L’EQUIP 528 6 Tray Food Dehydrator : Plastic is sturdy and resilient

I mainly bought this unit to dehydrate almonds and it does so very well. I’ve tried other vegetables but they all came out rubbery. This could be due to my lack of experience and maybe i’m doing something wrong. The unit works perfectly and silently. It’s as loud as a desk fan running at medium speed.

This dehydrator works very well. Some of the other reviews didn’t like it becuase the motor is in the bottom and not the top, which could cause damage if moisture got in, but i haven’t had that problem. I just pat my meat dry and place it in the trays. Just remember to season your meat before you put it on the trays, otherwise your salt, garlic, etc will fall through to the motor. The trays are extremely large and i can do a whole roast at once. Haven’t used the fruit trays yet, but love the fact that so many things are included with this item. I am happy with this purchase.

We have two fruit trees loaded with persimmons. It has been running almost 24 7 since it arrived. You do need to rotate trays for even drying but not a problem for us. Did contact customer service and was not impressed with their helpfulness but the machine is working great.

This is a very adequate product for a nonmetal appliance. Does everything i wanted and have used it a lot. You do need to rotate during middle of drying session, but a simple thing to have to do.

  • Worked great as expected
  • Good machine so far
  • L’Equip is well equipped!

L’EQUIP 528 6 Tray Food Dehydrator, 500-watt

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  • Solid State variable temperature control temperature control from 95-158 degrees.
  • “Centra Flow” air design ensures consistent distribution of heat throughout the drying process. More than just hot air.
  • Stackable up to 12 trays deep and comes with 6 trays. Trays provide 1.2 square feet of drying surface per tray.
  • Energy efficient 530-watt drying system that comes with a 10 year warranty to ensure you are drying for years to come.
  • Includes 6 drying trays, 6 mesh screens, and 2 fruit leather trays.

I have made beef jerkey about three times. I really like the temperture setting because not all other units have this feature. It comes with a book that has a few recipes in it. However, i just make up my own. I have not tried out doing veggies or fruits yet.

Fan is noisy and on all the time in use.

Works great and is easy to use. We have used it for herbs and jerky. Easy to clean and plenty of trays to spread herbs out for drying. Our main use is for making vension jerky and it does a great job on it.

This dehydrator was a really great price, and it works great. Our favorite treat to make is fruit leather from apple sauce straight out of the bottle. A week doesn’t go by without trying something new in our dehydrator. I was just mentioning to my wife the other day, we need to get another one for our son who likes to make his own jerky and dehydrated fruits. L’equip 306200 550-watt 6-tray food dehydrator, gray.

I enjoy this item, easy to operate.

The dehydrator came on time and was in excellent condition. It is just what we were looking for. We like that it has a covered heater and fan so no food crumbs or drippings get into it. It comes with drying sheets and is easy to clean. We also like that it has 6 trays so that you can almost any amount of fruit or vegetables at a time. The accompanying guide book with recipes is very helpful.

I dehydrate lots of jerky year round. And this dehydrator works as well as any unit i have ever used. I just started to dehydrate and make my own ground hot pepper mix and this is the unit i have been looking for so i would highly recommend this one.

I make liver and chicken jerky for my dogs.

This is one efficient dehydrator we strongly recommend. Loading the ample trays is smooth and the liner inserts are easy to clean. The end product is excellent. We even ordered extra trays for the forty pounds of granny smiths to be dehydrated and given as gifts.

This item was a gift for my boyfriend. This item was a gift for my boyfriend. He has used it quite a bit since receiving it and loves it. He was really impressed with the trays. The dehydrator he had before had flimsy trays that deteriorated very quickly.

My first dehydrator and i have to say i love it. This is my first dehydrator and i have to say i love it. The second i got it in the mail i opened it up and started right in on cutting strawberries, kiwis and apples for my first batch. They have come out just as professional as could be. It’s so easy to use and clean.

I soak my beef strips overnight in a reciepe my family enjoys. Drained it well the next morning giving it about 20 mins at room temp to relax the meat. Placed meat on trays and and sprinkled meat with ground sea salt to aid drying. Set temp to 145 (checked by a thermometer) and was enjoying beef jerky in approximately 4 hours. Directions were easy to follow. Unit is quieter than some i have had.

Each and every tray arrived out evenly,very great.

I have never owned any other dehydrator, but this is straightforward to use and i have experienced no difficulties with it. I would warn you that the plastic fruit leather trays are costly for what they are, and pricing is non-competitive.

L’equip food dehydrator is uncomplicated to use and the final result is exceptional. Initially, this was our very first dehydrator so measurement and expense played a massive issue on our picking out this unit. We preferred a thing that easy to use and clear but even now supplied a sizable drying surface. The greatest characteristic are the stackable trays, it can make the food preparing and cleansing straightforward and rapidly. I would endorse the l’equip, i considering about performing a batch of jerky afterwards now.

I’ve experienced this dehydrator for at minimum a 12 months or two and have no complaints. I use it to dry lavender and other organics i use to make pure soaps. I dry apples and orange peel(and lemon) and other fruits we use in breads and pastries. It truly is good for drying tomatoes for salads or whatever.

Used for the first time yesterday. This dehydrator replaces our worn out 20+ year old waring model. Loved the rectangular shape – made it easy to load with strips for beef jerky. Clean up was a breeze, just soaked trays for a short time and they easily washed clean. Took advice from other reviews and kept the fruit leather trays on the bottom rack to catch any drips from jerky marinade. Loved the thermostat control and followed the directions provided in the l’equipe manual for jerky. Can’t wait for farmer’s market and my summer vegetable garden this year to experiment with more.

I genuinely like this dehydrator. I bought it for my father for his birthday and he truly likes it. It includes sample cooking occasions for everyone new to dehydrating. It has 6 shelves, which are pretty significant. We make dehydrated hen for canine treats, as nicely as dehydrated beef and fruit for ourselves. It functions terrific so much and seems very durable and trustworthy. I have utilized it about ten times out of the last two months with no issues at all.

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L'EQUIP 528 6 Tray Food Dehydrator, 500-watt
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