Keurig K150 Houshold / Commercial Brewing System: Coffee : I love this coffee maker

Have one of these in the office for. Have one of these in the office for the past 2 years and it works flawlessly. Very dependable and takes all types of k-kups. Love it so much that i bought one for my home.

I actually love this machine. I actually love this machine, i only wish that it would take the plastic cups that you could fill with your preferred coffee. I like to mix yuban and java in equal parts. Come on keurig make an adaptor that will allow this coffee maker compatable with the refillable coffee pods.

Really happy with the condition and quick delivery. Arrived on my front door step on the third day from ordering (very fast). Really happy with the condition and quick delivery. Also ordered the direct plumbing kit. We really like the adjustable water temp (really hot) and did not notice any bad odors or taste. Everything was great, highly recommend.

There is a difference between the b150 and the k150. . Although it is listed as a commercial / household brewer it is not nsf certified the k150 is. I only purchased this modle after i was informed that the b150 and k150 models are the same. I was unable to use in my restraunt since my health dept only allows nsf approved equipment.

  • I love this coffee maker
  • A big step above all other K-cup machines!
  • Great unit but inaccurate water level indicator
  • Plastic aftertase and no refill cups but still I like this brewer!
  • Dark Magic K cups are our favorite!
  • Works equally well in office or at home

Keurig K150 Houshold / Commercial Brewing System: Coffee , Tea, Hot Cocoa

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  • Choice of 5 cup sizes (4 oz., 6 oz., 8 oz., 10 oz. and 12 oz.)
  • Quiet Brew Technology®
  • Energy Savings Mode – Auto On/Off
  • Direct-water-line plumbing compatible with optional accessory

My first one lasted about six years which is great considering our high calcium content water. My first one lasted about six years which is great considering our high calcium content water. Using filtered water this time around.

The reviews that talk about the plastic smell and taste are true. The two days my wife and i both could taste the plastic from the reservoir. So i followed someone’s suggestion to run it through the cleaning process using vinegar and the taste was gone. We’ve been using it for several weeks now and the coffee and tea are great.

But if you try to order a keurig from keurig dont waste your time go to amazon to start with and. As for amazon they were right on have no problems with them and i use them all the time. But if you try to order a keurig from keurig dont waste your time go to amazon to start with and you will have a much better result.

After waiting over a month, i cancelled the order and got the 155 with the direct water line plumb kit and elbow. It’s (the 155) is incredible and i never have to fill the reservoir again :o) i think the 150 may have been discontinued so caution if you want to order it. Go for the 155 which states it is the 150 replacement.

Works equally well in office or at home. I happened upon this device at work and immediately realized it was superior to the costco 2. 0 brewer we had been using at home. A few of the things that i like about the device: massive reservoir compared to other non-commercial keurig brewers; brews faster and quieter than any other keurig brewer i’ve used; accepts non 2. 0 k-cups without requiring a hack; allows for 12oz brewing, which appears to be the equivalent of a grande cup at starbucks; ability to run a water line, which will come in handy for us down the road; allows for variations in water temp (my costco 2. 0 brewer only had one default temp, which was not hot enough, particularly after adding refrigerated creamer). More subjective, i like the overall design and black/silver color scheme, and the lcd display is bright and clear. I’m anticipating solid reliability given the unit at work has seen a good deal of use with no reliability issues. I did not give it the full 5 stars for the following reasons: no option to brew carafe size coffee; lcd display lacks customization of my old costco line of 2. 0 brewers; lacks the “strong” button option to brew a stronger cup of coffee (although, so far, no noticeable difference in strength of beverages).

Glad we got the one you can hook. Glad we got the one you can hook up to the fridge water line, no spilling water when you sleepy.

I love the commercial brewer. I have bought six keurigs over the last 8 years. One for my camper, one for my condo in florida, one for my daughter for christmas, and three for home use. The first one at home i dropped a cup out of a cupboard onto the brewer, it broke the display, replaced it with a crusinart kerurig which only lasted two years when the micro processor for the water pump died. This time i decided to get a commercial brewer for home seeing as i drink so much coffee.

As others have reviewed, the plastic used in water reservoir has a foul taste when heated that just doesn’t go away. I have bleached it, soaked over night in vanilla, soaked in baking soda and it is still there at 6 months out. It has begun to fade after all this but only slightly. Maybe after a year it won’t be so foul.

Say what you like about the environmental impact, but boy it sure is a hit at the office and a huge time saver. A quick, custom cup, instead of a 15 minute trip to the break room and an often empty coffee pot. Not everyone drinks coffee and the teas and hot chocolate mixes have been a huge hit.

Great unit but inaccurate water level indicator. It appears to be a very well-built machine. Definitely a step up in construction quality form the cuisinart model i had been using prior to this. The power cord is quite substantial. Though it has the ability to set the water temperature, i haven’t found that to be a really useful feature. I just set it all the way up as, to my taste, all the lower settings weren’t hot enough. But, if you like your drinks a little cooler, you can do that with this and not with most other brewers. One thing i thought i would miss was that it doesn’t have a hot-water-only button like my old cuisinart had. Now that i have used it for a while, it has dawned upon me that the “hot-water-only” button on the cuisinart performed an identical function to the “brew” button. You still had to remove the old coffee kcup to get clean hot water.

Dark magic k cups are our favorite. This is the mother of all k machines. It is larger than most but is very sturdy. We have an in wall coffee maker that is plumbed in. Unfortunately, the coffee would get cold in the carafe but not pouring water into the machine is just a gift. This model is made for an environment where a lot of coffee is consumed. Check the dimensions to make sure it won’t take up your entire counter. I can tell you we drink more than we used to because every cup is fresh, hot and perfect. We bought the kit that allows you to plumb in the machine and it rocks.

. I bought this instead of the regular platinum model for our kitchen. What i love about this the most is that it gets extremely hot unlike the other lower models.

Excellent product for an place of work of about 5-six standard coffee. Fantastic system for an office environment of about 5-six standard coffee drinkers. I’m positive it would take care of quite a few extra than that–which is just my sample dimensions to report to you. We acquired the immediate plumb kit and it all performs fantastic collectively. The only complaint about this particular device is the tendency to splash/splatter coffee as it pours. It receives all about the machine and anything at all close by within about 6-8 inches. Surely not a offer-breaker, and very easily remedied by positioning standard sized mugs/cups on a pedestal of some form. We use an upside-down modest soup bowl. This raises the cup/mug nearer to the output and considerably lessens/removes splatter triggered by the pouring action.

Changed a platinum, much better than the 2. . Our platinum died soon after two one/two a long time. , but returned it due to the fact you could not adjust the temp nor brew a 12 oz cup with the common pod. We purchased this one particular, sooo much superior then the 2. Only situation is that it smelled and tasted of plastic. Had to soak it in entire stength vinegar overnight.

Quick of set up and comfort will have be coming back. I have bought ten of these for our business office structures and i have to say performance, straightforward of installation and usefulness will have be coming again for any a lot more desired in the long run. We have been working with these in a commercial location for the previous 6 months with no issue.

I obtained this with the immediate plumb package and filter for my upcoming new kitchen area. I prepare to have a cupboard established up for it with the immediate line but am applying it as a standard keurig in indicate time. This is definitely the financial different to a created in coffee maker.

Really don’t miss the ‘no water’ with a full h2o resovor our b150 product liked to exhibit. So much no troubles, do not miss out on the ‘no water’ with a entire h2o resovor our b150 design beloved to display screen. Word of caution about smell taste of water, plastic used or approach normally takes what seems like without end to. Fill with vinegar for a cleaning or two and be expecting to dispense drinking water to get rid of new machine taste and smell.

I have been making use of keurig coffee makers for about two many years. I purchased this a single simply because i wished to hook it up to my house plumbing procedure. I also bought the residence plumbing elements. It is effective great hooked up to my household water. Like my other keurigs, this just one helps make fantastic coffee. The product is rugged and would perform in a tiny business but i have it at house. Hooking the gadget to my household water system cost a little. You will need the keurig b150 immediate water line plumb package and the keurig b150, b200, b3000, b3000se, deluxe filter package. The filter kit is necessary to maintain your warranty with keurig.