Otherwise this is the best purchase for a hot pot.

I lived in china for a couple years so i know my hot pot. I’d never used one with a grill before, however. It’s much better than my grocery store hot plate + pot combination i’d been using. It keeps the liquid at a good temperature throughout and i don’t have to keep covering it and waiting every time i want to cook something else. The grill is a nice feature. I’ve used it for shrimp and thoroughly greased and cleaned it before and after because of all the reviews here. It’s a good product and great to make dinner more social with new friends.

I didn’t use it yet , it looks very good. I thought it works very well. Here are the specifications for the M.V. Trading Shabu Shabu Hot Pot:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Removable cooking pots for convenient use. See through high tempered glass cover
  • First-class welding finished internal divider to provide you the benefit to enjoy hotpot with two different flavors
  • Removable pot is dishwasher safe for easy clean up
  • Variable temperature control, powerful heating unit (1400W) and with 4 liter capacity
  • Great for table top cooking
  • Anti-skid feet to keep the pot sits evenly

The pot itself was easy to set up. It heats up in both grill and pot very quickly. I never had a 2 in 1 before, so this was awesome. What i love the most is that the power cord was long enough where i didn’t need an extension cord to plug in when eating with the family.

I love doing shabu shabu/ chines hot pot at my ski cabin with family and friends. Had been using an electric fondue, but i wanted the real thing. They are not easy to find, and this was the best i could do. I like the duel chambers because i could make one side extreme spice on one side and a more mild, or use miso for a change. It is just hot enough on high, but barely. It would be good if it could put out a few more btu’s. Over all, the best i could find, and it is good. I would just prefer a level higher quality and sturdiness. Williams sonoma should offer a higher quality one.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Thai style Korean BBQ – Jao Hon Kowlee
  • Shabu Shabu cooking
  • Great hot pot

I’ve held several hot pot parties now and this works as well as any restaurant piece. I’m thoroughly pleased with my purchase.

I don’t write reviews often. After burning my finger trying to make this pot work, i have to give it a bad review. Every time when we use it, it stops in the middle of dinner. There seems a connection problem. We have to move the end of cable to make the power light on. It’s very frustrating and annoying. It’s the worst thing i ever brought from amazon.

Apart from having eaten hot pot in china, using a charcoal-heated pot, this product works wonderfully well. I heated the broth to boiling before adding it to the pre-order hot pot, and the liquid stayed at the perfect simmer throughout the entire meal. The grill worked well, although previous posts are correct- the grill is difficult to clean; i did spray the grill with pam grilling spray beforehand. I enjoyed using this hot pot and would definitely recommend it.

I bought this as a gift, but am buying one for myself.

I loved my daughter’s hot pot so ordered one like it. Needed two for a party we were having and hadn’t used mine yet. It didn’t work so i have to return it. If the seller credits my account, i will buy another one because when they work they are great.

It is very useful for whole family, during the winter,spring and full, no more cooking, good for your health. Package send too fast, good quality.

This shabu shabu hot pot makes for great family dinners and conversations with friends. Everyone loves sharing the hot pot, discovering floating delicacies. The only thing i regret with the purchase is not to have invested in the 2 compartment for the broth. With a single compartment we can only have one broth rather than the two we usually get at our local asian restaurant. The two compartment version allow for a mild and a spicy broth instead of the average dull mix. Once the food is prepared, there isn’t much to do with the hot pot. Just plug it in, adjust the thermostat and wait a few minutes. Usually we set it up on high until it boils, then reduce quite a bit just to keep it warm. With a full load of broth, it takes about 12 minutes to boil before you can start enjoying your delicious meal. Cleaning is very easy as the top comes off.

My wife is chinese, and missed the hot pot of her homeland, so i bought this. She is happy, and if it meets her approval, i know it’s good. It works well, and the food is delicious.

The first time we used it it had a slight smell from the heat elements, however that pasted in a very short time. It’s a whole lot of fun to throw a party. Its the rite size for 4-8 people to share.

Love this thing for great shabu.

I love that it can serve a big party and it has an electric heater. I am not a big fan of the small cord. I have to pull out an extension cord to use it.

I have only used it once so far but it worked great. Heated quickly and wasn’t that bad cleaning up.

I can’t say enough about this shabu shabu hot pot. It heats up fast and maintains whatever your chosen temperature. I’ve had zero problems and i’ve cranked up the heat consistently , i thought by now i would have broken it but it keeps going.

Easy to use and clean, reliable.

This is the second pot i bought from mv trading. I lived in thailand for a few years and one of my favorite dinners was yao hon kowlee bbq. In thailand, real fire (charcoal pot is used) and the bbq/soup pot, which aluminum with slits cut into it that allows for cooking the meat and at the same time allowing the fats and caramelized juices to flow into the soup, sits above the glowing coals. As the dinner progresses, the soup (recipe to follow) gets tastier. Having a clay pot that weights 20 lbs filled with 3-5 lbs of burning coals limited this dinner to an out door affair. We live where it gets over 100 f in the summer and snows in the winter so we could not enjoy this as often as we would like (its not fun sitting around 3-5 lbs of burning coals when its +100f). I searched the net periodically for something that would allow my family to grill meats and have the drippings to flavor a base soup and this was the closest i could find. This works great if you have the correct utensils and enjoy a social dinner and are not in a hurry. Its romantic if just you and your spouse/significant other. But also fun for the kids (we have 5 thus the need for 2).