Keystone KSTRC312CW Compact 2-Door Refrigerator/Freezer – Great fridge / freezer combo – perfect size for our office

It is very quietly, it does not disturb me at all. I have it in my room and it is always quiet enough for me to sleep, the only time it makes any noise is when it fires up for a second, and even then there’s barely any noise. The freezer keeps everything at a perfect temperature and same with the fridge. I would highly recommend this fridge to anyone. It is very spacious and the soda holder is so convenient. I did let the fridge settle the 12 hours before plugging it in, as instructed.

I would highly recommend this little fridge, for many little details. Separate freezer door, glass shelves, light inside, reversible doors(which i had to do) and the moveable metal bars in the door will outlast the plastic holders of other refrigerators any time, and not crack when a bottle is a little too large, it’s overall a mini version of a serious fridge and we both love it.

Unlike the one my suite-mate bought, this one has a functional freezer. It keeps ice cream solid and can freeze ice. I had to take the divider out of the main compartment bc otherwise my slim brita filter wouldn’t fit, so there’s not as much storage left on the inside. The compartment on the inside of the door is pretty much useless (we haven’t figured out how to get soda cans in and out in a way that makes sense, and we don’t really drink cans of soda anyway, so it would be better if it was reconfigured.

Arrived in perfect condition. I like the finish, doesn’t show fingerprints. When i’m in there i don’t hear it running at all. As others have stated the exteror on the lower sides gets slighty warm when the compressor is running’ then gets cool again. It seems to be a normal feature. It’s keeping cold drinks cold and ice cream frozen. I’m happy with this product.

It is quieter than the other ones we’ve had. Gallons of milk would have to be laid on their side. A half gallon fits on the door plus a 20oz bottle of soda. The freezer holds about a weeks worth for two people. It is deep enough to hold full size ice cube trays but only comes with a tiny little 8 cube ice tray. It seems sturdy and keeps things cold without having to crank it up the entire way. A family member liked it so much he is thinking of purchasing one. It was on the pricey side but i was willing to pay for the separate fridge/freezer and the reversible swing door.

Works well, but didn’t come with any of the internal shelving.

  • Does the job well
  • I love the fact that the freezer and refrigerator part are
  • I love it. It is quieter than the other ones

Cute, just like a grown-up refrigerator. My grandchildren were so impressed by the size of the ice tray.

I have used this as my only refrigerator (in my small apartment) for about a year, and it works fine. I think it is economical because it stays cold without running very much. The compartments in the door are a bit odd so for me that is wasted space. I can fit about six or eight frozen meals in the freezer compartment. There is a light in the refrigerator compartment (not in the freezer). There is just one temperature control that governs both compartments. It was a bit of a challenge to find the right setting so the freezer was cold enough without causing liquid in the refrigerator to freeze. Overall i am happy with this purchase.

This thing gets cold fast and stays there. I can get 20 beers in the refrigerator (laying them down) although i’m sure you could fit a lot of other stuff in there as well. 😉 love the separate freezer, which truly works like a regular freezer. Great addition to my rec room.

This would have been 5 stars, but it arrived with parts broken. It is difficult to return ship given the size. The fridge itself works great, and if it were not for the broken plastic pieces / condition it arrived it would have been 5 stars.

Kinda heavy but holds twice as much as the micro dorm fridge.

Features of Keystone KSTRC312CW Compact 2-Door Refrigerator/Freezer, 3.1 Cubic Feet, White

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  • Perfect for college dorm, rec room, or small office
  • Separate top-mount freezer with storage on freezer door
  • 2 glass shelves plus fruit ‘n veggie crisper drawer in refrigerator
  • Canned beverage storage, 2-liter bottle space, and small-item rack all on refrigerator door
  • Reversible door with recessed handle and adjustable legs

Make sure this fits
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Do not use soda holders in door, and could use door for other items, i. Ketchup, mustard, bbq sauce, butter, etc. , but otherwise fridg is great for the use it was intended. It arrived in great shape, and my husband & i (both retired), were able to slowly take it down steps to basement. It is holding the temperature it is supposed to, and am happy with the color and the price.

I live in an rv nd i needed another fridge rv trailers frige’s are not very big so i needed another onefor more space. It had a small ding on the back side corner but the fridge works great the freezer ispretty good size and keeps everything nice and cold keeps ice cream frozen.

Quiet and efficient i love this mini-fridge. It doesn’t make any noise i can distinguish. The freezer keeps everything frozen solid. There’s practically no maintenance required, only clean it once every two weeks with a soft, damp cloth. I haven’t had the need to manually defrost it after a few weeks of use.

This compact but spacious unit was bought to house food and drink for my employees. Rather than buying fast food everyday. The freezer becomes extremely cold. Ice builds up even on medium setting. They provide you with a small ice tray and ice scraper. The fridge can hold 6 2 liter sodas or 2 l gallon milk jugs. Depending on how you have your selves set up. It comes with 3 shelves, 2 of which are removable. Overall couldn’t go wrong for price, quality, and tight space requirements. Small in size, it has enough space to hold 2 weeks worth of food if your good at organizing, or tetris.

Freezer will only be fine when put on max power, but when you do that, the fridge would also freeze food.

Been through many bumps, still works good. Takes about 110w when running at low. My 2 solar panels keep up with the energy expenditure most times.

Perfect for college dorm, rec room, or small office

Product as described and it works well for the purpose we ordered it for – small office with three employees. It fits more than you would think and the freeze is a nice feature.

I love the fact that the freezer and refrigerator part are separate. The freezer is a pretty good size. I can fit a few frozen dinners to last me 2 weeks. I can also fit quite a few things in the refrigerator. Product might seem a little pricy but it’s worth it in the long run. I quit driving to the fast food joint everyday to buy lunch. I bought enough food for week or two (cheaper than buying at fast food places everyday), fixed it or warmed it at the office and had a lot more time to enjoy my lunch versus having to run like a chicken with the head cut off trying to beat the traffic and crazy customers at 12:00 everyday.

Still using it till this day. Have also lend it out to family for emergency use when their fridge broke.

Very quiet, i can barely hear it when my home is totally quiet. I would have given it 5 stars but it came slightly damaged. The box and packaging where intact so i don’t believe it was a shipping issue. It has a small dent in the middle of the door. Does not effect the overall purpose or use but i would be a lot happier to not have a dent in it.

Great mini fridge for the price. Right now i have many people in my house and just didnt want to share a fridge with so many people so i bought this. Did not come damaged which by some of the reviews i seen i was hoping mine wasnt damaged upon arrival. Now im just waiting the 24hr period before i cant start loading it up lol.

I bought this fridge last july. When i first plugged it in i could not believe how quite it was. The freezer compartment does an excellent job of freezing food quickly. The refer compartment keeps foods cold and i store my insulin in it. I have this unit in my bedroom. I have had compact refrigerators before that were noisy and didn’t have the separate freezer compartment. This is by far the best i have had. Good unit for the money too.

Separate top-mount freezer with storage on freezer door

Love that the freezer is separate.

Great quality and attractive.

I really like the fridge/freezer & it is the perfect size for the office. Only problem is that it was delivered with a dent in the fridge door, but it wasn’t enough to make me want to send it back & it’s the only thing stopping me from giving it a 5 star rating. I’ve been very happy with the product.

My mother lives in assisted living and had a little dorm size fridge. But the freezer never really kept food frozen and the fridge needed defrosting once a week. This frost free fridge is great. Tv dinners don’t defrost in the freezer. Perfect size for her little one room apartment but still big enough to keep her snacks and sodas stocked.

Looks nice, no dents or scratches. Haven’t had it long but seems to working well so far.

Bought this for my son’s dorm room. I was so impressed, has so much space for a mini fridge. It’s perfect and so cute, it has everything like a regular sized fridge. The two shelves are really glass, the veggie bin really pulls out and fits more than you would think. The freezer is really big, it fits a lot of stuff, definitely fits a couple or more tv dinners and has the extra slots on the door. The outside is anti-fingerprint, washes really well. I think this is a great deal. I did get the 2 year service agreement.

2 glass shelves plus fruit ‘n veggie crisper drawer in refrigerator

Works well haven’t had any issues with it and good price. However it’s pretty loud, you can hear it buzzing away very easily. If noise isn’t a concern for you i recommend this.

Product came dented and doesn’t sit right. I overlooked the 1 star reviews since there weren’t very many so hopefully the fridge works as it should or i will not be happy. I’m already slightly irritated that this was almost $200 and came dented.

Well designed to give maximum storage. Better quality than expected.

It’s adorable (looks like a toy) and works as described. The box had some minor damage but the refrigerator was fine inside.

Quality product, seems solidly built & made ice quickly. Seems like they fixed the shipping problems by improving the packing because it was well packed and didn’t get damaged in shipping.

This has been perfect for my daughters dorm room. The separate freezer has really come in handy when she stocks up because cafeteria food has gotten old. It was easy to set-up and worked well right away. The fridge holds everything she needs for her and her roommate. It looks great and fits in their space nicely.

Canned beverage storage, 2-liter bottle space, and small-item rack all on refrigerator door

I like the freezer cold enough to freeze ice. The only problem which appear to be common is damage from shipping. Amazon was great about giving a discount.

I wanted a small refrigerator for my office. After reading several reviews i settled on this one. It has not disappointed at all. It’s great quality and quiet. I have not had any problems with the freezer leaking water or any other common mini fridge problems. I also love that you can use magnets on this fridge as a lot of new refrigerators don’t have that anymore. You can fit a ton of stuff in here. I put half a gallon of milk, tons of drinks, and still have room for food. There is a drawer and a removable shelf. Stop looking at other refrigerators and get this one.

Plenty of room to store drinks, snacks, and lunch. The true test is to see how long it lasts before it fails or needs repair. I’ll make it a point to update whenever that happens. As long as it lasts more than 5 years i’ll keep it at 5 stars. That’s about how long newer mini fridges last in my experience.

This fridge is ok but when i opened it. The fridge had some damages on the edges of the fridge.

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