Keurig K145 OfficePRO Brewing System : I followed the instructions to the letter for draining out the plastic odor and it works great! I deliberately ordered through C

There’s a lot of plusses and minuses with this machine, but still think it’s a solid purchase. We have had this a few weeks now and we love the keurig brand and am happy we didn’t have to buy a keurig 2. 0 after our first one died – the keurig 2. 0 you can’t just brew anything – you have to buy a keurig brand pod or it doesn’t workthis has only 3 size settings – 6, 8, and 10 oz. The one we had that failed had two more settings – a 4 and 12 oz setting. I like iced coffee so i would use the 4oz setting, my so would use the 12 oz setting for his because he buys strong and waters it down a bit more. The 6oz works ok for the iced coffee, but isn’t quite the same. My so just brews the 6oz twice and calls it a day. Now about the machine -positives:- the pump is at least twice as loud if not more than the previous version we had, but pumps faster and you can tell is more heavy duty than the last one. It’s not loud enough for us to want to return it, but it’s loud enough to drown out a conversation / make you have to talk a lot louder- de-scale button / warning light to tell you to clean your machine or risk damaging it- ability to empty the machine (first one i’ve seen with this option)- the arm that you push on to compress/puncture the foil cups is much heavier duty / sturdy than previous models.

Keurig coffee makers have changed the way coffee is brewed. The single cup idea might seem problematic, but the large choice of flavors and the versatility of the keurig line make this one of the most used appliances in my home. This model, k145, was the next generation of coffee brewers. It functions flawlessly and simple enough for anyone to use. I recommend this to anyone especially someone who thought it would be too expensive. The function makes up for the cost very quickly.

Out of the box, the keurig k145 officepro is built like a tank and is quite heavy. It is described as a “commercial grade” brewing system. The difference between it and the “home” version brewing systems are: the office units has heavy duty power cords, and heavy duty pumps. Most keurig home models now have what is called “quiet brew technology”, and as the name suggests, are much quieter than the office models. They are also quieter because they have smaller/weaker pumps. Some many people have complained about them failing prematurely. The k145’s pump is quite loud. It actually scares my cats when i turn it on. It’s doesn’t bother me though, and i prefer having the loud heavy duty pump over the quiet weaker pump.

A little noisy, but only briefly while heating. When my old keurig stopped working, i had quite an investment in k-cups. Didn’t want to throw them away, so i got this instead of one of the new models that only uses new k-cups. This one works great with all of my old k-cups and the “fill it yourself” kind.

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  • Necessary? No. Convenient? Absolutely!
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Keurig K145 OfficePRO Brewing System with Bonus K-Cup Portion Trial Pack

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  • Choice of 3 cup sizes (6 oz., 8 oz. and 10 oz.)
  • Easy cleaning and refilling with removable 48 oz. water reservoir
  • Auto-off turns brewer off after 2 hours
  • Heavy gauge materials for high volume use
  • MY K-CUP® is not compatible with the OfficePRO brewer

Good productbut no k-cup adaptor ?. Initially when priming the pump, it was very loud but it has subsided to the point where the previous kuerig’s noise level was for the pump. I also was upset that the kuerig branded coffee adaptor that allows me to use my own coffee did not fit. After reading some tips i was able to switch the component from my previous kuerig to this machine quite easily. Open the unit as if you were going to place a k-cup in, and locate the two visible screws. Remove those screws and place to the side for reinstall action. The next part to remove is a metal dowel pin holding the moving components together. This is held in place by a c-clip. Using a pair of nippers carefully remove the c-clip making sure that you do not bend it. Once you remove the c-clip, push the metal pin out.

This is a great machine, and makes very good coffee. Pros:- commercial-grade and made to be used a lot- has a internal water tank discharge system that allows you to completely empty the machine for storage/transport- will use any k-cup coffee, unlike the v2. 0 units- makes very good coffeecons:- no fancy lcd readout- this model is discontinued and won’t be available for very longi purchased 2 of these — one for home, one for work. I am very happy with this machine, and the coffee is almost as good as my fresh grind at home on the weekends. I have been using dunkin donuts k-cups. Be aware that this machine, unlike the more expensive models, will only brew a maximum of 10 oz per cup. Being that my travel mug is 14 oz, i have to brew twice using the same k-cup — one on 10 oz and again on 4 oz. A minor inconvenience for the quality of the coffee, convenience, and price.

This will be my fourth personal ‘k’ cup brewer and. This will be my fourth personal ‘k’ cup brewer and i have purchased two for my office. All have had the same issue with scale and clogs, even with the use of filtered water and regular descaling. I purchased this one for its simplicity and the fact that the reservoir can be drained. So far the only improvement that i have noticed is that the brew time seems a little faster than the others that i have had. The pump is much louder than the others but if that it is a beefier one than the others and keeps it running longer, i can put up with that. It is more basic than the others that i have had and only brews three sizes, 6 oz, 8 oz, and 10 oz. I have high hopes for this one, but i won’t know for sure for about 16 months.

K145 officepro seems like a very good product so far. . Bought this for my wife for christmas. The water reservoir allows making several cups in a row. It heats up quickly, and you can select auto shutoff so that you are not keeping the internal tank hot all day. The pump makes some noise, but doesn’t run long and is not annoying. The three cup sizes 6, 8 and 10 ounces are handy for different strengths of coffee. You can open and close the lid after brewing one size and then select another if you want to make a bigger, weaker mug on the same k cup. A standard k cup works best with about 8 ounces of water at the strength we like. I think we will buy a bolder coffee to allow making bigger mugs.

Great machine – pump volume is relative. I had another keurig machine, a cusinart all stainless model. I could hear my husband making coffee in the kitchen downstairs when i was upstairs. When it bit the dust after a few years due to the motor failing, i wanted another keurig that would last. After lots of research on the internet, a consistent theme seemed to be that the k145 version was built with a more substantial motor than other keurig’s currently in production. I don’t know if that is true. But this machine’s motor is a lot quieter than my last one. I also like the drain feature.

I had a kuerig mini brewer before i bought this and while i loved it having to fill the tank every time i wanted a cup of coffee was a hassle. Plus i couldn’t brew more than 2 cups in a row. This model is fast and efficient to use, i love the tank and how it stays heated so i can go and brew a cup anytime i want. Yes, the brewer makes some noise but it is an office grade brewer. The value for what i spent exceeds satisfaction. My 8 year old love to brew coffee for me with this because it is so simple he can do it.

I followed the instructions to the letter for draining out the plastic odor and it works great. I deliberately ordered through c. I received the keurig today, just four days after ordering it. Although it still shows as ‘on the way. I followed the instructions to the letter for draining out the plastic odor and it works great. I deliberately ordered through coffee maven because that vendor said it was shipped direct from keurig. The sample box of k-cups was inside. I based my purchase of this model on the reviewers’ comments.

Works good, and makes good coffee. I didn’t know notice a plastic taste as other reported. It’s loud and vibrates a little when it’s sucking up water. The airport keeps calling and saying they can’t hear their jets anymore, and i swear i saw a guy surfing the waves in the water reservoir.

I see what previous reviewers were talking about concerning the noise level. It does get a little loud when drawing water, but not that much louder than the previous models we had. These machines get quite a work out in our home making numerous cups of coffee, tea and hot chocolate every day. Easy to set up, easy to use.

Easy fix to use refillable k cups. I’ve had a platinum keurig for several years, and it finally seems to be kaput. I brew many cups of coffee every day, as well as making iced tea for my wife by the quart. So i decided to try this “commercial” unit. I was very annoyed to find that the part that holds the kcup holder has been modified with two raised bumps that prevent the use of my gray keurig reusable kcup. This is unacceptable, and ironic considering the inventors recent public hand wringing over the imagined damage to the environment his devices causes with the disposal one use kcup. Anyway upon careful examination i saw that the raised fins had a wider step at their bases, and simply used diagonal cutters to snip off the tops. I then dressed the bases with a file, and in a matter of a few minutes had restored the machine to full functionality. Hopefully this unit will hold up for years like my platinum one did.

As far as i’m concerned this is the best keurig made. I had two of these in my office and home for many years with never a single hiccup. With our hard water, that is a minor miracle ;)if you compare this with the other keurigs this unit seems very plain jane. It is – and that is its strengthit makes hot water/coffee/tea/etc quickly and excels at just that. Because its “commercial” grade the motor is better and the internals are much more durable than the more feature-laden ones, which just break. So don’t get wowed by the other versions’ fancy buttons and lights. This just does one thing well and does it very well.

Never wait for coffee again. I have had another keurig that was just a normal one, not a pro, and i prefer this one so much more. It stays on all the time, unlike the regular keurigs, and it immediately makes coffee all the time. The tank is big enough that i fill it maybe every 3-4 days after a few cups of coffee each day. Even after just filling the tank, it can immediately make coffee. I am concerned about its durability, since it’s on all the time and my last one broke in a year, but i will update my review if it does. If you stumble into the kitchen in the morning and need coffee immediately, this is the keurig for you.

Loud, some bad style and design, faulty sensor?. General this device does what it should, but some extremely annoying options. It is loud as described by other folks. The drain attribute is quite annoying. Initially, you have to hold it down the complete time to drain. How many persons require to drain just a tiny bit?. Most of the time, my device does not realize i am hoping to drain. I transform the change to drain and it tells me i have to increase water. Mine also will not often start out heating when i change it on.

We bought the officepro mainly because the property edition failed to final as long as expected with our major use. This a person is well worth the additional money due to the fact it does have a considerably more robust pump. It does, on the other hand, make more noise, but it only lasts a few seconds.

I’m quite happy with this equipment. I had a cuisinart keurig substantial ability equipment for yrs that finally stopped functioning. I purchased this for house use due to the fact i required a little something that would be far more durable than the regular keurig machine. The k145 officepro looks very well-created and straightforward to use. There are no frills to it, which is great. It is quite loud when it would make a beverage, but it brews quickly-it truly is just a small troublesome at to start with, but i don’t even recognize just after 2 wks. It heats up swiftly and works terrific, no troubles at all. In the classification of an office environment equipment it is seriously not considerably even larger than a usual keurig brewer in my viewpoint. It is substantially heavier than your conventional keurig though.

Perfect place of work coffee pot. . We share this in between seven people today who use it day by day for coffee, tea, cocoa, cider, chai and hot drinking water. Tea drinkers have noticed that some espresso grounds adhere to the spikes and need to have to be wiped off routinely to preserve rouge coffee grounds from getting in their tea.

Good item, but i desire for a reusable cup. Convenient product or service and a handy resource to make quick espresso. Is effective well and comes with awesome flavors. Nonetheless, it is unquestionably absurd that the reusable k-cup does not do the job in in this article. There is a notch so that you simply cannot even location the reusable k-cup into the device and thus simply cannot use it. This is an extremely inconvenient function, even for places of work. I browse a assessment of another person who referred to as keurig and it is considered to be significantly less easy for workplaces to have a reusable function. That does not signify, in my viewpoint, that a molded notch should be built to reduce the use of these filters. For the men and women who are shopping for this device for tiny places of work or households, we would really substantially appreciate this skill to use a reusable filter. I am pleased with this solution and would suggest it to anyone, but you should beware that the reusable my k cup, does not fit, unless it suits in some way that i have not learned.

Keurig k145 officepro brewing system. . I acquired my keurig k145 officepro brewing system and when i plugged it in and ‘heard’ that noise it would make, i was ready to deliver it back again. I experienced even asked for the ‘return label. ‘ but when i go through how and proceeded to ’empty’ the reservoir, i imagined ‘how neat is this. ‘ that is when i transformed my mind. That is these types of a fantastic aspect, i am trying to keep this espresso maker. I experimented with to uncover out how to terminate my ‘return label’ but couldn’t uncover that. But i presume when they really don’t obtain the coffee maker returned, they will figure it out. I like the plan of emptying the reservoir on event.