KitchenAid K5THSBP Tilt-Head Mixer Bowl – Easier to use than the glass bowl that came with my Artisan KSM155GBCA

I bought this as a second bowl for my kitchenaid mixer, but it doesn’t fit as well as the original. The original and this replacement are made in different countries, one in korea, the other in india, so perhaps that is the discrepancy. The more i use this bowl, the better it seems to fit, but i usually try to use the original unless i have to use this one.

I am here to tell you that this does fit my kitchenaid ksm155gbca (ksm155gb is the model, the letters that come after gb are just different for each color). I also now see on one site that the bowl is compatible with models that start with ksm150ps, ksm152ps and ksm155gb. I had previously researched endlessly on forums, the kitchenaid site, and amazon reviews and could not find a definitive answer to whether this fits as an alternative to the glass bowl, but finally i just ordered it and yes it does fit. I’ve used it about 5-10 times and i have not even gone back to the glass bowl once. It’s just so much lighter and easier to wield, to pour out the mix, or to wash, and not worry about breaking etc. Of course you miss out on the nice ‘measuring bowl’ feature of seeing how much is in the glass bowl, and whether ingredients got mixed off the edge etc. , but if i had it all to do over i’d just order the mixer with the metal bowl. The glass bowl is more of a gimmick as far as i’m concerned now.

This is the perfect size for our 5 quart kitchenaid mixer. Its great having a mixer bowl with a handle it great for heavy baking. Here are the specifications for the KitchenAid K5THSBP Tilt-Head Mixer Bowl:

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  • Polished stainless steel
  • 5-quart capacity
  • Ergonomic handle for easy use
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Fits KitchenAid stand mixer models: KSM150, KSM152, KSM155

Exactly as original that came with the ksm150 artisan mixer. Also includes a plastic cover with a depressed center enabling the bowl to be covered while sitting on the mixer with the head down and no attachments installed. Made in india stamped on bowl. Dishwasher safe top rack only, made in korea, and non sealing written on cover. The lid may say ‘non-sealing’ but it snaps on tight and i put about 2 cups of water in the bowl, snapped the lid on, and shook the whole thing upside down and not a single drop leaked out.

Works so much better than the glass bowl and is much lighter. You must scrub with steel wool before you use it for the first time. It seems to have some kind of coating on the inside of a new bowl. Also the splatter screen fits perfectly.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Booo:(
  • Needs a Good Cleaning Before Using
  • Easier to use than the glass bowl that came with my Artisan KitchenAid KSM155GBCA

I bought a new kitchen aid mixer that came with a glass bowl. I couldn’t stand the glass bowl. It was heavy and the bottom kept coming loose when i tried to remove it from the stand. I ordered this because my old kitchen aid mixer had this type of bowl. It’s so much better than the glass, and i don”t have to worry about breaking it.

I ordered one of these so i could have two instead of having to wash the one 1 i had immediately between cake batter & icing. I was surprised that it even came with a plastic lid.

Wanted one larger (5qt) than the one that originally came with my mixer (4. 5qt), & this is perfect, plus has a great comfy handle. Fits in the groove of mixer stand perfectly, too.

We bought this bowl in sept but didn’t get around to using it until after the refund policy for this vendor expired. Due to a manufacturing defect the bowl would not latch properly with the mixer. The vendor would not work with us but kitchenaide did, they gave me a new bowl due to factory defect. Seems to me the vendor could have communicated this to me rather than just denying my claim.

Love this bowel as it is easy to handle with the handle and lighter weight than the glass that came with the stand mixer.

Love this bowl it fits perfectly on my stand mixer and it was a great price. It was $40 now its listed over $90. I was going to order another one for my business and i guess i wont now that the price doubled.

Bought this after accidentally dropping and breaking the original glass bowl that came with my mixer – nice that i don’t have to worry about that with this metal bowl. I love that it comes with a cover (my glass bowl that came with the mixer didn’t). Wish it had the pour spout that the glass one did, but not a huge deal.

This stainless steel bowl is the way to go. My mixer came with a glass bowl and it broke shortly after receiving it. Go with the stainless steel from the get go. Easy to clean, it’s light and perfect for every step.

Very happy with this stainless steel bowl. I have a glass one which i like, but it is heavy and sometimes i worry that i will hit it on something and break it. So i got this stainless steel bowl so i have a spare, or a replacement if i break the glass one, or just want to have a lighter mixer bowl sometimes. It is very light weight in comparison, very easy attach and remove from the base. An extra bonus is that is comes with a plastic lid, which i didn’t know it would.

Purchased this bowl to help with my baking. I try to keep my oven filled while using it, so having another bowl handy is a plus.

My stand mixer came with the glass bowl and i needed the metal one for making swiss meringue buttercream frosting. I am not comfortable with heating or cooling the glass bowl so this metal one was perfect. I have a lot of recipes that require a stand mixer. Having two seperate bowls makes things easier, and faster if i am doing more than one recipe at a time.

I have a tilt head ksm158gbca mixer and needed a replacement bowl. Unfortunately, i dropped the glass bowl that originally came with the mixer while washing it. So after searching, reading all of the reviews, and asking questions online which was very helpful by the way in helping me decide to go ahead and order it. Just received it today and i’m happy to say that it fits perfectly. The bowl comes with a lid which is a bonus, it’s lightweight and shiny.

Nice having a 2nd bowl for my mixer. Came with a bowl cover that works for my cooky dough when it has to be refrigerated for an hour.

This fits my regular classic just fine. I got sick and tired of having to struggle to get the ‘handleless’ bowl off after mixing heavier doughs and batters. This is perfect to end that hassle. All of the bowls should be made with a handle.

I simply adore this stainless steel bowl for my kitchenmaid mixer. I found the glass bowl that originally comes with the mixer to be quite heavy when filled with batter and so on. This bowl however, is light and easy to maneuver when scraping batter out. Another amazing feature of this bowl is the built in rivets. I always struggled to lock my glass bowl into place, and struggled even further to unlock it without accidentally completely screwing off the bottom ring. Added bonus, if you are clumsy like me you don’t have to worry about shattering this bowl whilst cleaning it. Bottom line, i love this bowl and even purchased one for my sister-in-law.

Purchased this bowl to replace my glass one, which was heavy and the edge chipped. The only issue was i had to clean it really good several times to get the black stuff off the inside of the bowl. After trying few cleaning products, including white vinegar, i ended up using an sos pad on it, which did the job. Otherwise, the bowl has been great.

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