KRUPS 867-42 Il Caffe Bistro 10-Cup Coffee/4-Cup Espresso Maker, Best Coffee Machine Ever!

Ok, i have the older version that doesn’t have the timer. It was a wedding gift over 7 years ago. We used this machine (both coffee and espresso sides) daily sometimes several times a day and it wasn’t until recently that we had problems. We made the mistake of not cleaning with vinegar on a regular basis and ended up clogging the espresso side because of our hard water. The coffee side still works, but i miss my morning mocha latte. 🙁 technically, i did fix the espresso side by using lime away, but can’t get that smelll and taste out of the coffee for it to be safe to consume. So, my advice is to clean with 1/2 vinegar 1/2 water on a regular basis and stay away from lime away. So, i’m back in the market for an espresso machine and we will purchase a new krups dual machine as soon as we get a water softener. In the meantime i’m purchasing a cheap espresso machine, as the ‘coffee shop’ trips are becoming too frequent and cost too much. As for people complaining about the sturdiness of htis machine – i don’t know what they are talking about.

This is one great coffee maker for the price. Espresso temperature isn’t too hot, but the cappucino maker is fantastic. The instructions are very straight forward and i was able to make a good cup of cappucino on my first try.

Bought a swiss made coffee/espresso maker with expectations a little high, i guess. No original box, no manual, and right off the counter, used. I cleaned it thoroughly, ran vinegar water thru it 3 times, etc. Works very well, and all the parts were in good order. I recommend this particular krups model if you are picky about your java.

Key specs for Krups 867-42 Il Caffe Bistro 10-Cup Coffee/4-Cup Espresso Maker, DISCONTINUED:

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  • Dual-purpose machine brews 10 5-ounce cups regular coffee, 4 cups espresso
  • Separate water tanks permit simultaneous coffee and espresso brewing
  • Steam nozzle with frothing attachment covers making cappuccino and caffe latte
  • Programmable 24-hour clock/timer for “wake-up” coffee; 20-second pause for mid-brew pour
  • Measures 13 by 12 by 10 inches; 1-year limited warranty, 90 days for parts and service

Comments from buyers

“I love the Krups coffee/cappuccino machine
, used, dirty, but cleaned up nice
, well worth it

I bought this unit in 1994 (yes 12 years ago) and it hasn’t skipped a beat. Every few years when i remember, i update the review here at amazon. I’ve made coffee with it almost every day and it still works as well as the day i bought it. It’s performance is nothing short of remarkable. I recommend cleaning it with 1/2 strength vinegar at least once a year to remove mineral deposits. As far as the espresso function, i’ve used it sporadically but have always been impressed with the quality of the foam/brew. I couldn’t imagine a better performing coffemaker in terms of appearance, quality, and function for the price. When and if this unit fails, i will definitely buy another krups model.

I purchased one of these about 12 years ago at an auction, and fell in love with it. It worked beautifully for 12 years [making coffee at least once per day, and espresso several times per week. When it finally died, i searched for it, but wanted to see if i could just buy something cheaper. I bought krups and non-krups machines – and returned every one of them and opted to go back to this machine despite it slightly higher price. This is the best coffee ever, and the espresso is perfect. ]

We bought an espresso machine that was about $250 a while ago and never made a cup of anything because we couldn’t figure it out. I caught this one on sale and picked it up for $90 and am thrilled with it. My coffee shop habit was running me about $8/day with cappuccino and a bagel, so this machine easily paid for itself. As other reviewers have noted, the machine is very easy to operate.I think the coffee is actually better than from my mom’s $200 coffee pot, but it may be that i buy better coffee. I have been thrilled and friends are amazed at the ‘fancy’ coffee and how quickly i make it. I purchased the metal frothing pitcher made by krupps for $10 and liked how the pieces worked together. It’s also a handy place to keep the little pieces when the machine isn’t in use.

I bought this maker around 1993. About years later it finally is having trouble with it’s power switch. I’m looking into a new one in the hopes that i can take advantage of some of the industries innovations. It has worked like a champ and got me through college, brewing one to two pots a day. The espresso this machine makes is ok. But the machine has been a champ. It has been with me through 10+ moves over the past 16 years and if it weren’t for the power switch i’d hope to keep it for another 16. Overall, this is an excellent reliable coffee/espresso combo maker. Your money will be well spent.

This is my 3rd or 4th krups coffee/espresso/cappuccino machine. I received the first one as a gift and every time the machine stopped working correctly, i’ve replaced it with the identical machine. Each one has lasted about 4-5 years. I make about 30 pots of coffee per week. I hope they never stop making this machine, i love it.

I am really pleased with this machine. It makes a wonderful cup of regular coffee and using it for espresso and cappuchino is quite easy. When i opened it i was a little concerned because it looks complicated – but its not. My purchase experience was great as well. Its a tidy package and i don’t have to litter my counter tops with several coffee machines – this does it all.

We’ve used the cuisinart grind & brew for over 8 years, but recently decided we needed an upgrade. After searching and reading reviews by others, decided on this machine. We were not disappointed; although this machine doesn’t grind the beans, it makes a great cup of regular coffee, and the espresso and cappuccino features are very easy to use, and make a great cuppa, as my aussie mother-in-law says. My husband also likes the easy clean up, since that’s his job~.

My wife gave me the 867-42 caffe bistro three years ago and it has been a very reliable machine. I have had none of the problems that other reviews have listed. The only design flaw that i have found is the tabs that keep the lid of the espresso caraffe in place. In krups defense, every caraffe that i have seen has the same type of lid. The coffee maker works well. The warmer keeps the brew a bit too warm, but that usually isn’t a problem. It is basically a good machine, especially considering the inexpensive price.

I gave this gift to my sister and her husband as a wedding gift, and they have done nothing but rave about it and make coffee and expresso for all their guests. They love the design and the easy to use functionality of this machine. I personally don’t drink coffee but i would recommend this as a must have appliance to any serious coffee connoisseur.

I have loved this machine for 3 years now. But today i am in the market for a new machine because this one died. It started to have pump problems and now just leaks all of the water i put into it. It would expect the product should last more than 3 years. It did a great job while it lasted.

This machine makes good coffee and espresso. Not magnificent, not spectacular, but good. It just takes a little know-how and freshly-ground beans to get surprisingly good espresso. I bought one for my mom as a gift and she’s absolutely thrilled with the timer function, she finds it really convenient to set it up the night before and have it just go in the morning (she’s not as much of a fresh-ground freak as i am though). The coffee and espresso aren’t as good as the local indie coffee shop, but then i don’t buy organic shade-grown beans, either.

I bought this coffee/espresso machine about 1 month ago and so far i am very pleased. We make regular coffee at least once a day and use the auto timer – it’s been great. The very first time we used it, it did leak some water which made me nervous after reading some reviews, but it hasn’t leaked since. I’ve also used the espresso/cappucino side and have been delighted.I would definitely recommend this product.

1994 this was purchased for me as a gift. This morning my beloved krups brewed its last fabulous pot of coffee. I will order my new one as soon as i finish writing this review and pray that they are still made as well as they used to be.

I call this my cappuccino, latte coffee dream maker machine. If you are looking for a cappuccino & latte coffee maker combo this is the machine for you. The manual that comes with this machine has even picture detail to walk you through making your first cup of latte, cappuccino or just a cup of coffee. I would take the manuals advice and get familar with each item. Because if you do not you will get confused and frustrated. It took me maybe 30 minuts to make my first and after that it has been every morning a latte on my way into work without having to stop in starbucks. Just by their coffee (or any coffee will do) and make your own. You can even control your calorie intake by making your own with this krups coffee maker. I think that it is a wonderful thing to have the coffee maker making your coffee; when you are opening your eyes getting out of bed. Your coffee is already made.

I love the combination of coffee and espresso machine. When i get up in the morning, it makes an exceptional pot of coffee, but that’s not where it ends. On my way to work, i enjoy a nice latte. It’s so nice to have both options in one unit. I know i’ll enjoy it for years to come.

If you want a machine that makes excellent espresso (for shots, machiattos, or espresso con panas) the il bistro is adequate. The espresso is somewhat diluted and you don’t get a lot of crema. Of course, you could try adding more espresso grinds and cutting the brewing cycle short to get better espresso. However, this machine steams milk well and gives an impressive amount of froth. As a barista i’ve heard a lot of people complain about not getting enough froth from their espresso machines, but that is not a problem here. The instructions only tell you to steam for 1-2 mins. , which is not going to get your milk hot enough so i suggest using a thermometer. It’s also pretty easy to clean. If you want to keep the steam wand unclogged, remove the perfect frother attachment (after every use) and place under running water for several seconds, then briefly turn the steamer on to expel excess liquid from the wand (careful, the steam and wand are very hot). The other features, the digital clock and programable coffee machine, are great and very convenient.

We got this a few months ago and fell in love with it, the only thing you may need to pay attention to is not allowing calcium buildup in the main heating chamber (where you pour the water into). I’m stationed in germany so taking it to a repair tech is not too easy since my german language skills are lacking. I took it completely apart and found crud completely clogging the frothing system that resembled rustified calcium, after thoroughly cleaning every last part, i reasembled it and it worked fine, seems better than before to me. Try using the cleaning solution more frequently if you have hard water supplies.

I received this coffee pot as a gift christmas 2001. I love the coffee pot and the expresso maker, and still do. However, in january 2003, i noticed that the automatic function no longer works. I called the krups 1-800 number. They said they would fix it if i took it to the nearest repair shop. The nearest repair shop is approximately 4 hours from my house. I live an hour south of cleveland, ohio, not in the middle of no where. Anyhow, i was told that i could ship the machine to new jersey, and they would still honor the warranty. However, i have to pay for the shipping and won’t have a coffee pot for 4 weeks. Krups sold my parents this defective pot, but does not see this as an inconvenience.

I’ve had one of these i purchased locally for about 7 years now and ran 2-4 pots of coffee through it a day. Pots of coffee plus espresso and still running strong) i took w/ me to europe and back where my wife and went to countless coffee shops over the 4 and a half years we were there. It has always made some of the best coffee around (the neighbors came to our house for coffee). Almost as good as the professional machines at shops i went to in germany. If you’re a watery,looking-like tea, one-cup-a-day drinker, then move along and have a cup up sanka you weenie. (it’s more than you need) but if you’re an avid java junkie and like whipping up your espresso-based drinks, look no more.

I have to admit i’ve been using this machine for a couple of years and quite enjoyed it, although the expresso has never really been up to par with commercial expresso (and always had some grounds mixed in). And it can’t really handle it if you pack the expresso grounds a little. I recently visited a friend’s house and tried their expresso machine – wow. The difference was quite dramatic – i’m definitely chucking this baby to get a ‘real’ expresso machine. (i’m giving it 3 stars instead of 2 because it’s a good value for folks who aren’t so picky – it’s always impressed visitors and made decent pseudo-expresso). Also, you’ve really got to stay and watch the coffee if you want to foam your milk because it only foams for about 90 seconds. So don’t turn your back to cook the rest of your wife’s breakfast.

I had been on the lookout for a new coffee maker for some time when my husband gave me krups ‘il caffe bistro’ for christmas. That was four years ago, and this wonderful machine is still brewing exquisite american coffees and excellent italian espressos and capuccinos. I don’t know why the other reviews portray it as an unstable machine. For me, it has worked wonderfully. The capuccinos come up with very rich, frothy milk. The pressure sensitive valve needs to be thoroughly cleaned with an extended paper clip, though; but if one does this simple procedure it should work alright for the longest time. As an avid reader i am also a lover of coffee of the first kind. I have made flavored capuccinos with different tasting coffees and lattes that make my friends suggest i go into the gourmet coffee business. One small – really small – drawback, is that i’ve had to buy a small pitcher on the side in order to make the milk frothy for the capuccinos. One also needs practice in order to achieve that special heavenly froth, but do not despair; it is not the machine’s fault and, with some practice, you’ll soon be on the way to enjoy coffee the way it was always meant to be: relaxing and with your own, home-made flavor.