KitchenAid KEK1522SR Pro Line Sugar Pearl 1, Five Stars

This beautiful kettle has truly spoiled me. Works perfect and boils water fast.Pricey though, but when you us it for a month or two you will not kick yourself in the butt as much for spending that much.

The best kettle you can find. Yes, it is expansive, but we enjoy it very much on a daily basis.

Latch either into the lid or missing. Had to spend 25 dollars to return it.

Key specs for KitchenAid KEK1522SR Pro Line Sugar Pearl Silver 1.5 Liter Electric Kettle:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Sugar pearl silver color
  • Dual wall body
  • Provides insulation
  • Cool to the touch
  • Soft grip handle

Comments from buyers

“Great customer service prompted this review.
, Unique appearance and works flawlessly.
, Amazingly Beautiful! You’ll love to look at this thing on your counter!

Was good value at the time that’s why it’s more special. Love the ‘bong’ it makes when ready.

Looks great and works pretty good. However, it seems a little slow at times and also wants to run at a boil continuously until i turn it off. I still love it and recommend it. Looks great next to my matching kitchenaid pour over coffee maker(also awesome).

I make many types of green and white tea which require different temperatures. This makes it easy to select proper temperature. Kettle is well balanced and the red is lovely in kitchen near mixer of same color.

This has been perfect for me. Water heats fast and temperature can be adjusted. No more finger in the cup to see if it is hot enough when using the microwave. Love the color it matches my toaster.

In november 16 2015 i bought kitchenaid kek1522ob kettle – onyx black pro line electric kettle and i left the country and came back this year (2018). I realised that the electrity voltage has gone higher (220v) in saudi arabia and i’m afraid that i can’t use the kettle because the kettle is said to need 110v. I have tried to use a voltage transformer before and it ruined my fridge so i’m not keen to try that again. I have been using amazon for a long time and its very helpful.

It was a gift to my mom, she in love with it thank you.

Best kettle we have ever owned.

Love my kitchenaid pro line. This kettle boils water super fast and i use it at least 4 times a day. Threw out the keurig and now just do simple pour-over coffee that rivals the artisanal coffee shops, great tea, boiling water to quickly sanitize dishes and i even use it to jumpstart a pot of boiling water for our pasta or steamer basket. The sound is small yet relevant and the style is always impeccable. I wish the pro line was easier in my pockets, but i don’t ever foresee a problem.

My kettle gets a lot of use, so it was super annoying when it stopped working after a scant 5 months. Up until it died, i really liked the kettle. The temperature settings were spot on. The double wall kept the exterior from getting scalding hot. The pour spout does a great job of not dribbling. And it looked good sitting on the counter. ‘yeah,’ you say, and then rightfully point out that it died after only 5 months.

It stays clean and looks great. It provides hot water very quickly. What more could you ask for?.

Very well made, attractive and efficient. I timed this kettle using the same amount of water on my gas range ( also kitchenaid ). The kettle beat the gas range by nearly a minute. I use it to prepare any and all drinks that use hot water, including pour-over coffee. It’s also great for heating water to blanch vegetables, or wilt spinach. Temperature control is simple and accurate. I like to buy kitchen appliances once, and be satisfied using them for a long time. Every kitchenaid product i have purchased has met those criteria and then some. Update: after six months of daily use, kettle still performing like new. And, no cancer or infertility from the plastic interior.

I got this because i wanted 90c water for my coffee, and i liked its analog temperature gauge. Set your temperature with the lever, then the heating stops right on the mark every time. This kettle has a very elegant chime (when you hear it, you’ll know what i mean) that sounds once when you turn it on, and once when it reaches temperature and shuts off–if you need an alarm you can hear from the other end of the house, this isn’t it. Note that this kettle is pretty big and holds a lot of water. If you really fill it up, it’s pretty heavy. Stays fairly cool on the outside so you don’t need to worry about brushing against it when reaching for something on the counter. We’ve been using this four or five times a day for a couple of months and can think of no complaints. If you’re ok with the price and like its vaguely steampunk look, you’re not apt to be disappointed.

I am simply in love with the, i think it looks better than the pictures, and work great, looks elegant in my kitchen.

It does exactly what it says it will and mine gets used every day.

Extremely pleased with my new kitchenaid kettle. Very quike to boil and really lovely to look at.

Super fast heating of your water for tea, french press coffee, hot chocolate, etc. A gift for my wife for mother’s day and she loves it. A friend has one and recommended it; good recommendation.

I don’t know how i went every day without this teapot. And backed by outstanding warranty.

Just began using this tea kettle. It heats the water very quickly. I make sure the water has been emptied and i leave the kettle top open to air dry. Kitchenaid has a great warranty (5 years). I am hoping i have as good a product as my kitchenaid mixers.

I love my new kettleok, so robosolo did a wonderful review that i agree totally with. I just had to give this my 5 star rating and add a couple details. The kettle makes this soft ‘bong’ when you plug it in, when you turn it on to heat and when it is at the required temperature. The heater turns off once it is at the requested temperature. When heated to 80 degrees celsius, it takes about 10 minutes before the temperature drops noticeably. I haven’t noticed any pre-drip when pouring and i’ve gone through a full kettle of water since i opened my box earlier today. I will update my review after a couple months. (oh and this thing is beautiful, like a shiny apple.

Plastic liner should be stainless, but ok.

I purchased this for my wife for christmas. It’s a great way for her to make hot chocolate faster than having to use the keurig coffee maker.