KitchenAid KHM920A 9-Speed Hand Mixer candy apple red – With : Better than I expected

Would prefer a push down to start vs side to side as it’s not a one hand operation.

I didn’t want to purchase an expensive machine yet – so, i decided to upgrade my hand mixer. This is nice, though, i was hoping the dough hooks would work for bread, however it’s still easier to mix dough by hand, unfortunately. I didn’t gain anything there. As a mixer, however, it works well. I like the bag for the attachments. I would recommend this for a good mixer.

So the title pretty much sums it up. I bought a different mixer earlier on that was cheaper, but i had to return it because it was too heavy and ridiculously noisy. This thing whipped 3 eggs white stiff in about 3 minutes or so. Even my mom remarked that she was surprised at how quiet it is. It is compact and snazzy and i like all the attachments and the case. I haven’t used the dough hook, but the others work well. It is quite powerful in that it doesn’t seem to slow down just because the batter is thicker.

I have used kitchenaid products for years. I was replacing an older model hand mixer and opted for this more pricey model. I am very happy with it’s performance. Good ergonomics on the hand fit, very solid. The motor control at all levels is just what i was looking for. This mixer is intended for light-medium jobs or for mixing dough in small batches. I wouldn’t abuse any hand-held mixer doing a large batch of heavy dough. That’s where the kitchenaid countertop mixer comes in. This hand mixer is versatile and an indispensable kitchen tool.

  • Loved this mixer
  • Top of the line – just doesn’t get better!!!

KitchenAid KHM920A 9-Speed Hand Mixer candy apple red – With (Free Dough hooks, whisk, milk shake liquid blender rod attachment and accessory bag) Candy Apple Red

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  • Includes hand mixer, turbo beater accessories, liquid blender rod, dough hooks, whisk, and accessory bag
  • Locking swivel cord for easy right- or left-handed use
  • Beautiful candy apple red
  • Swivel cord

Well, i order this hand mixer to stop considering to long to make a bernaise sauce. If you ever made this sousa by hand you would understand the difficulties in the way. It needs to be mixt in a consistent and kind of slow motion way. This hand mixer does the job gracefully. Great bernaise come out, and wrist are fine.

Attachments are awesome she said.

Best hand mixer you’ll ever own. Bought this in lieu of the $200 stand mixer. Attachments are easy to use, came with a whisk and dough attachment. The on button starts the mixer at the lowest level. It’s slow enough to mix dry ingredients without sending them flying all over the place. The highest speed is really, really fast.

I’m going to sound like a curmudgeon but i liked old mixers better. I’m going to sound like a curmudgeon but i liked old mixers better. My old mixer required a plug into electric, pop on the blades, and select the speed with a click of the thumb. This one has a specific blade for each side, a turn on and off button and then arrow keys to increase/decrease the speed. I do love the dough hooks though. The mixer’s performance is excellent. I just find that i fumble when operating it. It matches my red appliance theme nicely – if that matters.

Loved this mixer, but 4 months after we bought it, we pulled it out to use it and it wouldn’t turn on – totally dead. We only used it half a dozen times or so. I called kitchenaid since it was past the 1 month return window for amazon. They are sending a replacement – they’re standing behind their product. The return is painless beyond the 20 minute wait on hold (high call volume over the holidays?). When the new mixer arrives, i put the old one in the same box and slap on the included return label. Their customer service rep was very helpful. My color (white) is on back order, but it should be here in 2-8 weeks. I could have had a different color shipped immediately, but didn’t want to change out.

Perfect – for my one special purpose + more. I have to admit my primary reason for buying this was to make milk shakes at home. I figure it can do a bunch of other stuff but so far i haven’t gone past making the perfect milk shake. I recently purchased the kitchenaid 5-speed hand blender, khb2561. After a milk shake comparison the hand blender (immersion blender) is relegated to mushroom soup and such. This stays on the top shelf ready for a shake at a moment’s notice. I use the liquid blender rod – long rod with round, white, circular piece at the bottom. It does a fine job at making a smooth milk shake with the coldest of ice cream. In comparison, the immersion blender makes a shake with more texture – that is less blending of the ice cream into the drink. Holding your finger down on the on/speed button ramps it up from off to speed 9 smoothly.

Replaced a hamilton beach hand mixer that, even on low, splattered liquid all over the kitchen. So i really appreciate the truly slow speed, motor is quiet, and seems to have a lot of power, even though i’ve only beat eggs so far. Package arrived on time and intact.

She absolutely loves the slow start and is amazed at how quiet the mixer operates even at higher. We purchased this for our daughter for christmas. She absolutely loves the slow start and is amazed at how quiet the mixer operates even at higher speeds. As you would expect with a kitchenaid product, this is a high quality product that we expect to last for years to come. No more having to turn off an overheating mixer due to a thick cookie dough. This mixer has no trouble handling any baking task. Highly recommend this product.

I do a fair amount of cooking as well, and it’s just as good as the old school type with slider switches. 1 year into ownership, and it’s holding up fine under light use.

Beautiful, but underpowered and poorly designed. . This is hands down the most disappointing small appliance purchase i have made in years. Based on favorable reviews on amazon, i bought the 9 speed because after 20+ years of baking with cheap mixers i decided to splurge and buy a kitchenaid. I have no idea what the good reviews are based on because in no way does this mixer deliver. I am a very experienced baker and i do not expect a hand mixer to be a stand mixer, but this item has so little power that my 20 year old 15 buck hand mixer outperforms it without any problem. I have a 30 buck oster mixer that is even better – it runs circles around this overpriced bit of eye candy. The “turbo beaters” are thin and cheap and the extra things that come with the mixer are even worse. They do come with a nice little bag to store the tools in. This item certainly appeals to the eye in every way. The lack of power is simply astonishing – it looks like a race car but runs like a chevette.

I love the kitchenaid 9 speed mixer. I first tried the 5 & 7 speed (non-digital) ones but they have a sliding finger control knob that would accidentally slide past setting 1 to the other settings. The digital display on this model fixes that problem. Also, the low start-up speed is nice and slow like it should be. I tried cuisinart and their low speed would ramp-up super fast when you first turn on the mixer before settling into it’s official 1st speed. I had flour flying everywhere. I also tried black & decker pro from walmart for $20 which had great reviews but it had a slow speed that was much too fast. I’m very happy with this mixer and hope to use it for years to come.

I bought the kitchen-aid 9 speed hand mixer with reservations because of the thin beaters. All previously owned hand mixers had wider beaters and i didn’t think this would mix as well as they had performed. I love the fact that you can start on speed 1 and no dry matter flies everywhere. Haven’t tried the other accesories yet, but if they work as well as the beaters, i am sure i will be pleased. Didn’t get the accessory bag with my order, but e-mailed them and they responded quickly and sent one out to me. Although i bought a reburbished mixer, i would definetly recommend any one who is trying to save at least 50% off original price to go for it. Mine was as new looking as a brand new one. Wouldn’t hesitate to buy another for a gift for friend or family member.

Reliable top quality, powerful and tasteful, effortless to run. My fifteen year old kitchen area assist mixer finally gave up the ghost in the course of a batch of chocolate chip cookies, so i dealt with myself to a new one. The value is properly really worth the excellent. I enjoy all the attachments, which come in a effortless pink silky bag that can be hung on a hook appropriate next to the mixer. I have not utilized them all still, but the beaters are the perfect size for the recipes i frequently use. I really like the come to feel in my hand, it is a properly balanced minor device. There’s a different button to launch the beaters, uncomplicated as can be, and i adore the velocity variety show. Excellent power, extremely smooth operation. The bright red coloration is pretty cheerful, as well.

Warning, you might receive a khm926er – no anxieties. This appears to be like a great minimal mixer which is now becoming crafted in the united states of america. However, will not be alarmed if you see you received a khm926. I called kitchen area assist this early morning and they advised me that this is the extremely newest model. I’m hoping the motor is nonetheless as great as the 1 marketed in the 920 product, but i have no way to tell. Kitchen area help shopper service claims it truly is the identical motor. There just isn’t a ‘digital display’ as indicated by several reviewers. I would get in touch with it additional of an led mild bar show. As you flip up the pace, yet another led lights in a horizontal row. I desire this fashion because it appears to be like it would hold up superior than some thing digital.

I was dissatisfied with the get the job done load this hand held mixer can. For a kitchen aid, i was unhappy with the work load this hand held mixer can do. My 20 calendar year old, cheaper model was way superior.

Fantastic mixer, good color – strong and tranquil. This kitchenaid hand mixer is a very potent and silent resource. It has nine configurations with a pace maximize that is gradual so if you overshoot your sought after velocity there is significantly less of a opportunity you will be wearing an apron/shirt complete of your meals. The dough attachment is alright, but it is not the most effective way to knead dough. Mine also came with a whisk attachment and the much more sturdy type of mixer attachments. Professionals:- the coloration is great- effective- clean ramp up however speeds- cord swivels for left/correct handed individuals or for outlet locationscons:- the electrical power change is relatively delicate- not a excellent dough kneader.

I acquired this kitchenaid hand mixer to exchange my outdated kitchenaid hand mixer. The previous one particular lasted over 40 several years and just lately commenced to give up the ghost. I new what i was obtaining before buying. My previous mixer only had five speeds so i’ve been enjoying the excess four speeds on the new just one. I use the mixer at least five periods a 7 days. I’m left-handed and i love the twine that helps make it user helpful for lefties and righties.

Take a kitchenaid stand mixer, get it aside, and make it easy to maintain, moveable to a pot on the stove, or a bowl to whisk and you have this very cleverly created mixer.

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