KitchenAid KPEX Pasta Excellence Set : Works great, especially if you have two mixers to use.

Always wanted to try fresh pasta so when we saw a demonstration using these attachments i had to give it a try. They fit my kitchenaid stand mixer perfectly as i thought they would. We have oly used them once at this point and it worked pretty well. We did have to separate ever other strand of spaghetti. We used the recipe for regular pasta that was in the owners manual that came with the attachments and it was not the best. When we made the dough it wasn’t even close to being good at first. We ended up putting about another 1/4 cup of water before it came together. I’m thinking this is why the strands of spaghetti didn’t cut correctly. I checked many other recipes online and found they all had more water than the one in the manual.

I used the pasta roller for a couple of years to make ravioli and lasagna noodles. I had it for long time before i had the desire to make spaghetti and fettuccini. The cutters must not align correctly because it scores the dough, but doesn’t actually cut clean through. I’ve tried different thicknesses of pasta dough, but have never gotten a clean cut. I called kitchenaid and, because of the time i had it, they couldn’t do anything for me. I understand, but i paid a lot of money for a pasta roller. I do love it and use it a few times per month to roll out pasta. I would suggest that you try each attachment out during the warranty period. I take part of the blame for that, but since i can only positively rate one of the three attachments, i give it 3 stars.

We love this rack and its self-contained wand. When i ordered this rack, i chose it because of the reviews and kitchenaid’s reputation for quality. Solid decision on both counts. What i didn’t know, and what is my favorite feature, is the pasta wand that stores in the top of the rack. This wand is so unbelievably helpful and handy. As the pasta comes off the cutter (kitchenaid kpra pasta set) instead of grabbing it by hand, i use the wand to lift the pasta. Due to the shape of the wand, i can slide it right onto an arm of the drying rack. Once the pasta is exactly where i want it on the rack, a quick quarter-turn of the wand places it on the rack with extreme ease and precision. The pasta does not bunch up as it used to prior to using the wand.

I have had the kitchen aid pasta attachment set for almost 2 years. It is fast and efficient – i can start cooking and serve homemade pasta within 40 minutes. I do not use the ravioli attachment – it is more time consuming and requires more precision in rolling noodles the right size maximize pasta and minimize mess – i may consider trying the ravioli attachment again in the future – but would recommend the 3-piece past set over the 5 or 6 piece set. There is not much difference between the two thinner noodle attachments or the two wider noodle attachments – so the 3 piece set is probably sufficient. I also have the pasta-extruder which is my preferred tool for spaghetti (further making the 5-6 piece pasta set overkill). The pasta extruder is great because you can do other things while the pasta is churning (2 hands not required). I find the extruder slower overall (but usually make 2 sets of noodles at a time). A pasta drying rack definitely helps. I use slightly different pasta recipes for the press and extruder. Unless your dead set on a ravioli maker, you can do just about everything with the 3 piece set and extruder (and save money).

  • Like many other reviewers
  • Not a bad unit but a lot work
  • Great Product — Nearly Identical to the Marcato Atlas Pasta Drying Rack but Cheaper

KitchenAid KPEX Pasta Excellence Set with 6 Different Attachments [Discontinued]

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  • Compatible with any KitchenAid Stand Mixer
  • Attaches to multipurpose power hub
  • All-metal housing
  • 6 different attachments – pasta roller, cappellini cutter, lasagnette cutter, fettuccine cutter, spaghetti cutter and ravioli maker
  • Includes filling scoop and cleaning brush; 1-year warranty
  • Includes Pasta Sheet Roller and Cutter Set (KPRA), Pasta Cutter Companion Set (KPCA), and Ravioli Maker (KRAV) attachments.
  • Chrome-plated, durable attachments fit the hub of any KitchenAid Stand Mixer
  • Made in Italy
  • Easy clean up of pasta attachments with included brushes.
  • Includes 1 year Hassle-Free Replacement Warranty through KitchenAid

I was skeptical about how these would work after a disappointing ice cream freezer attachment, but they are worth every penny. I used to roll pasta either by hand or hand crank machine and couldn’t imagine these would be much different. They work so well i bought all the kitchenaid pasta attachments. The dough comes out leathery smooth and elastic with perfectly consistent results every time. This has taken my home chef pasta making to a whole other level. I even bought semolina flour because i felt my regular bread flour just wasn’t on par with the professional quality of this equipment. As i am not the most coordinated person, it also takes about 1/4 the time required to use the hand crank version. Fresh homemade pasta is now a weeknight dinner instead of an all day art project in my house. You have just got to try these to appreciate the efficiency and quality.

Oh, how easy to make pasta for ravolli just follow the instructions, especially the first time you use it. Don’t be dismayed when you put the dough through the first time, just keep folding into thirds, then re-rolling. Depending on your dough, you may have to do the rolling/folding 4-6 times on the widest setting, before the dough looks like pics in ads, and is ready to be moved to next thickness. From there you should only need to go to put dough in once before going to thinner setting. Fun to try different pasta recipes using different flours.

First, let me say that i have been making home made ravioli every new years of my adult life. First with my grandmother, then i personally took over the tradition about 20 years ago. I normally have eager (hungry) family and friends around waiting to jump in and help me prepare the new years eve meal. Well, with my grandmother in her 90’s, my parents not medically capable of standing on their feet for hours at a time now, i was facing new years eve meal preparation alone.The thought of doing all of that alone, struck fear in my heart. I did some research and found this attachment was available for the kitchenaid. So, a professional 600 series kitchenaid was ordered along with this attachment. Thank you amazon for your same day delivery service. Let me start out by saying that this review could have gone either way. Like many other reviewers, i was ready to throw this attachment in the garbage about halfway through my first attempted use.

So this is sort of a work in progress. Like many others here i lost about a half a batch of dough to metal flakes and oil rubbing off. As soon as i got through that the roller started making a huge screeching sound. Maybe it is not lubricated now – but this is loud enough that everyone in the house came by at least once to ask “should it be making that noise?”. It seems like there is also some “etching” on the rollers, so maybe that is where the metal flakes came from. Anyway, contacting the company. Other than that however, watch some videos on youtube on what the dough should look like and stuff, that solved most of my problems. Also something on how to properly measure flour :)second night, doing the dough right worked like a charm with the roller and the cutter – aside from the squeeking it went really really well. If i can get an exchange i think i would end up being pretty happy.

There simply is no better way to make ravioli. It makes it so simple, you feel like you are cheating. I made from scratch ravioli my first time for 12 people from start to finish in less than 30 minutes. Personally, i found it easier to use without the attached feeder, but my friends like the feeder. Either way, it’s super easy. The ravioli maker is not turned automatically. You twist the crank by hand or control.

Ok so fat kids like pasta, right?. I’m not fat but i’m channeling my inner fatty. Wanted to make my own venison ravioli and after rolling a set out by hand i wanted to go to mcdonalds (ok not really) but rolling them by hand really sucked. (thank your grandmas kids for all the hard work they used to do). I picked a recipe, spinach pasta, kitchen aid mixed it in seconds(again. Thanks grandma for always doing that by hand). Grabbed the whole ball and jammed it in there. Which brings us to the next point.

I’ve looked at the various pasta attachments for my kitchen aid mixer for years and finally broke down and purchased them from amazon. Great price and they are well made. The order arrived quickly and i immediately put them to use. They are great attachments, i’m sorry i didn’t buy them years ago. The attachments are fun to use. The attachment to roll the pasta has various settings which seem just perfect for whatever thickness required. The fettucine maker and the spaghetti maker work perfectly. I used the recipe which i found in the booklet included with the attachments and it was quite good.

I bought the kitchenaid pasta roller and cutter set early in our gluten free adventure. Like most kids, mine loved pasta and the premade pastas at the time, not only tasted bad, but were expensive. So i thought i would try to make my own. Over the years, i have made gluten free pasta using this set and i absolutely love it. Both rolling and cutting my dough is so easy. I love that the roller and cutters attach right to my kitchenaid mixer because i don’t have to worry about turning a handle as i try to process my pasta dough. These tools are heavy duty and designed to last and last. Even though i live in a very humid and corrosive environment (close to the sea) i have never found any rust or corrosion on my equipment. Even after the mixing portion of my kitchenaid mixer fell apart, i kept the mixer unit so i could continue to use my pasta rollers. I love this set and am so glad i own it.

Just arrived and i have already made 5 dozen ravioli in less than 2 hours and by myself. I have tortured friends a few times over the years into making home made ravioli with my family recipes. It took hours and we would have barely have enough for a large meal. After donating a home made italian dinner to a charity raffle, i spent along with two others over 8 hours preparing the recipes including turning the crank on the pasta machine which refused to stay fastened to the granite counter top. It was clear that it was time to break down and purchase one of these if i ever wanted butternut squash ravioli again. It arrived last week, was simple to use and i could work independently. I have a basic classic kitchenaid mixer and was fearful that the motor would bog down, but there were no problems. Since i paid a dollar a piece for ravioli last year, it has almost paid for itself already. Cleaning was a breeze and if a person can operate the crank pasta machine, this will be a breeze.

I love making as many foods from scratch as i can, controlling the quality of ingredients, but homemade pasta used to be something that i just needed to be in the right mood for to do. For years, i have a hand-crank unit that attaches to my countertop with a clamp and found making pasta to be so time-consuming (not to mention how aggravating it is when the crank arm falls out time after time). I made pasta maybe 2-3 times a year with that unit. A buck a box for store-bought pasta was worth it to me not to have the crank hassle. Now with the kitchenaid roller i can make pasta 7 days a week if i want and whip it up in less than an hour (including resting time for dough). It is so easy and fun, i have already way surpassed the number of pasta batches i’ve made all previous years with a crank model (in just 3 months). Ravioli, lasagna, egg noodles, linguine (i even got adventurous one day & decided to make tortellini – well half the dough went for tortellini, the other half became ravioli – if you’ve ever made tortellini then you know why). But all have been wonderful and so easy. The taste is so much better than store-bought and it’s so cool that if i want pasta for dinner and don’t have the noodles i can make them so quickly. My roller works great and i have not had any issues with cleaning like some other reviewers mentioned.

Kitchenaid kpra pasta cutter reviewsatisfaction4u’s customer service is among the best i have ever received – the kitchenaid kpra is a total winneri cannot more fully endorse satisfaction4u and kitchenaid’s kpra pasta cutter set. Satisfaction4u’s customer service is among the best i have ever received. Com for the kitchenaid kpra pasta cutter set said it included a linguini fini cutter. The box i received said “spaghetti” cutter. I was totally disappointed because i really, really, wanted a linguini fini not a spaghetti cutter. I contacted satisfaction4u and described my problem. They went thru extraordinary means to satisfy me, but the problem was that all the new kpra sets were only shipped with spaghetti cutters. After several emails and phone calls with satisfaction4u, i am totally satisfied they did everything in their power to get me what i wanted. Unfortunately, kitchenaid changed what they are currently shipping/manufacturing to spaghetti cutters.

I used it again just tonight. I used to use a hand roller. It took two people to operate. One to turn the handle and another to feed and catch the dough. This device goes on my kitchenaid stand mixer and i make the noodles by my self, with less muss and fuss. I also use it for pot sticker skins, perogis and egg roll skins. I just brush it out with a stiff, dry brush when i am done with it.

I have to side with the other 5 star testimonials, it truly is just a make any difference of using it effectively. I just applied it for the very first time final night time and the only challenge i had was adding much too a lot stuffing and possessing it ooze out at the end (you need much fewer than you feel you do), and that was just me refusing to learn my lesson. To be clear, i’m surely no qualified on earning pasta possibly. I’ve created common pasta a handful of moments, and i’ve produced raviolis a couple of periods making use of the norpro ravioli mould. I also failed to follow the involved dough recipe (guide schmanual). I just threw in eggs, flour, semolina, olive oil and salt into the mixing bowl until it was crumbly, which appeared to be the well known regularity in the youtube movies (ok, i am inclined to observe recommendations). Also for any one that has the marcato pasta maker, i rolled the dough out to the level 5 thickness (most recommendations convey to you what to do with the kitchenaid roller, which i you should not have). I believe the biggest critical is that you are not able to get absent with stretchy dough like you can when just earning pasta. If your dough is the appropriate consistency, this attachment operates great. I produced most likely one hundred or so raviolis in somewhat quick time, and i could have quickly manufactured 500 but my friend confirmed up with wine and debauchery won out.

I have never ever been disappointed with kitchenaid. My husband and i are enjoying our empty nest a long time, and are cooking a lot more and far more alongside one another. This pasta maker was a excellent addition to our kitchen. It truly is conveniently connected to the kitchenaid mixer. The directions are uncomplicated to abide by. Cleansing up it’s basic: just permit the dough dry, and then flake off. There’s no will need for cleaning soap and h2o. I would undoubtedly advocate this products.

Cherished this ideal out of the box. Yrs again i bought a clamp-fashion pasta maker with roller and attachments. The major device attaches to my granite countertop. I even acquired a motor some time back to make it ‘easier’ and quicker to make pasta. However, i hardly ever could get into pasta-earning to the extent i preferred producing breads or pizza. Even getting a motor device for my countertop product, i observed it far too much of a trouble. When i just lately bought a k-support standmixer, i bought the extruder first and discovered it enjoyment to make shapes with dough and then this roller was following on my record–not since i didn’t have one previously, but just simply because. It is so much less complicated than the motorized clamp-design i have, like evening and day. So i’m in this article to say, if you are debating which one particular to obtain, and you currently individual a k-help mixer, no contest. The sheets roll out beautifully, promptly, and quickly. I like generating greater, vast ‘noodles’ considering the fact that that is uncomplicated to lower by hand w/o any attachments. I even took out my ravioli cutter w/rippled edges and manufactured the edges of the noodles scalloped as i slash the long strips. They were so tender and fragile by the way.I want to make cannelloni ‘wrappers’ upcoming and fill them up and roll them–then lasagna, then ravioli.

I’ve been creating homemade pasta a few to four situations each and every 7 days since i gained these tools. I am even now stunned at how effortless it is to make pasta. (i really should have started out accomplishing this several years back. ) it will take me about five minutes to make the dough employing my kitchenaid paddle and dough hook attachments, and then about 5 minutes much more to make the noodles making use of my new rollers. This is what i do:components (can make about 13 oz. Of pasta):one cup semolina flour3/4 cup pastry flour (i use bob’s pink mill complete wheat pastry flour)2 eggs (additional big)1 tablespoon wateri sift the flours together into my kitchenaid bowl. Then i add the eggs and drinking water. Applying the paddle, i combine the elements on velocity two for thirty-forty five seconds, until the dough cleans the bowl. I replace the paddle with the dough hook and knead on pace 2 for two minutes. I then knead the dough by hand on a lightly (flippantly) floured surface for two minutes additional.

I a short while ago started producing my very own refreshing pasta. I have a hand-crank pasta equipment, and i am satisfied with it — but it is form of cumbersome to get the job done the crank, feed the pasta in, and then get the pasta out devoid of it all having tangled and knotted. The pasta roller and cutter for the kitchenaid is just the issue for that. I can make the pasta with the mixer, and then place on the roller attachment and get it all rolled out, change to the cutter, and it can be a breeze to feed with one hand, and do the out-feed with the otherthe motive it’s not 5 stars?. When i can get a handbook pasta device that does exactly the very same issue for $30. 00 or less, it appears a little bit too much for these to be far more than 5 moments that selling price. If i hadn’t experienced some gift funds i could use, i would not have obtained it. If you are producing fresh new pasta on a weekly basis, then this may possibly nicely be value the price tag. If you (like me) only make fresh pasta from time to time — effectively, i will not know if it is worth the cash.

I obtained this today, and excitedly made my first batch of spinach pasta. Nothing at all caught to the equipment and it was so straightforward to get started the dough in the one aspect and catch it as it came out the other side. The kitchenaid mixer did all the perform.I have in no way tried using creating pasta before and debated about getting a handbook crank desk design but couldn’t see how i could switch it with just one hand and catch the pasta with the other. There are only two recipies in the enclosed booklet, but there are various wonderful publications on amazon for generating pasta. I consider i am heading to get the ‘how to make artisan pasta’ ebook. The wheel at the facet of the attachment establishes the thickness of the dough and is easy to regulate. I also make flat breads a whole lot and wanted this to prevent countless several hours of hand rolling. This attachment rolls out dough just as very easily for naan and tortillas as it does for pasta.

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