LINKYO Knife Sharpener, Five Stars

I love the size and looks of this thing. I have very little counter space and this fits on the counter without taking up a lot of room. The looks are pretty neat, like something captain kirk might use to zap an aggressive alien. I never sharpened my knives before, my husband always did and he had this super duper thing that seemed to require the removal of a thumb to make it work. The linkyo sharpener works very well. My knives had gotten very dull and i used this on all my knives. Took a very short time and it worked.

This little knife sharpener is simple to use and works well. With just a few strokes, i sharpened several seriously dull knives that hadn’t been sharpened in years. The three step process takes only a few minutes for each knife. I’ve owned other knife sharpeners that don’t do a thing. This one made my old knives usable again.

I bought this three stage sharpener after buying a similar, two stage one for two dollars less. Both seem to work very well. The cheaper model says you can saw the knife back and forth but i don’t see how that is all that much of a selling point. To get the tip part of a knife sharp, it seems to be a good idea to draw the knife from the heel to the tip which is what this product recommends. It works very well and it will also sharpen, it says, ceramic knives, of which i have only one. Serrated knives are actually rather easy to sharpen with a diamond or ceramic sharpening rod. The secret is to only sharpen the non serrated, back of the edge. Scissors, once you know the secret, are dirt simple to sharpen using a rod or any stone (though not this tool). The secret to sharpening shears is to never sharpen the inside faces, the ones that rub against each other. Hold the shear nearly vertically on the stone leaning slightly away from the inside parts that rub together.

Key specs for LINKYO Knife Sharpener (3 Stage Knife Sharpening System, Stainless Steel, Features Diamond Abrasives):

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  • BEAUTIFUL AND DURABLE – stainless steel design fits into the décor of any kitchen and makes the perfect gift
  • FEATURES – 100% Diamond abrasives for shaping and & sharpening, Zerconia ceramic abrasives for honing & finishing
  • 3-STAGE SYSTEM – Quickly and safely sharpens dull or damaged knives, then easily maintains the edges to keep knives sharp longer
  • THE PERFECT EDGE – Preset angles ensure precise sharpening every time
  • Buy with Confidence – Backed by our 100% lifetime warranty after product registration

Comments from buyers

“Stan the Man Reviews: three stage knife sharpener by Linkyo
, Great value for a great little sharpener
, Brings life to old, dull knives!

Well, now that i used this product i can slice a tomato effortlessly.

Very nice design and appears to be very high quality for the price. Very stable and safe to use on a solid surface such as a counter top. My wife has a henkels branded sharpener that goes with her henkels knife set. It cost more than double what we paid for the linkyo, and it doesn’t work any better, and the henkels doesn’t even have the ceramic sharpening feature. My one recommendation for improvement would be to label each of the stages/slots of the sharpener to identify their respective uses. Even a label on the underside of the device that illustrates which slot serves which purpose would be helpful. Bottom line: well worth the price, and i would buy this again.

We have no concerns or complains. The products was as described. It’s nice and compact and looks elegant enough that we just leave it on the counter. All 3 stages of sharpening work according to their purpose. The product was shipped promptly and was packaged well. It arrived within a very reasonable time frame.

I have all these expensive knives that were essentially useless except for spread butter. Now they work and work well. This is easy, compact and does the job.

I have mixed feelings as to the quality. It works, but i don’t see the improved sharpness i think i should be seeing. I’ll continue to use but i don’t think i can recommend it.

I got this today and started using it instantly. This sharpener is so easy to use and actually works. It fits in my kitchen drawers. My first thought on this was that it wouldn’t work , but it does and i am truly amazed. 10 stars is needed for the linkyo knife sharpener.

We have expensive knives but after years, i had never got them sharpened. I realized they were dull, but still cut, so never took the time to get them sharpened. I happened upon this knife sharpener during one of amazon’s ‘deal of the day’. I purchased it and can’t believe how a simple tool can sharpen our knives quickly, easily and back to the original sharpness.I have only used it for one round of sharpening (maybe 25 knives), and now plan to use it once a month. It seems like it is made with materials that will hold up and work for a long time.

Having sharpened knives for over 60 years, i can attest to the quality of the linkyo knife sharpener. It met my acid test, peeling tomato’s, superbly. I have no idea how they produce this sharpener so inexpensively.

A little larger than i was expecting but easy to use and makes my knives sharper.

This has to be probably the best knife sharpener i have owned i just love it.

I’m no chef but it sharpened my knife just fine.

I purchased 2 of these, one for my mom and one for myself. It got great reviews on here and i am so glad i made the purchase. I had some old knives that i’ve held on to for years and they were so dull i really had to put some elbow grease into cutting up chicken and things. The knives were so dull that i was almost sweating, just cutting up chicken. The linkyo knife sharpener is so easy to use and made my knives so sharp, the blades will slice through anything now with no problem. All you do is hold on to it with one hand and with the other hand, slide your knife through the sharpener slot a couple of times and you’re good to go. There’s a slot on the sharpener for serrated knives too but i haven’t used that one yet because i don’t own a serrated knife. My mom loves her sharpener and we’re both pleased with this product.

Not bad, but not doing what i wanted. Maybe my technique needs adjustment. My hunting knives too thick for sharpener.

Bought because info said sharpens ceramic knives. As long as you follow directions works excellent. Works great for all other knives also.

I got this for my stepdad for christmas and he really likes it and says that it works extremely well. I need one myself, so i’ll be ordering one shortly to have for my own.

Looks good, doesn’t take much space, sharpens well. Make sure to read the instructions that come with it.

I used it to re sharpen all our knives. After following the included instructions my knives are sharper now than when i first purchased them.

The fine edge slot doesn’t seem to create the sharp edge that i was hoping for.

Overall good job for kitchen knives.

They were solicitous for a review and i had to admit i broke my ceramic knife in it first thing.

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