KETURITON Headphone Jack Adapter Dongle – Be aware that you might need the keybord replacement screws for laptop like mine did and I didn’t know that

I had been looking for a travel map for scratching the countries where i have traveled and this is that what i really wanted. Me and my husband love it,it’s perfect,we had it framed and have enjoyed scratching it off. This is the best i have found:the gold is perfect,colors are very cute,license plate map is amazing and both of them are easy to scratch but not too easy to scratch off if you accidentally scratch something with your nails or drop it. I’m very happy to have it on my room and who love to travel you need to try this scratch map,i’m sure you will be satisfy.

First and foremost i i’m very happy that somebody came up with this idea. What a great tool to keep up with your travels. Now, as we started to scratch off the places we’ve been to, i started to feel guilty that we haven’t even seen 10 % of the world. So now itching to go out and explore as there is soo much to see out there. Now little bit about the product and service. We were surprised to get the maps in a matter of days even though i’m not a prime member. They obviously came in a box but the maps themselves are rolled up in this cool tube with a lid on it. It reminds me of the fireworks launching tubes, thick and sturdy. The maps themselves seem to be printed on photography type paper but about twice as thick. I wasn’t expecting this type of quality for the price but now our plan is to hang it up on the wall and frame it in the dining room.

It did well on my maxbook air 13′ 2010 (2011) model. I ama female that never had to do such thing but saving money was my goal. I found a generic version of my keyboard and got these tools and i got it done in 4 hours. Long for me but next time i know it won’t be that long. I just didn’t want to destroy anything. Be aware that you might need the keybord replacement screws for laptop like mine did and i didn’t know that. I have no screws because i didn’t feel like spending 2 hours on rescrewing everything when the srews came in few days later. I just don’t type like crazy hard pushing keyboard too much. I will finally place the screws in. No big deal but i advice to have them beforehand.Especially if you have kiddos at home (i do) but mine is not allowed to drink or eat close by my laptop anymore. Here are the specifications for the KETURITON Headphone Jack Adapter Dongle:

  • ☼ Plug and Play: No extra software, you just plug in and enjoy pure high fidelity sound quality. Allows you to use your existing headphones and any of your models.
  • ☼ 2 in 1: Aux Headphone Jack Audio + Charging Adapter +Call function) – It has 2 ports, one for charging and the other for audio. charging and listening to music at the same time.
  • ☼ Compatibility: Suitable for 7/7Plus / 8/8Plus / X/10 / Xs Max / XS / XR, compatible with iOS 12 or higher. It contains a decoder chip so you don’t have to worry about system upgrades.
  • ☼ Excellent Performance : Charger Adapter for 2A Charging Speed Increase By 1.5 Times And 30%, Improve Output Efficiency And Save Charging Time.Small size: beautiful and simple design, compact and compact, easy to put into the pocket, easy to use
  • ☼ After Service: Your satisfaction is very important for us. We provide a 3-month worry-free warranty. If you have any questions, Welcome to Contact us, We will response within 24 hours.

Great replacement for the stiff crappy plastic hoses that came with my spray handle. Now i can wash the dog no matter where he tries to hide and when i shower i can rinse my back without having to turn around because it isn’t long enough.

Really nice case for the price & fits my samsung galaxy j7 v like a glove. Magnet isn’t to strong but keeps everything in check and if you flip the front cover all the way around the magnet will hold the front cover back with the strap.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Great map!!!
  • This little $15 or so kit is the best kit I’ve bought
  • Nice case!

This little $15 or so kit is the best kit i’ve boughti was excepted a typical chinese knockoff that would last a week or two. I’ve know bought 5 of them, one for me, one for the junk drawer, one for my car, one for a guy i work for, and one for his shop. The brand seems to change between lb1, stronger, and floureon, but they all seem of same quality. The bits are surprisingly strong, i had a really tight stuck screw that would have surely warp the torxs bit on most cheap sets. I work on computers and it’s just a nice small kit to have, with almost everything you could ask for. I would prefer another size up for the philips bit, maybe take out the awkward female ph2 bit, really can’t seem to find a use for that one. The flexible extender is a must have for tight spaces.

Fits snugly, helps me grip it more securely, haven’t dropped it yet. Fits my j7 v(verizon), perfectly, no blocked camera or anything like that. Helps me at work, i keep it closed so i’m not drawn to it like a moth to a flame. Card slots are a bonus, not really what i got it for, but i’m sure will come in handy.

This is by far one of the coolest things i’ve ever owned. I love traveling, it’s a part of who i am so i decided to buy this map. This way i’m decorating my place and keeping track of all the places that i’ve been to. I need to buy a frame for them and after i hang them on the wall, i’m starting to scratch. I’m so excitedtheir quality really impressed me, great product.

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