KING PB-05 Japanese Combination Whetstone Sharpener 220/800 Grit : Sharpening your sharpening skills

Sharpening your sharpening skills. I haven’t used this product yet, but i used another stone from king and that stone worked great. After using the other stone, and being new to the whole sharpening experience, i quickly realized that i was using a stone with a grit that was a little too fine for my needs, as all of my tools have a factory edge on them. I did get a slight edge on my block plane and my 1/2″ chisel (which i dropped on my finger accidentally and it sunk right in) and the results left me wanting a coarser grit. This stone feels like it will bring my edges down much faster and then i can polish with the original stones i bought. Very happy with this purchase.

This is a great stone and in-conjunction with the 1000-6000 you can get a really sharp edge on a knife. Some stropping afterwards can get you a razor edge that will cut hair.

The darker side seems to “shed” a lot of material when sharpening. It gets tough to keep an eye on the edge you’re sharpening.

Always very consistent and quality made. I’ve been sharpening knives professionally for the past few years now and own probably over 100 stones; i do all my sharpening by hand, no powered equipment. King stones have always been a go-to stone for me whenever i need a reliable and consistent japanese waterstone. I really enjoy king stones because their stones are always very consistent in how they cut. I trust this brand and would certainly recommend them to anyone getting into sharpening, as their quality is great and they also happen to be very affordable when compared to many other japanese waterstones.

  • Always very consistent and quality made!
  • Really soft stone.
  • They seem like a good product though

King PB-05 Japanese Combination Whetstone Sharpener 220/800 Grit

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  • Made in Japan
  • Combination Grit 220 & 800
  • Dimensions of Stone: 185 x 63 x 25 mm
  • Plastic Stand and Cover Included
  • Instructions are in Japanese

Great combination starter stone for initial sharpening. This was a great combination stone providing a very course medium stone 220 grit and a smoother plain medium stone 800 grit the stand that it comes with is really nice and stable with a plastic hardshell cover for storage. I used it to get a knife that i have had for 15 years but needed a new edge as it had some chips on the blade edge not major but enought that it needed to be worked out i used the japanese method on sharpening a knife that you work it up and down moving along the knife edge insted of dragging the whole knife edge on each pass. It woked really great and took down my knife to a new edge then proceded to the opposite side of the 800 grit then to a 1000 grit this is similar to the one i have but i bought mine years ago king medium grain sharpening stone – #1000 – s and finishing it on a 6000 grit with a nagura stone 8000 grit slurry on it king japanese grit 6000 sharpening stone s-45/ht-43 and king #8000 nagura stone : bundle – 2 items. All were the king brand stones and did a wonderful job i feel like my knife is even better then it was when i first purchased it mirror fisnish on it a cuts everyting like butter. Great stones especially for the price.

Yes-get this for sharp knives. My knives are now sharper than they have ever been.

Great for getting the correct grind/edge on knives.

Brings everything up to a fine edge and delivered quickly without damage (some people have. Stones work well, brings everything up to a fine edge and delivered quickly without damage (some people have chipped corners but that doesn’t matter unless they have major cracks or face damage). The 220 stone is perfect for removing rock nicks and gross edge damage. The 800 can get a good slurry going for readying your knives for general purpose use but won’t really get the fine edge for cooking or keeping razor sharp, but it’s just the grit to use to get between edge repair, and fine edge stones. I start here for general sharpening before going to a 6000grit finish stone.

They seem like a good product though. I’ve had these for a while now and only tried to use them once. They seem like a good product though. I don’t have a lot of knowledge with sharpening stones so what do i know. Lol hopefully i’ll get brave and use them on an older knife.

This is a review in progress, got the stone the other day and have used it once to reset a bevel on my ganzo everyday carry knife. The 220 side did quick work on setting the bevel, but the true joy was the 800 side. I honestly didn’t know what o expect with this stone. Both sides developed a good swarry and cut very nice but the 800 side was a joy, smooth is all i can say. The edge was sharp at this stage with a nice hazy finish, i then moved to the king 6000 to finish it up. At this point i am very pleased with the stone and look forward to more sharpening sessions when i hit up the wife’s kitchen knives. I’ll try to update this review later.

The stones work perfect for home use specially for knife sharpening, the only con is that if you are planing to use them for woodworking tool sharpening this stones are too soft, try the version that is not for home use.

The stone works well makes a good edge good enough for a pocket knife or heavy use knife but if you want a sharp edge get the 1000/6000 pack along with this which is what i did and every knife i own now has a mirror finished edge.

Stone is the best i`ve tasted.

Cada lado es bueno si se saben utijizar.

Came in perfect condition no problems.

Didn’t give it a 5 star rating because green side arrived chipped in a corner. Could use some better packaging.

I previously have the one thousand/6000 and determined to get this to try to reprofile and take care of some old beater knives laying all around. I appreciate the 1000/6000 and largely adore this a single, but there is a limitation, in that it will take a whole lot of function and time on the 220 to bang an old piece of crap blade back again into condition i was hoping it would be a little much easier.

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King PB-05 Japanese Combination Whetstone Sharpener 220/800 Grit
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