LEE The Pea Sheller Jr – Nice little item.

For purple hull peas this little machine rocks. I’d say close to 32 linear ft of purple hull peas on cattle panel tresses. I’ve shelled gallons of peas and this product ate through the peas like they were nothing. I highly recommend this product as a complete time saver. Attached to a drill, what would literally take 45 minutes to hand shell is reduced to 5 minutes. I’d be lying if i didn’t say there was also a component of fun to it as well. You will completely understand if you have been hand shelling for any amount of time. The unit cleanse with absolute ease and i have seen zero evidence of wear.

I used this with slow turning electric drill. Shelling was a small field pea. There were just way too many damaged peas and loose pea ‘skins’ that are hard to separate out for my taste. Maybe it would work better with other peas. I went back to hand shelling (aargh). I decided to keep it anyway to try on a different pea later.

Works great but takes a lot of time. Wished it was electric and a little bigger.

The sheller does a good job. I have owned one for about 6 years and figured it was about time to get another one. Easy to us and efficient at shelling peas. It is not for a big pea grower but just for garden type use. I would recommend it to anyone.

Been wanting one for quite awhile.

Bought for the gardening mother. Made her life way easier and increased her harvest.

  • Mr Pea Sheller
  • Great pea sheller ! Saves so much time!!!
  • A must have

I had been paying a commercial sheller but they went out of business. Sure was dreading having to hand shell them. Read a lot of reviews for this sheller and decided to give it a try. Was very impressed with the results. We picked and shelled them immediately with no problem. Would highly recommend this product.

Pea sheller for over 20 years. It is now wearing down alittle so i figured i’d better order one for stand by;just in case the the one i use craps out. I hook up a drill to it and it allows me to do my beans and peas much faster. Thanks for the very fast response.

Bought this in anticipation of peas. Had one (different kind) and it mooshed about half the peas. Hopefully this will do a better job. Due to our drought i may not get as many peas as usual, but, am hoping for a good crop as my larder is down on veggies – haven’t bought from store in years. Will let you know what happens.

This pea sheller is easy to set up and actually fun to use. We had a nice purple hull pea yield this summer and we were surprised to see how quickly we were able to shell them. We wish we had found this gadget years ago.

It works great, not as fast as an electric sheller but much faster than doing it by hand. Just be sure to clean the peas out from where they drop once they are shelled frequently or it will mash them. Hooked my cordless drill to it works great, my wife feeds the peas in and i run the drill.

Features of Lee The Pea Sheller Jr (Mr. Pea Sheller), Silver

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Excellent for small batches of about a quart at a time
  • Upper shaft is adaptable to fit your hand mixer. Makes the job even faster.
  • Easy to clean
  • One year guarantee
  • Steel construction with tough nylon gears

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

If you get the right technique down it does save time and does smash some peas. It only works on the less mature pea pods though. Too fat and green it does not fit through. So if you want the more young tender peas its great. Otherwise you will end up doing half by hand.

We planted purple hull peas for the first time this year and i was really dreading shelling them. A friend told us about this pea sheller so i ordered one. When we first opened it we were surprised at the small size. I had my doubts about it but it has turned out to be amazing.We hook it up with an electric drill and it saves so much time.

Every knows i am a sucker for a kitchen gadget. I havent got to use this yet, the army worms ate my peas this year, but it is a solid made thing, and if it works like it is supposed to it should be really handy.

Bought this pea sheller to shell peas from my garden and found it to be a great investment for the money. Although it is a small gadget it shells peas at a pretty fast pace. Workws good with a blender or hand crank, but is only for the home gardener.

The unit is on the small side, so you cannot feed very many peas through at one time. It did okay with the smaller peas, but i did have to follow their suggestion and blanch the cow peas for one minute in order for the sheller to work on them. It is an extra step and still a time saver when i have a lot of peas to shell, but worth setting up and cleaning if i am only shelling enough peas for dinner – slh.

Unit is much smaller than i expected. My dad was able to get it to work after much finessing. I tried it and failed and was frustrated. Based on the size and how well it works and quality of construction, this should be a $10-$20 item.

Excellent for small batches of about a quart at a time

This pea sheller takes so much stress out of pea shelling. Easy to put together and easy to work.

This sheller works well, especially if you only have a small garden. I tried to use it for multiple bushels per day. More than 1 bushel and you are better off going to an industrial pea sheller and save your hands.

This product makes shelling black eyed peas so much easier and is a real time saver. I have spent many hours hand shelling peas and this product makes the job 10 times faster. You have to be more careful that you only pick mature peas but overall iti is a very good product worth the investment.

I bought this last year but just got the opportunity to use it this week on purple hull peas. I actually forgot i had it until after i had shelled a bushel and my thumbs were killing me. I set it up on a tv tray and used it while watching and chatting. I hulled over a bushel of purple hulls and the results are quite good. It prefers the peas to be somewhat mature and will tend to crush ‘green’ pods but did okay with all of the peas. Between my daughter and i we have put up 17 quarts of peas in the past three days. It beats the heck out of shelling by hand. I don’t understand why some people can’t get it to work as it is pretty self explanatory and really only works one way. Once you figure out the setup for capturing peas and empty hulls it is quite fast. If you plan to put up multiple bushels of various types of peas then you might be better off spending $500 on a taylor electric sheller but this is great for putting up a few bushels a year.

Bought this for cream peas and hooked to a drill. It did work, but smashed more than i care to see. Since i have a small 30′ row i felt that i would save more peas with shelling by hand. Very grateful that this seller gave me a full refund. Might work better with larger peas like blackeye or purplehull.

Works as well or better than i’d hoped based on the reviews. Does well with cowpeas (at the right stage of maturity) and even did well with 4 different varieties of lima bean if i blanched them (1-2 min in boiling water, then shell). I could shell about 1/2 lb of cowpea pods in 3-4 minutes, which would be about 2 small servings. Drawback: a little difficult to clamp onto table firmly, and may damage the table. I use a little slip of scrap wood in between table and clamping screw. Still not as stable as i’d like.

Upper shaft is adaptable to fit your hand mixer.

Many years ago i bought the large version of the mr pea sheller. But then i quit gardening and after a few years decided to sell it. Now groceries are sky high so i’m back to growing a garden. I do not grow as much as i used to and even if i did i could no longer afford the large model, the price has gone up. After my first experience of having to hand shell a million peas and the hours it took to do so, i knew that this time i needed help before the peas were ready. So i ordered this little guy. I hand cranked the peas i pulled just for supper and was finished in less than 2 minutes. When the garden exploded and i had to really get down to shelling i pulled out my hand mixer and hooked it up to the sheller. It will shell faster than you can feed the peas through it. So my son helped and we were done in no time at all. Wish i had bought this one the first time and saved a lot of money instead of buying the big unit years ago.

Works well with electric drill.

I planted a lot of butter beans this year and wanted an easier way to shell them. This little sheller is the the answer for me. Even better if your husband helps.

We shell a lot of peas and this is not the product we need. I guess we should have bought an industrial model.

Works good on dry beans,best if fed tail first. Metal construction, made in the united states.

Easy to clean

One year guarantee