KitchenPRO Portable Multifunction Induction Countertop Burner : This is a great unit, but won’t work on non metal cookware

I am absolutely tickled with this induction cooker. I’ve been using someone else’s and decided to get my own. I can set the temperature where i want it and don’t have to worry about it. I think this is probably one of the best items i’ve purchased from amazon.

Recipient fell in love with it after two days.

This is a great little unit and it is portable.

This cooker works like a dream. I couldn’t be more happy with my choice.

  • Directions are garbage. You put the pan/pot on the surface first
  • Works but don’t care for presets
  • Purchased for my son, who lives in Alaska.

KitchenPRO Portable Multifunction Induction Countertop Burner with Sensor Touch Control and Timer

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  • ★ADVANCED QUICK HEAT TECHNOLOGY: KitchenPROP™ Upgraded Cooktop is now a faster, with more control, light-weight, convenient, energy-saving countertop induction burner. Advanced Quick Heat technology of Induction cooking system heats up the cooking utensil by magnetic induction, instead of by thermal conduction or an electrical heating element, providing rapid increases in temperature.
  • ★INTELLIGENT SAFETY PROTECTION: Auto-shut down if no pan is detected with timer and overheat protection; low and high voltage warning with trouble shooting message system.
  • ★ERGONOMIC MOLDED DESIGN: KitchenPROP™ is the only cooktop with molded ergo design so that you can view from a distance while enjoying your TV shows; allowing you to select function or temperature range and view power consumption information. Completely user-friendly.
  • ★WORRY FREE USE: Worry-free use with built in timer that can be set from 1 to 180 minutes and overheat protection; built to USA electrical standards (120V, 60Hz AC, Max 1800W). It comes with 5 Precision Cooking functions – hot pot, fry, BBQ, milk, water – or choose from 10 temperature settings from 176°F to 536°F (80-280C)
  • ★COMMERCIAL GRADE QUALITY: Polished, durable, and easy-to-clean glass top is scratch and break resistant; the stylish digital control panel is curved so it won’t be damaged or obscured by larger pots or pans. 100% GUARANTEED PRODUCT.

Overall i like the unit, heats fast, the one con i have is no way to turn of the flashing blue display when the unit is of and plugged in, dont like that.

Nice design – very simple (and safe) to use. Induction is very efficient and so easy to use. It goes off whoever you remove the pot and 30 secs later the heat has gonewe are using it on a boat – the aspectek has been a great choice. Really ideal for locations with a small kitchen.

Purchased for my son, who lives in alaska. . Purchased for my son, who lives in alaska. He loves it loves them and loves them. Even though i was promised that i would not have to pay postage. But i was charged $26 for postage. This was after the fact and there was nothing i could do about it. I was very unhappy with having to pay so much postage or any postage at all.

You put the pan/pot on the surface first. Works really well once you figure out how to use it. You put the pan/pot on the surface first, then plug it in, then turn it on, then pick a cooking selection, then alter the temperature up or down as needed, except for the mike and water function which are set at 176 and 212 respectively. If you want to pick another temp, you have to change to one of the other 3 setting and then use the plus/minus to alter temp in 35 degree steps. On the plus side, the water setting will keep the water right at boiling (lid off) and the milk setting will keep a simmer nicely. They need to put in a temp only setting that starts at 176 and goes to the maximum in smaller increments. Otherwise it is a great induction cooktop. We are thinking about getting a second one to augment the first.

Nice travel item cook in the room.

Controls are extremely sentiment, and there is no way to program a specific temperature.

Works perfect and heats sooooo fast. . This stove thingy heats super fast. Note that you need certain kinds of pots. It works awesome and i no longer have to heat my entire kitchen just to cook something fast.

This thing is fast and saves money on electricity . – the good, the bad and the ugly list. 01-16 update:- i forgot to mention how the handles of my posts and pans stay cool because the magnetic field only heats what the cooktop directly touches (and appropriate materials, i. Steel, iron, etc)**********************************************************************************************************************************************************overall i’m satisfied with kitchenpro. Does it work?- yes and works well. Could it use improvements?- yesthe good:- i like that it’s fast, like google’s fiber optic internet fast- portable (perfect for hurricane season)- easy clean up, just wipe and go. Also, since the plate doesn’t get hot, you don’t have to wait for it to cool before wiping. – low energy consumption (huge fan of products that save me money)- only the pot/pan gets hot, not the surrounding air, so as my water is rapidly boiling there isn’t this wave of steam hitting my face and enveloping my kitchen as it normally would using a conventional stove (saving money because the a/c won’t kick in)- pots and pans must have a diameter of 4. 5-10 inches, so the little sauce pots and larger pans work too- the pots and pans required to use are essentially steel, iron (enameled or cast) and must have a flat bottom to ensure there is direct contact with the magnetic field.

Works but don’t care for presets. This is my 3rd induction cook top. This one works, but i don’t like the presets. The temperatures do not go in order. They go high, medium, high, low and medium. Why can’t they just go from low to high?. I have to go to the highest for the down temperature to work and then i can go up and down. It is just a bad system to me. I wouldn’t buy this one again.

So far i’m loving cooking with this. We only have a kitchenette in our studio. We considered buying two of these but, this single one is meeting our needs just fine.

Make sure you have the right type of cookware. I’ve only tried it with cast iron, works well.

Bought this to use while we renovated our kitchen.

Nearly fantastic, but there should really be lesser increment amongst the established temperature. In limited, a seriously excellent induction burner, a couple minimal quibbles. We purchased this induction burner in large aspect due to the fact we want (and variety of want) to move absent from the propane stove we at the moment have, partly mainly because propane is as well danged high priced now and partly for the reason that it truly is just not easy to control the temperature. For 1 thing, the burners on our latest whirlpool-manufacturer stove just will not go down extremely much, and so simmering is all but extremely hard. Sometimes it seems like that stove’s burners only have 3 configurations: boiling, definitely boiling, and inferno. So enter the kitchenpro induction countertop burner. The controls are fairly considerably intuitive, didn’t even need to have to appear at the handbook to figure out what was what. We did have an edge in that we the moment owned a very similar (but less expensive) burner while we have been dwelling overseas about 6 a long time in the past and so knew what to assume. To start with and foremost: do not acquire an induction burner or assortment without having at least a person pot or pan that will operate with it, usually you might be in for a planet of disappointment. If a magnet will stick to the bottom of a pot or pan, it will *probably* perform on an induction burner.

Is effective excellent, mild fat and cools down swiftly.

Speedy shipping and delivery and solution was as envisioned.

Seems like if you have a window air conditioning on. I can not prepare dinner rice on this devise way too very hot or not incredibly hot enough the temperature is presently established. The supporter that cools the leading, sounds like if you have a window air conditioning on. I use it to boil drinking water, and miso soup.

This is a good unit, but will not work on non metallic cookware. I could not use this in advance of for the reason that i needed to check out out heating up beakers. But the beakers i bought on amazon are not trustworthy, and the solution i made with them induced nausea. This is a wonderful device, but will never work on non metallic cookware. Now that i could get a stainless steel pan, i might revisit this obtain.

It performs effectively albeit a tad challenging at to start with. It will take up extra counter room than i imagined. But it undoubtedly can warmth up a pan presto.

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