Le Coucou Harmony I-B Low Fat Frying Non-Stick No Oil-Smoke Kitchen Countertop Air Fryer, Yummy snacks in a jiffy

I bought this because of an info-mercial for a different pricey air fryer. But this one lives up to my expectations. Not overly loud, mine was the touch screen model and i like that. Food was great added 2 teaspoons of olive oil to a ziplock bag coated my food and air fry. Be hard pressed to tell the difference when done between deep fry and air fry. Just less calories and olive oil is better for your body.

It did shrimp, fish fillets, chimichangas, chicken for general tso’s chicken and veal for veal parm really well. Perhaps not quite as crispy as deep fat frying but a lot better than ‘oven frying’. It did frozen fries very well. We tried doing from fries from raw potatoes. My wife liked them but i thought the hot air dried them out a bit much. The shrimp, fish, chimichangas and breaded veal cutlets were all from scratch, not something frozen that had been partially fried at the factory.

It heats ups quickly and makes things so crispy. I did a personal size frozen pizza in here, too. Just be careful not leave your food in too long. It doesn’t take long at all to get great food.

Key specs for Le Coucou Harmony I-B Low Fat Frying Non-Stick No Oil-Smoke Kitchen Countertop Air Fryer:

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  • Healthy: oil less fry technology, great tasting food with 70 percent less fat. Not oil smoke air fryer
  • Easy operation: easy use 2 knob controls panel with auto standby feature
  • Multiple uses: cook a variety of full meals easily and quickly using little to not oil for fry’s, meats, seafood, risotto, vegetables and many other dishes
  • Safety: fda and etl certification; only start while fry pan has been locked; dishwasher safe with non stick dishwasher safe pan
  • Buy with confidence as we offer 30 day trial period if you are not satisfied

Comments from buyers

“It offers the best cost-performance ratio
, Fried foods and less expense!
, LOVE it !!!!

Just received a few days ago, so not a lot of experience on it yet. My first attempt at sweet potato fries was perfect. Instead of preheating, i cooked them for 20 minutes on 400. The basket size was much larger than i expected so i am anxious to try spring rolls.

I like this i will buy another one soon.

This air fryer does a wonderful job.

I bought this for my grand daughter. She wanted something that she could cook in that didn’t take grease. She was very pleased with the style of it.

Great for when you need a convection oven but don’t want to wait to preheat a full sized oven. Yes, it basically does what an oven does, but it’s a lot faster, which i appreciate. The pan size isn’t huge, but making a second batch of something isn’t that big a deal because of how fast things cook in it.

We gave this as a gift for christmas. We got a call last night from the recipient that they love this. They cooked fries and chicken nuggets and said both never tasted so good.

Awesome i 😘 love this 👍😘 thank 👍.

It was given as a gift they liked it.

We are retired and don’t desire fried foods all that often, but this appliance is really tops. You can get one with a familiar brand name for about $300 but this one is absolutely super for the price.I had no difficulty using it and it cleans like a champ. I even did some zucchini with my own homemade batter,.

Pros:- easy to use, temperature dial & timer dial- easy to clean- simple pull out drawer design (inner basket wtih locking switch)- not too hot outside during use- much healthier than deep fry- so far durable despite weekly use (3 weeks now)- reasonable price (less than a hundred)cons:- due to less oil used, some vegi may come out a bit driedit’s very simple to use, easy to clean, so i have been using it at least once a week, for potatoes, yams, fish sticks, chicken wings. My family loves fried stuff, they still love the food i made with it, so this is a better choice than deep frying. Etc, i soaked in water first or microwave in water first for few minutes before putting into air-fryer, can turn out crunchy outside and soft inside.

Works well with battered items, panko breaded items not as well.

This is the best egg in my house. Best at reheating food and heating up frozen fries, tater tots, etc. It’s really more of an oven than it is a fryer which is a little disappointing. No fried oreos in this bad boy. But don’t cook 30 tater tots at once, they get soggy.

-great product ,-my wife likes it very much -fast cooking.

Crispy food without the added fat.

My kids are in love with this thing. The only reason i gave it a 4-star is because it does have a smell of plastic when you use it for the first couple of times.

I am single and for various reasons, including long work shifts, eat mostly frozen dinners. Microwave results are barely edible. . Frozen spots and spots that take off skin on the roof of my mouth. I decided to try a low cost air fryer after seeing all the ads. I put some frozen breakfast burritos, single pizza etc in this thing and the results are off the charts. Burritos perfectly toasted and evenly heated and flavor like never before. Instead of soggy limp crusts and cheese burning your mouth, i get perfectly baked crust and cheese done to perfection. No more 3rd degree burns to the roof of my mouth and they could not taste better.They taste like pizza place pizza.

I was skeptical that this would work as advertised. But since we got it a few weeks ago we’ve made wings, dumplings/wontons, chicken tenders, fried potatoes.

Of course french fries are the first thing you’ll want to try here, and i have one tidbit of advice – teeny bit to no oil. And, douse your potatoes in boiling water first, let them sit for about 5 minutes. Not the 30 minutes in cold water bath. This guy also does an awesome job on chicken breasts hamburger patties, and small boneless steaks. Easy to clean, too, if you mind your manners with the fryer. All in all, very much worth the money.

I’m learning new things to use this for, and so far so good. The basket is a little smaller than what i need for some meals, but overall it’s a good product.

This air fryer is what the microwave was when it came out.

Since starting the low carb diet which requires lots of veggies, i have used this fryer daily. Love the kale chips & sweet potato fries. Kids have used it for wings, mushrooms, zucchini , mozzarella cheese sticks, etc & love it. Wish there were more recipes for veggies but thru trial/error, i have no problem. Love the easy cleanup as well.

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