KRUPS FDE312 Universal Grill and Panini Maker : The best panini maker – and wedding/shower/birthday gift

I love this little press – it is my second one. It is handy not only for paninis and a better grilled cheese, but fish and vegetables as well. Everything cooks in a few minutes – no need to flip. You get nice grill marks and the hinged top ensures that all is evenly cooked. Clean up is easy, evening after cooking foods with rubs or marinades. This is a versatile and handy kitchen tool.

We were able to track the panini maker from date it was sent to date received. Once received it was in perfect condition and ready to use, which we did by making a delicious reuben sandwich. Not only does it make great sandwiches it also grills a fantastic cornish hen in 12 minutes.

Very simple and somewhat heavy dedicated panini maker. No temperature control, no timer.

Excellent product, and a good buy. It heats up quickly (an added bonus when there are many mouths to feed, or you’re just plain starving) and it is well weighted (no skinny sandwiches next to overstuffed ones). Clean up is easy and a delight. A paper towel does the trick. Only grumble i have is the side locking mechanism doesn’t always lock securely, so it can become an aggrevation when standing it up in the cupboard and it starts to open. Oh well, it’s a great looking product, so now i just keep it on the surface counter in the kitchen. Once again, an excellent product and a good buy.

  • Get’s the job done!
  • simple and effective pannini grill
  • Great Sandwhich Maker

KRUPS FDE312 Universal Grill and Panini Maker with Nonstick Cooking Plates, Silver

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  • Grills burgers, chicken, fish, steaks, and Italian-style sandwiches
  • Nonstick top and bottom grilling plates for food release, easy cleanup
  • Floating-hinge system adjusts to food’s thickness

I recieved this grill as a gift this week. There are just not enough words to describe how wonderful this grill is. I have long loved the grilled panini sandwich since my time in rome. When the panini sandwiches started poping up here in the u. At up scale cafes and markets i was overjoyed. And now to be able to enjoy them at home is a dream come true. The grill is smooth to operate and clean up is a breeze. My sandwiches come out perfectly grilled and even better than some of the commercially grilled ones i have bought. If you are a fan of the panini sandwich this item is a mustthe cookbook is a very nice addition, but let your imgination run wild.

This panini grill is made by a top/solid brand. The first grill delivered was defective, the screw which connects the handle to the top grill was loose. I was able to return it for a 2nd grill and it is out-standing. Try the hawaiian style ruben:rye breadpastramithousand island dressingkim chee cut into tiny pieces.

We have had our panini grill for over 5 1/2 years and it still works great–and we use it regularly (2 – 3 times per week). It toasts the bread on panini sandwiches beautifully, is not complicated, cleans easily, handles tall sandwiches well, and feels heavy and solid. I am looking to buy a second for when we have a crowd over for paninis.

Have had the unit for a month, used it quite a bit for making paninis exclusively. Works like a charm, quick and delicious, and clean up has not been a problem, although i imagine with grilled meats it could get messier. But i bought the unit for making thick paninis, not to compete with a george foreman grill. Floating hinges make thick sandwiches no problem. And, all respect to those who burnt themselves, well, i never grab a pan by anything but the ‘cool’ handle, and unless my unit has been updated, i see no reason to touch any other part of the machine and had more than enough surface to grab without getting burns. An adjustable thermostat would be nice, but again, i admit for me this is a single use appliance and i have no need. Enjoy it for what it is, a very good panini grill & press.

I just received the krups panini press for christmas. It was a total surprise, nothing i would have likely sought out and purchased on my own. It is very commercial-looking. It is very heavy, and has a high-quality feel to it. We’ve made graham cracker-coated french toast and sandwiches so far. They turned out very gourmet. I read some of the other reviews and am a little nervous about the “instantaneous death” some have experience with it. Mine came from williams-sonama.

I was inspired to get this grill by seeing alton brown use it and praise it. It has no controls (nothing to break): you just plug it in and unplug it. An indicator light shows when it is hot enough to use. Both top and bottom plates are ridged, and fixed, so cleaning mostly means wiping. I’ve used it on messy food (spinach-mushroom omelette), meats (liver and onions, tilapia, pork chops), yam fries, and for grilled sandwiches. So far nothing sticks and it’s easy to wipe clean. It can be stored either horizonally or vertically, and the cord tucks up underneath. My only criticism is that the top plate swivels, so that whatever the thickness of the food, it can be made parallel. It would be better if it was built to always be parallel.

This little machine has been an absolute timesaver. We grill chicken breast, stick them on a hearty bread with some fresh mozzarella and red pepper and balsamic, spray a little olive oil on the outside of the sandwich and stick it on the grill for a couple of minutes and you’ve got an incredibly delicious and easy meal. Forget plain old grilled cheese. This simple to use, fast to heat up, sharp looking machine gets goat cheese and red pepper, chicken and cheddar, proscioutto with fresh mozzarella and basil in our house.As previously mentioned, quesadillas work well here as do any type of not-too-fatty grilled meat. This is the closest i’ve come to being able to make italian style panini as one would find in roma or firenze.

The price is right and the machine does the job right. The preceding was written two years ago. Last month the machine stopped working. Repair is not an option considering the price. I think that the machine should have lasted longer considering the minimal use that it was given.

It cooks well but you cannot remove the griddle part to wash, so it is something you have to be very careful of when you are cooking. But i am happy with its performance.

It’s hot, it’s fast, and it makes the crunchiest thin sandwiches in minutes. I use the olive spray on the outsides, and either ham, turkey or chicken slices, or grilled veggies, all with a little cheese on the insides. Thin tomato slices with some mozzerella and basil leaves are also great as well as a little brie with just about anything. I like the idea of the small, gourmet style sandwiches for today’s eating. The flatter the bread, the better but the pain rustique bread at costco works quite well too. Just measure each slice about 2 1/2 inches wide, cut it in half horizontally and fill. Or the straight grilled slices make great crostini and i just top it with an olive spread or a tomato, garlic and basil bruschetta, or a tuscan white bean spread with rosemary. Make them any size you wish. Guests love them with a nice chianti either for an appetizer or a snack. I will keep my grill for panini and not use it for meat. It’s easy to clean; i usually wipe it with a paper towel. It’s truly a quality piece of work and i’m totally satisfied with my purchase.

I bought this as a wedding gift for my grandson. I have had one of these in the past and was so pleased with it. I also purchased one as a weddig gift for friends in ca and they report they love it and use it.

I got my krups grill for christmas, i have wanted one for quite awhile. It makes perfect panini, and grilled cheese, but last night for new year’s eve we tried 2 bacon wrapped (1 1/4 inch thick) beef tenderloins. My rule of thumb with steaks (rare to medium rare)is about 3 minutes per side at very high heat. I have a weber genesis grill (outside of course) and in about 15 minutes it can reach over 500 degrees. Unfortunately this krups does not come with any recipes (other than the non-krups, but delightful cookbook that does come with it. ) so there is some guess work involved. But since it does also get very hot, and since the lid (unlike george f’s plastic) is heavy, i figuredabout 3. Perfect crossed grill marks, just make sure you preheat until the light goes out.

This grill was a recent purchase after returning from a trip to italy. While the grill heated quickly, i did make contact with the hot side of the top handle (ouch). The sandwich prepration and grilling went realitively smooth. To cleanup the grill when done was a challenge. When i cleaned the top grill plate, most food particles fell to the counter top. The lower grill plate proved to be even more challenging. There is no way to remove the lower grill plate, so i placed the grill on it’s side to let the food that was cleaned off drop to paper towels placed on the counter. I will probably use it only for sandwich making, i cannot posibly foresee grilling meat in it and trying to remove the resedue from the bottom of the grill. Instructions on how to prepare other foods such as meat and fish with this universal grill were zero.

As long as you are not lining up a queue of people in a buffet to use this thing repeatedly then you should have no problems. I use this very lightly (one to two sandwiches per use, every few weeks) and have had no issues, other than my surge protector not being ample enough to support the power input. You might read reviews that this press has a safety device that literally breaks itself to prevent the whole thing burning into a pile of crap. This may be true, but the only way i can see this happening is if you leave the press on for over an hour. (if you are not sure about this press look at cuisinart, they don’t look as nice but they work well).

We love this grill — both for home use and as a gift for those occassions where a gift isn’t terribly personal.

Though i love how this grill cooks, it is an absolute pain in the butt to clean. Since the grill part does not detach, the unit cannot be washed in the sink. This makes clean up of scorched cheese or onions or anything with a sugar in it very very hard to clean. If they made this unit with a detachable cooking surface, it would be much better. We love chicken or turkey burgers and this grill cooks them fast and even and never dry. But i hate the clean up this thing.

Had the krups model for about 3 years before it decided not to turn on one day — so to replace it, thought i’d try something different. Went with the delonghi cgh800 this time, about $20 cheaper. I loved my krups, and initially thought i’d like the delonghi a bit better. Here’s my experience:*krups always ‘sparked’ at the outlet when i unplugged it. *delonghi has adjustable heat, so, although i only used the krups for panini, i’m kind of excited about the options i now have with the delonghi. I’m inspired to try a burger or chicken. It also has a channel where the grease can run off — and a little cup to catch the grease. If you’d ever use the krups for anything other than a sandwich — the grease would have no where to go. *delonghi has wider channels on the grill plate — which make it a lot easier to clean up. But, this is also the reason the panini does not get as crispy as it does on the krups. *the krups latch, meant to hold the top & bottom together so you can store it on its side, was flimsy and broke after a week. It latched when i didn’t want it to — and wouldn’t when i did. (a minor thing, but it got to be annoying. ) there seems to be no threat of that happening with the big latch on the delonghi.

Update to my previous review (below). We had the thermal melt down which disables the unit rendering it useless. It’s unfortunate because it’s otherwise a nice panini maker – but the warranty is long since expired. Even if you could get it fixed, you’d be replacing a component of a flawed design by krups. Whatever happened to decent manufacturers standing behind their products?. I’ll certainly think twice before considering another krups appliance. ******************************previous review:makes a nice replacement for the george foreman grill in that it can do steaks, burgers, chicken breasts – and does a great job with the panini. The floating top grill helps provide even grilling across the entire surface of the meat or panini. It seems well built, heats up fast, and cooks evenly. The indicator lights are a little hard to see in a bright kitchen, so that could be better.