Knox 1.5 Quart Compressor Ice Cream and Gelato Maker With Keep Cool Feature : They love them and the Ben & Jerry recipe book I

After trying (and returning) a cheaper compressor ice cream maker, i am extremely glad that i went with the knox. I let the bowl pre-chill for about five minutes, and the ice cream that i have made has all come out excellent. It takes about 30 minutes to make a batch. I have read that this uses the same compressor and motor as the 2 quart model, which makes me feel a little more secure knowing that if anything the compressor and motor are plenty powerful enough. This seems to be the same as the much more expensive whynter model, just with a slightly different look. The small door to add mix-ins is a nice touch. I add the mix-ins just as i start to hear the motor struggle a bit, which allows for just the right amount of time to get them incorporated nicely. The mix-in door has a chain attacked to it, which is nice for the peace of mind. Cleanup of the unit is very easy. Just pop out the mixing bowl and paddle for cleaning and wipe down the machine if necessary.

I love ice cream, so i decided to splurge and buy an ice-cream maker. Never heard of the knox brand, but based on description and more importantly its price i felt it was comparable to the cuisinart or whynter machines– i laid my money down on the knox maker. This machine is great (although it’s a bit on the heavy side). Since i’m able to substitute fatty ingredients for healthier options within one hour’s time i have healthy, creamy ice cream and only in my favorite flavors.And it’s also capable of making gelato and sorbets.

Knox 1.5 Quart Compressor Ice Cream and Gelato Maker With Keep Cool Feature

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  • QUICK, ONE TOUCH CONTROL: It couldn’t be easier or quicker to make homemade ice cream. Simply pour in the ingredients, turn it on, and it is ready in less than 60 minutes. The large 1.5qt capacity bowl holds more than 12 cups of ice cream.
  • MULTI FEATURE: The extended cooling function turns on after mixing is complete to keep treats cold and frozen. The LCD screen displays time remaining, temperature and the mode. The non-stick, removable bowl cleans easy.
  • NO PRE-FREEZING NECESSARY: With the built-in commercial quality compressor this is better than other ice cream makers which require you to freeze the mixing bowl in advance. Make froyo or dessert on a whim – no preparation necessary!
  • SLEEK STAINLESS STEEL: This stunning appliance fits right in to your modern kitchen & lifestyle. With its elegant stainless steel body and LCD display, you’ll be proud to show it off. It makes the perfect wedding gift or housewarming present.
  • RELY ON KNOX: Knox Gear is dedicated to developing creative and innovative lifestyle solutions at a budget friendly cost. We stand proudly behind our quality products, and offer a one year warranty. Knox: Fortify the Everyday.

This is one of the better products i’ve purchased on amazon. The machine is very well made. It freezes ice cream in about 30 minutes. I saw one review that called in noisy. I find it absolutely amazing how cold it will freeze the ice cream. The machine has a digital display that provides a temperature readout of the mix. I’ve seen the freezing tub go to -25 degrees f. I highly recommend this unit. I don’t believe you will be sorry. I will also mention the included recipes make some of the best ice cream i’ve ever tasted.

My first ice cream maker and it is the best. It freezes fast and i have made several different batches and kinds each day. Doesn’t take as long as it says. Even with fruit and nuts it churns well. I wish the capacity were bigger, but i am able to whip out at least 1 1/2 batches to 2 batches with each recipe, and i have tried several. Even the ones with liqueur freeze well. I actually keep it on the counter because i uses it so much. Its smooth square design oes well in my stainless steel kitchen and isn’t an eyesore. One of my best purchases that i will use year-round.

I have it as a gift and they haven’t stopped raving about how easy it is to use and what great things they have made– including a family recipe of strawberry sorbet that was the best ever.

Knox 1.5 Quart Compressor Ice Cream and Gelato Maker With Keep Cool Feature : This goes beyond my expectations. So easy to make ice cream and even easier to clean up.

. One for each grand kids family’s one amazing. Second family absoluty great.

Excellent product i made vanilla ice cream it was delicious my family loved it. Bought a ice cream cookbook looking forward to making more.

I received this ice cream machine about a week ago. It arrived quickly and everything in tact.

I’ve only used it twice, but works really well and ice cream quicker than the recipe says.

So i was watching the great british baking show on pbs, and they had to make ice cream – and they were using these groovy ice cream makers with the compressor built in, and i thought – i want one of those. But i assumed they were crazy expensive. Turns out, there’s some reasonably-priced ones – and i found 3 on amazon i liked. After research and time and reading every review, i bought this one. Ok, i just got it yesterday and should not be writing a review yet. Extremely solid and well built. Got it out of the box and pre-chilled it, poured in the chocolate gelato mix i had made the day before, and in 25 minutes – voila, gelato. It functioned perfectly, got cold immediately. And it was very easy to run, even though the direction booklet isn’t great.

I was looking for an ice cream maker that was cheaper than the big names ones. I had never heard of knox, but the price was really good. It was shipped very fast and in a safe container. It made sorbet for me in less than half and hour.It is quiet, efficient and i am totally sold.

Took it out of the box and made 4 batches of gelato back to back. Most were done in 30 minutes. My base was still a little warm on one batch so it took 40 minutes. Love not having to store the bowl in the freezer. Machine is heavier than i was expecting but hey its got a compressor in it. Making pistachio gelato as i’m typing. Last minute decision so i put the mixture in the freezer to cool off before putting into the machine. The hard part is not eating it before putting into container to set up properly lol.

Truthfully, i rarely leave feedback for a product, although i rely on feedback from others. I ‘need’ to leave feedback on this ice cream maker. I waited a year to see how it would perform over time and numerous frozen creations. It is the easiest way to make fantastic ice creams and sorbets, and i absolutely love this machine.It is very reliable and makes a quart of ice cream so quickly (with no ice and salt mess). On the day that this machine is ‘called home,’ i will shed a tear then quickly order another one.

This ice cream maker is exactly what i was i wanted. There is no need to freeze the bowl. You don’t even need to precool the machine. 5 quarts of ice cream in 60 minutes or less, depending on how much you chill the mixture before placing it in the machine. When the process is complete, the ice cream is a nice texture, a little thicker than typical home made ice cream. I think this depends on the recipe you use as well. I like the recipes that contain eggs and heavy cream for a more custard-type of ice cream. But if you pour it into a container and freeze it for 1-4 hours, you will have deliciously perfect home made ice cream.

Got this for a bd gift made my fist batch of ice cream it works great love it the recipe in the book is confusing with the measurements i got my recipe on line for butter pecan it was delicious.

0i have been using an ice cream maker that needed the containers to be frozen. I like not having to wait for the containers to freeze. It is easy to make several batch’s with out waiting. Freezing usually takes about 35 to 45 minutes.

We can make our own ice cream in under an hour.

While this gelato maker was purchased as a gift, the feedback i’ve gotten was good enough for me to consider getting one myself.

Have used it several times and the ice cream is easy to make and delicious . It freezes much quicker than the instructions say. About 30 minutes and it is done.

Churns multiple batches one after another. Very easy to operate and clean. Also my box says country of origin china not germany as posted by another reviewer.

I purchased one for myself and after using it i liked it so much i sent one to my granddaughters. Its very easy to use and simple to clean. The only problem i see is i am going to be eating way more ice cream. . The great thing about it is you can adjust the ingredients to the way you prefer. The first time i had too much sugar and then adjusted it. Also one of my granddaughters can’t have regular ice cream so they can use the milk and cream that she can tolerate. Again very simple to use and takes a minute to clean.